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Chakras, Meridians, and Dantians

What are they?

They are each a different energy system in our body. Each one works together to create a map or a field guide on how to heal and work with our body’s natural energy field. Ideally you don’t just want to work with one of the systems, you want to work with all of them. Doing this will help you not only understand your body better, but also understand and heal where each trauma and emotion is stored.

What are chakras?

You’ve probably heard of the 7 chakras before, but do you know what they are, what they do, and how they can be very helpful to you, and your spiritual journey? I’ll give you a very quick rundown.

Cakra, charka in Sanskrit, means “wheel” and this is referring to energy points in your body. These energy points are spinning pools of energy, much like a wheel or a disk. Each chakra not only flows in its own pool, all of the 7 chakras actually flow and work together to keep our physical and emotional well-being in tact. These chakras are meant to be open and aligned. However this takes work, and sometimes consistent maintenance to keep them healthy and free flowing. Each chakra corresponds to a bundle of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body, meaning they have great effect on our all around health.

I’m going to explain what each chakra is all about.

There are 7 chakras. Heres a little about each of them starting from the bottom and going all the way up.


The root is located at the base of the spine, right around the tailbone.

The colors associated with the root are red, brown, and black.

This chakra is all about your physical identity, stability, and grounding to yourself and nature.

When this chakra is blocked, it can manifest in in physical problems, such as, arthritis, constipation, bladder problems, and colon problems. It can also show up in your emotional world through anxiety about finances or basic needs, as well as anxiety about your physical well being. When open, you will feel grounded, secure, stable, and safe both physically and emotionally.

Some crystals to help with opening the root chakra are, red jasper, garnet, yellow tigers eye, mahogany obsidian, black obsidian, and hematite.


The sacral is located just below the belly button, and just above the pubic bone.

Associated with the color orange.

This chakra is your sexuality, pleasure, and your creativity.

This chakra being blocked can cause physical problems, like urinary tract infections, lower back pain, and impotency. In the emotional sense, this chakra is related to self-worth, more specifically self-worth around pleasure, sexuality, and creativity.

Some crystals for this chakra are carnelian, azeztulite, orange selenite, citrine, sedona jasper, and orange calcite.

Solar Plexus:

This chakra is located in the upper abdomen in the stomach area.

The color association is yellow.

The solar plexus is your self-esteem, and confidence.

Blockages in this chakra are often seen through digestive issues, like ulcers, heartburn, eating disorders, and indigestion. The solar plexus is the chakra of personal power. The chakra of confidence.

Some crystals for this chakra are citrine, carnelian, yellow tigers eye, yellow aventurine, and bumblebee jasper.


The heart chakra is found at the center of the chest, just above the heart. This area is called the heart center.

The color of this chakra is green and pink.

This chakra is all about love and compassion.

Blocks in the heart charka can show up through physical health, through heart problems, asthma, and weight fluctuation. However, more often than not heart chakra blockages show through more in actions and feelings. If you have a blockage in the heart chakra it can look like putting overs needs before your own, to your own detriment. This chakra is in the middle of all the seven chakras, so it is the bridge between our upper and lower chakras, so it will show our ability to love and connect to others. When blocked it can make us feel lonely, isolated, and insecure. This is the chakra of unconditional love, as well as self love.

Some crystals for this chakra are green aventurine, rose quartz, moss agate, jade, and emerald.


This chakra is located… surprise… at the throat.

The color is light blue.

This is the chakra of communication, truth, and expression.

A blocked throat chakra will show up in gossip, lies, and actually dominating conversation. Blocks can also show up when you speak without thinking, or having trouble to speak your mind. They can also be seen in voice and throat problems, or anything around that area. When open and aligned, you will speak and listen with compassion, as well as feel confident with the words and the truth you speak because you are being true and honest with yourself and others.

Some crystals for this chakra are lapis lazuli, sodalite, angelite, blue lace agate, and amazonite.

Third Eye:

This chakra is located between the eyes, on the forehead.

The color of this chakra is Indigo.

The Third eye is actually commonly mistaken for the crown chakra. The third eye is your intuition.

Blockages in this chakra can manifest in headaches, issues with sight or concentration, and hearing problems. People who have trouble accepting truth (know-it-all’s) or who have no sense of intuition most likely have a third eye blockage. If you have this chakra aligned you will be able to follow your intuition, and be able to see the bigger picture.

Some crystals for this chakra are lapis lazuli, sodalite, iolite, blue tigers eye, and azurite.


The crown chakra is located at the very top of the head.

The color associated with the crown is purple, violet, or white.

This is the chakra of awareness and intelligence.

The crown chakra is connected to every organ system, as it is connected to the brain and the nervous system. It's considered to be the chakra of enlightenment and represents our connection to source and our higher self. Blocks in this chakra can look like stubbornness, and looks like someone is narrow-minded and skeptical. When this chakra is open it will be shown through a sense of bliss, and peace, no just within your life, but also peace within yourself.

Some crystals for this chakra are amethyst, clear quartz, lepidolite, and scolecite.

If you would like to learn more about the chakras, here are our blog posts on each of the chakras that speak more in depth about the inner workings of each chakra and how to open them.

What are Meridians?

Meridians are like energetic rivers, carrying energy in a steady stream, like a river. Just like a river, each meridian carries a flow of water (energy) in a specific direction to a specific destination. These pathways work by distributing energy, nutrients, and blood across the body in a similar way as the circulatory system.

There are 12 major meridians in the body, and these meridians lines are all connected to major organs and pressure points. Each meridian is either yin or yang, masculine or feminine. Meaning every person has a balance of masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) in their body. Each meridian also has a paired meridian. Holding the same emotions in different ways.

This energy system works through Qi (Chi) energy. Which is actually the energy center in the Dantian system. Which, yes, I will be talking about in this post.

Each meridian has a physical and emotional effects on your body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that disease can be caused from internal ailments, and that these can manifest from in imbalance in our emotions.

The 12 Major Meridians

Lung Meridian - Yin

The lung meridian in in charge of how energy is consumed and impacts the respiratory system. The lung meridian actually holds grief and sadness, so this meridian is about letting go.

Large Intestine Meridian - Yang

This meridian regulates the processing and extraction of water from waste. Just like the lung meridian, the large intestine actually holds sadness and grief. So this, as well, is for letting go.

Spleen Meridian - Yin

The spleen is responsible for for transforming food into vital nutrients and distributing it to the rest of the bod. Paired with the stomach, the spleen holds worry and anxiety when imbalanced.

Stomach Meridian - Yang

The stomach regulates the extraction of nutrients from food, and distributes it through the body. This meridian holds worry.

Heart Meridian - Yin

The heart meridian regulates circulation of blood. The heart meridian, when imbalanced, hold agitation or restlessness, and/or depression.

Small Intestine Meridian - Yang

The small intestine meridian is responsible for digestion, water and nutrient absorption, and bowel functions. This holds the same things as the heart when imbalanced, restlessness, agitation, and depression.

Kidney Meridian - Yin

The kidney meridian actually regulates the reproductive system, testosterone levels, and produces bone marrow and blood. This is paired with the bladder in holding fear, jealousy, and grudges.

Bladder Meridian - Yang

This meridian regulates the removal of toxins from the body. The bladder holds fear, jealousy, and grudges.

Pericardium Meridian - Yin

This meridian regulates the energy (Qi) that surrounds the heart, protects the heart, ensuring proper function and emotional balance. When the protection gets to be too much (you put walls up) instead of letting the heart feel joyous, it traps in pain.

Triple Warmer Meridian-Yang

This meridian regulates the metabolism through the body and promotes general wellness. When imbalanced, it holds fear, greed, and grief.

Liver Meridian-Yin

The liver meridian regulates the female reproductive system, circulation of energy, and maintains the flexibility of ligaments and tendons. When imbalanced the liver can be extremely damaged by excessive anger, frustration, and fury.

Gall Bladder Meridian-Yang

The gall bladder meridian regulates the removal and storage of toxins that are produced by the liver. When there is an imbalance, this meridian holds anger and frustration.

When all meridians are aligned and balanced, one will feel free, peaceful, joyous, and loving. Working on the meridians can not only restore your physical body, they can also help heal your emotional body. Working with all the energy systems can help you better understand your body and your emotions.

What are Dantian?

Dantian are a three point energetic system in which is believed to hold the “three treasures” of the body, those being Jing, Qi, and Shen. These are believed to be vital in the development in the mind, the body, and the soul. Now let's get into each Dantian.

Upper Dantian (Shen)

The upper dantian is the seat of Shen energy. It is associated with spirit, intelligence, and consciousness. This Dantian is also believed to be located in the pineal gland and is the result of cultivating your Jing (essence) upward through the heart (Qi) and then finally Shen. The upper dantian is closely related to the crown and third eye chakra. It’s the most subtle of the three dantian energies.

Middle Dantian (Qi)

The middle dantian is located at the center of the chest, it is associated with the thymus gland. This Dantian is the seat of qi. Qi energy is more subtle and less dense of an energy than Jing, and as you rise through the dantians, you also evolve into the purity of consciousness and subtlety of energy, just like you would working with your chakras. The middle dantian is believed to be the spark of all living things. The energy of this dantian is considered to be very unique when compared to the other dantian. The energy here is created by the food and liquids we consume and the air we breathe, which is why it is considered to be the spark of life, and is located around the upper abdomen where we consume, digest, and distribute energy throughout the whole body. When a persons essence (jing) is properly cultivated, their life force rises to support the middle dantian, opening the heart and allowing us to follow the path of enlightenment, in becoming open hearted, loving, compassionate, and in becoming a source of good for the world around you.

Lower Dantian (Jing)

Known as the vessel or seat of jing, the lower dantian holds the most substantial energy, composed of genetic material, and is the source of energy from which the physical body is created. Jing is said to be a persons essence (sense of being and understanding of self.) It holds the wisdom of our genetic code, reproduction, and the gifts passed down to us from our ancestors, as well as sexual energy. This dantian is closely related to the adrenal gland and is related to survival response. Said to be located two fingers below the navel, it is heavily associated with the root and the sacral chakras. It is referred to as and internal spiritual fire that can awaken the upper energy centers, and is said to feel like heat within the body when cultivated because of its transformative qualities.

Chakras, Meridians, and Dantian: What’s the difference?

Dantians and chakras are very similar as they are both energy points in the body that all work together to keep our energy pure and free flowing. However they are not the same. Chakras can be closely related to the three dantian, but they fundamentally differ in the sense that dantian are believed to be reservoirs or fields of energy, whereas chakras are gateways.

Meridians are vastly different from both chakras and dantian. Meridians are like rivers and streams that flow in narrow streams, whereas chakras are like pools of spinning water but like a disk, and meridians are like lakes or reservoirs or bigger bodies of water. In other words, meridians are like highways for qi, or life-force energy, to travel throughout the body. Dantian are considered more containers of the energy they hold. And finally chakras are thought to be spinning disks or wheels of higher vibration energies and vibrations.

Keep in mind that just because the energy systems are different, that does not mean they do not work together. Learn to balance all of them for the best healing effects.


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