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Crystals For Forgiveness

The ability to forgive is a beautiful trait to have, though for most people it can be a very long and difficult road. The ability to let go hurtful emotions rather than carry the weight with you. Forgiveness isn’t only forgiving those who have wronged you, but healing the parts of you that carry those burdens. It allows us to raise our vibration and live a more loving life.

When you go about forgiving, you want to focus on solely your emotions. The expectation of how the other person will react or feel shouldn’t play into your decision to heal. The choice you make to let go of the pain that they’ve caused you will release that burden. This world is a place of mirroring, what you put out, you’ll receive. Forgiving someone for yourself will ripple out and make a more positive mindset for you going forward. The act of forgiveness opens and heals our heart. The heart chakra holds your ability of loving others and yourself, which as we know forgiveness is a balance of both. Healing is an ongoing experience, it’s never really finished. You’ll always find new things to forgive, each one being a new milestone for your soul.

Crystals for Forgiveness


Prehnite encourages acceptance, emotional release, forgiveness, and compassion. As a go-to stone for the heart chakra, it will release pent up energy and replace it with an unconditional love frequency, reminding us to stay true to love and to heal from pain we or others have caused. It also restores authenticity, which can be helpful when we need reminders of who our true higher selves are.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace helps with overcoming bitterness and negativity, with its calming blue color it helps release all those painful emotions that we tend to cling onto. Blue lace will also give patience when your looking to forgive yourself or others. Using Blue Lace Agate during meditation can be uplifting, useful for neutralizing anger and replacing it with love and courage to start over.


Rhodochrosite is one of the best crystals for forgiveness. It works on your heart and throat chakras and releases any negative energies. This not only makes it easier for you to accept what happened to you but also forgive the other person. This especially helps you come to terms with painful situations. Holding rhodochrosite in your hands can help you to let out any pent-up anger or resentment you may be feeling. It can help you to find the courage to face your fears and to take control over your own destiny.

Rose Quartz

This lovely crystal comes in soft pink and is attached to the Heart and Throat Chakras. It is well known for its ability to inspire unconditional love for thy self and others. Perfect to assist in forgiving and letting go, rose quartz transmits the gentle energy of loving kindness and brings healing both emotionally and physically. It is said to help heal broken relationships and a broken heart.


Chrysocolla is a support stone, good for daily use. It helps us face challenges and changes with ease. It can be used where shame, guilt, or anger are present. Gently assisting in awareness and understanding of this process and bringing in the energies of forgiveness, love, and joy.


Moonstone is called the “stone of new beginnings” for a reason. It helps you divert your attention from the negative aspects of life to the positive ones. It encourages you to focus on inner growth, inner strength, self-love, and self-acceptance. It also balances your emotions and makes you calmer, more peaceful, and compassionate towards others.


Chrysoprase fills you with optimism, peace, serenity, and happiness. It makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. Sometimes, to forgive others and let go, you have to know that you will be okay. And that’s exactly what this stone does for you.

Steps for forgiving

1. Changing perspective

These first two go hand in hand, you have to flip the situation to see it in a different way. Try asking yourself “what would be so bad about this situation” Go deep into your emotions and write a list of all the reasons this is hurting you

2.Finding a benefit

Now that you’ve expanded, flip the prompt and ask yourself “what is good about this situation” Try writing a list of everything that is helping to heal you.

3.Gaining compassion and acceptance

The first two help you find compassion, with that comes acceptance. (if you haven’t reached acceptance do 1 and 2 over again, as many times as needed).

Alternate method for Forgiveness

Write a letter and Burn it

You can also write a letter expressing your anguish, then burn it. Burning letters is a very therapeutic technique because you’re letting go of that hurt and laying it to rest. It is no longer yours to carry, have full faith that this hurt and pain will not serve you well. Doing this will set you free from holding onto it any longer, and it’s a gift you give yourself.

Extra crystals for forgiveness

  • Moss Agate

  • Tangerine Quartz

  • Amazonite

  • Aquamarine

  • Chalcedony

  • Green Aventurine

  • Mangano Calcite

  • Green diopside


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