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Bloodstone is dark green with red or yellow spots and blotches. It used to be known as Heliotrope, from the Greek meaning 'sun turner'.

Bloodstone strengthens the base chakra, the source of your physical energies, and it helps you dispel sluggishness in that chakra. Bloodstone purifies your mind, with a strong ability to restore and nourish the body especially after physical and emotional fatigue. It inspires vitality, quashes self-doubt, and boosts your enthusiasm and drive, instillning you with courage, comfort and strength.

This stone is a related to the base and sacral chakras. The base chakra helps to increase your security and stability and it is known for its grounding ability. The sacral chakra is linked to relationship and emotional balance.

Bloodstone can keep you from becoming discouraged when you meet obstacles on your path. It can assist you in feeling capable and self sufficient. It strengthens your sense of connection to the Divine, revealing feelings of isolation or loneliness as illusion. Bloodstone helps you truly recognise that your feelings and emotions are behind what you manifest in your life and that your heartfelt emotions create your reality. Use this stone to clear your emotional birth canal, so that you have a clear channel for the emotions that help determine your life's purpose. Bloodstone provides a mental boost when motivation is lacking. A stone of birthing, it is useful when you are developing an idea, such as an invention, a writing project or any other creative endeavour that you have only just thought about previously. With this stone in hand, you will be motivated to take action on your dreams and goals, cultivating it from the idea stage to actualisation. Bloodstone instills courage and assists you in taking the right action. It can help you fulfill your commitments in the face of obstacles. It is excellent for those undergoing tremendous change in their lives due to spiritual awakening. It can help you to maintain faith in and trust the Divine and to overcome loneliness and find your inner strength. As bloodstone is associated with birth and the birthing process, it helps align you with the birth of your consciousness. Use this stone to bring forth your true spiritual nature. Allow it to help you bring your spirituality into everyday life in a grounded and real way. Use bloodstone in goddess rituals and for exploring past lives, especially in dreams. In storms and weather magic, use it to give you courage to shed destructive habits and people.

It was also believed to control the weather, banish evil and negativity and direct spiritual energies. Bloodstone was widely used to protect against the evil eye. Some believed it could even render the wearer invisible. For this reason stones were often carried by thieves.

Historically bloodstone was used as an amulet to stop bleeding; bloodstone is useful for all types of blood ailments. It works at the source of the blood, within the bone marrow. It can assist in strengthening and fortifying the blood and overcoming blood weakness such as anemia. It is stimulating to the liver and the endocrine system. It is also useful in balancing female hormonal imbalances and helping to stabilise the hormones throughout menopause. Bloodstone is good for women to keep on hand during their childbearing years. This stone helps ease the birthing process and lends supporting vibrations so the baby easily travels through the birth canal. This stone is also useful for hormonal balance, PMS, menopause and any physical issue involving hormone imbalance or blood disorders. It is also good for the liver, heart, lungs and spleen. Bloodstone will help you stay on course if you are beginning a detox program or a diet.


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