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With its out of this world look, Aragonite is a stone of stability, truth, and perception. Aragonite has branchy clusters and a star-like shape. It shoots out Earthy energy, grounding you into Mother Gaia. Aragonite is found all over the world like Morocco, Austria, France, Italy, the UK, Namibia, the USA, and Mexico. Compared to other stones aragonite seems to slip out of peoples wish lists, let this article be a reason to put it as number 1!

Different colors of this stone resonate with different chakras. Yellow and orange specimens resonate with the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Pink and green aragonite works with the heart chakra, and blue aragonite works with the throat chakra. White and colorless specimens can be used to stimulate the crown chakra. Today were gonna be talking about Sputnik Aragonite which is the orange-y star like stone.

This gemstone is intriguing in this condition since it stabilizes ancient fossils, effectively preserving and protecting them. If left alone, Aragonite will turn into Calcite, which implies it has the same therapeutic qualities as Calcite. This feeling is quite in line with Aragonite's marvels since it's all about helping to keep us linked to our older land as well.

History and Lore

Aragonite was named after the Aragon River in 1790 after being found there in 1788. Compared to many other stones that have been used by humans since forever, aragonite is a relatively new stone. While it has existed much longer than the 1700’s, little is known about this gem’s history. One little fact is that Aragonite was favored by Spanish monks for use in their rosaries.

There is a legend that Aragonite is composed of a Spanish girl’s tears who was separated from her beloved. Her tears fell to the ground when she broke up with her fiancé and formed Aragonite spikes.

Wizards in the Middle Ages believed hexagonal Aragonite to resemble a magical symbol, The Seal of Solomon. It is believed that this seal gave Solomon the power to speak to animals and command genies.

Composition and Formation

Aragonite is a carbonate gemstone that typically ranges in color from straw yellow to a mellow shade of orange. It occurs naturally around hot springs and in stalactites and is sometimes referred to as “floss ferri” or “iron flowers” because it has intertwined branch-like crystal formations that resemble flowers. With a rating of 3.5 on the hardness scale, it is a relatively brittle stone. For this reason, it is not typically cut into gemstones for jewelry making purposes. It usually forms in sedimentary rock and as a deposit from hot springs. It can also be found in some cavities and veins where dolomite and calcite are present.

Aragonite also forms in mollusk shells. The mantle tissue inside pearl oysters secretes it as nacre to form a pearl. Layers of the substance also build up on the inside of the mollusk’s shell to form what we know as mother of pearl. Thin layers of aragonite are what create the pearl-like beauty that can be seen inside abalone shells.

Physical Healing Properties

  • Helps you feel more comfortable within your body

  • Combats illness and disease

  • Brings warmth to extremities and facilitates the flow of energy throughout the body

  • Strengthens the immune system and protects against colds, the flu, and viral infections.

  • Heals broken bones and restores elasticity to the discs in the spine

  • Eliminates muscle spasms and night twitches

  • Aids in calcium absorption

  • Especially beneficial to the nervous system, prostate gland, and ovaries

  • Eases tension headaches

  • Strengthens libido and sex drive

Emotional / Mental Healing Properties

  • Promotes mental and emotional stability

  • Provides strength and support

  • Helps combat emotional stress and anger

  • Helps you overcome over-sensitivity

  • Encourages discipline, patience, and reliability and grounds you firmly in the truth

  • Helps us to find patience and acceptance

  • Boosts self-confidence and feelings of self-worth as you learn to place trust in yourself

  • Helps with learning patience, instills responsibility, generates the ability to be punctual and to stay off the habits of procrastination

  • Helps teens channel their energy constructively

  • Promotes reliability and discipline in people

Spiritual Healing Properties

  • Stabilizing stone that grounds and centers physical energies

  • Provides a strong and stable foundation for spiritual development

  • Can help you prepare for meditation

  • Helps you reconnect with your past to heal old traumas.

  • Helps you feel secure and keep nightmares at bay

  • Connected to the enigmatic earth star chakra

  • Protects you from energy vampires and toxic influences

  • Reawakens childhood memories to allow you to find the root of unresolved emotions as an adult

Cleansing / Charging

As Aragonite can collect negative energy, it’s important to keep your precious stone protected, cleansed, and charged as much as possible. Another important element when caring for Aragonite is keeping it safe from knocks and bangs that can shatter or scratch the stone. Aragonite likes to be charged in gentle sunlight for an hour. As it also has big earth energy, you can also bury your Aragonite stone in soil and let Mother Nature bring her magic. Other options include:

  • Smoke ( incense or sage )

  • Selenite

  • Moonlight

  • Clear Quartz

How to Use Aragonite

Placing aragonite in your environment is a simple and effective way to experience its benefits for yourself. Keep a piece at work to help diffuse stressful situations, and place one next to your bed or under your pillow to prevent nightmares and alleviate insomnia. You can also carry aragonite in your pocket to help yourself remain balanced and grounded throughout the day. When used during meditation, it can help you stay focused and experience a deeper meditative experience. And when you are finished, it will help you come back to reality.

Aragonite is all about rousing that root chakra and making sure that you have a clean flow from earth to the crown. If you have a root chakra block you may feel unsafe in this world, unstable in your sense of self, and disconnected. Place the Aragonite stone on your lower chakra and let it get to work clearing out blockages and building strength and resilience.

Varieties of Aragonite

  • Brown Aragonite: A variety of Aragonite consisting of brown, yellow, and white patterns and shades, Brown Aragonite helps you stay rooted and calm during times of great upheaval.

  • Blue Aragonite: A blue variety of Aragonite is used for emotional healing and stability.

  • Pink Aragonite: This variety of Aragonite occurs in a light pink shade and is often mistaken for Rose Quartz. Pink Aragonite is a wonderful stone to heal wounded relationships and attract love into your life.

  • White Aragonite: This variety of Aragonite occurs in white or clear shades and connects to the Root and Crown Chakra. White Aragonite works well for those who refuse to take responsibility.

  • Sputnik Aragonite: The most commonly occurring form of Aragonite, Sputnik Aragonite comes from Morocco and has potent mentally stabilizing effects. This variety usually occurs in a golden hue but can also be clear. 

  • Green Aragonite: A green variety of Aragonite that can glow in the dark, Green Aragonite connects you to the energy of Mother Earth, making you aware of how to improve and benefit from nature and your physical environment. 

  • Yellow Aragonite: This variety of Aragonite occurs in yellow and has powerful Root and Solar Plexus stabilizing abilities. Wearing a Yellow Aragonite pendant can remove negative self-esteem and instill unbeatable confidence.


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