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Our Story

Clarity Center connects you back to your own healing power! 

With crystals, oils and all kinds of natural remedies to soothe your Body & Soul! 

We help you raise your own personal frequency, to better your life and the people around you. This will in turn raise the frequencies of the planet and help the world ascend continually into a better direction. To change a persons mindset is to change the world. We want to help even if its 1 person at a time. Even if its just putting 1 crystal in someones pocket, it could change a life.
The world is changing, discover the change within yourself. 

Owner Cari is an energy healer, she wants to connect people back to their our personal power. Everyone has the power to heal themselves and live their own destinies. If you don't know where to start, she can help guide you. Energy healing, crystals and other high frequency elements can help unblock energy that is keeping you feeling stuck or lost. Come in and take a step toward your true life path.

Clarity Center will try and give anyone as much information as we can. Our only goal is to help people find their personal truth. We encourage everyone to find what helps them best, and that might not be what everyone else is telling you to do. Do your own research and look with in to find guidance from your higher self.

We are always adding new items and Services to our store. We are continually adjusting and changing to match what is best for our customers. We also hold Classes for anyone who wants to learn more and group meet ups for people who want to find like minded friends. Keep up to date with us by subscribing to our website. We will send you any new Blog Post we create.  Following us on our Social Media so you can see any new items we get in the store, such as new crystals!

Thank you so much to everyone who supports us! We really appreciate all the love we receive! And we will continue to put that same love back into our store and services to keep creating the best community for everyone. 

We Unconditionally Love You All!

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