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Including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Foot Massage, Gua Sha, and Cupping.

  • 1 hour
  • 1 hour - $75
  • North Government Way

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I have practiced many holistic healing modalities since I was thirteen, including my first Reiki attunement. Because of my background I have many ways of addressing the body. Now, being a licensed massage therapist for more then 3 years, I have decided it is time to offer more of my skills, knowledge, expertise, and authenticity. Massage is one of the oldest practiced healing modalities. It can offer relief for the body, but it’s benefits don’t stop there. It doesn’t matter if you are stressed, in pain, or have life-long disease, massage could help. specified to your needs or can be just a general session. Great for tension/ stress throughout the body, or working on specific trouble spots. 30 min - $30 1 hour - $75 90 min - $110 For two hours or more, please contact Daniel for availability and pricing. Foot massage For solely a foot massage for sore or tight feet, ankles, and calves. Finished with oil to nourish the skin of the feet - $30 / 30 min Massage Add-ons: Gwa Sha Based on an ancient Chinese method, I use a flat edged stone to scrape the tissues. Although this sounds quite brutal, most people really like it. It is great for breaking up adhesions, scar tissue, wound-up fascia, tight muscles, breaking up over crystallizations, calcium build-ups, and can even assist with some types of arthritis - $10 Cupping Also an Ancient Chinese method, this technique uses suction to open up the fascia and bring blood back into an area. For many, five minutes of cupping is the same as half an hour of deep tissue work with less pain - $15 Deep Tissue Deep tissue massage is a slow and firm pressure that effects the deeper layers of muscle and fascia - $15 Energy Sweeping / Balancing A good massage will already have this impact, but this add-on provides further tools and techniques for a more complete treatment - $15 Topical Analgesic Either if you want some good cooling after an intense massage, or if your muscles need a little more nourishing. Cryoderm with mint or Cryoderm with magnesium - $15 To Book Your Appointment Contact Daniel directly through his website www.FlowerPowerMassage.com

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  • 6848 North Government Way, Dalton Gardens, ID, USA

    (208) 719-0294