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Chakras & The Archangels (And Science!)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 

Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow or turning.  James 1:17 

*First I'll give some more helpful information about Chakras, the Bible/Christianity and Science. If you already know everything you need to know about these subjects then you can skip down (to the red NOW!) where Archangels & Chakras you want to work with.

As far as we see in any English translation of the Bible, the word “chakra” is nowhere to be found. Because most people relate the Archangels to Christianity I will try and discuss this, as well as any connections chakras can have with science. This may help anyone struggling with these ideas, so you can further make up your mind for yourself on what you believe.

When we search the internet for information on chakras, almost all of the information we come across is written from what many people would call a New Age point of view on this Hindu belief. When we search the internet for a Christian’s perspective on chakras, most findings tell us that chakras are not to be messed with because of their roots in religions other than Christianity.  If we stop right there, then the discussion is over and every Christian needs to slam the door on understanding chakras.  For anyone who doesn't want to slam the door, before getting more information, let’s do a little exploring.

Similar results are found in the science community. Because chakras are unseen, there has been very little scientific exploration into the possibility of their physical existence, and therefore, have been left in the metaphysical world. 

We’ll start with the science of chakras. Without going into the field of quantum physics, let’s just talk biology. 

Supportive Science

We all accept the energy of the body that moves along the nerves.  Electrical impulses happen at the cellular level, and the sparks of life, move from cell to cell and up and down a huge information highway that, collectively, we call the Nervous System.  Quick, unthinking responses (you just touched a hot stove) happen in what we call "a split second."  We don’t even think about it, we just react.  When that happens, nerve impulses move 330 feet per second bypassing the thinking processes.  Some of these nerve impulses are called "extra fast responses" and move at 390 feet per second.  When we do put thought into movement or into studying and thinking, those nerve impulses slow down to 70 to 100 feet per second.  Pain impulses travel at around 2 feet per second, but touch impulses travel at around 250 feet per second.  In other words, you know you touched the edge of the couch much quicker than you feel the pain of stubbing your toe on the couch.

We have this huge communication center via the Nervous System that travels from the top of our heads to the tips of our toes.  We have the Central Nervous System made up of the brain and the spine, and we have the Peripheral Nervous System which connects the brain and spine with the rest of the body. 

We also have another amazing body system called the Endocrine System that works very closely with the Nervous System.  Where the Nervous System is responsible for electrical communication throughout the body, the Endocrine System is responsible for chemical communication throughout the body. Communication by and through the Endocrine System is essential for the health and well-being of the body. Hormones secreted from the endocrine glands are carried through the bloodstream to various organs and tissues of the body [2].  The most important glands of the endocrine system and their connection to the chakras are:

  1. Pituitary - spirituality 

  2. Pineal - intuition 

  3. Thyroid - communication 

  4. Thymus - love 

  5. Pancreas - power 

  6. Ovaries/Testes – sexuality 

  7. Adrenals – survival

If you notice, there are seven main glands, and yes, there are seven main chakras.  Most websites and books on chakras define them as “wheels of energy” or energy centers.  These wheels of energy were first described in ancient Sanskrit writings knows as The Vedas, the Hindu Scriptures. The seven wheels of energy are located near major endocrine glands and are thought to correspond to different states of mind and personalities.  Chakras are known to be transmitters and receivers of energy at the seven glandular points throughout the body.  

Christian Bible Examination

One thing that many Christians have against chakras is the teaching of opening up and balancing our beings beginning at the root because the Hindu religion is part of the teaching. God tells us not to worship Him the way that the other nations worship their gods.  And I am not telling you to ignore His warnings. When we look at the teachings of some websites and books, opening up the root chakra begins with the kundalini spirit. In fact, according to Power Thoughts Meditation Club, “The Kundalini is the ancient description for the energy (or shakti) present within our bodies. It is said that the kundalini stems from the base of the spine and winds its way up to the top of the head, and is often compared to a snake or a serpent." We know that the enemy of God, the devil or Satan, is represented as a serpent. So, it is completely understandable that as Believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and in His son, Jesus the Messiah, who came to earth to defeat this enemy, that we would want nothing to do with this kundalini spirit. 

Are the wheels of energy that God created suddenly evil? Or have others taken what God has created, twisted it and made it something else? 

While chakras aren’t mentioned specifically in the Bible, we can see that it is possible that just as God created our bodies with pathways for energy to flow (nerves, blood, lymph, meridians). He also created these energy centers throughout the body to receive and transmit energy messages. The Devil Does Not poses the power to create a human, nonetheless a humans energy system. He can only use and twist, for his benefit, what was already created by God.

We are more than merely physical beings.  We are also spirit and soul.  Proverbs 20:27 says, “The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, Searching all the innermost parts of his being.”  The same word for lamp used to describe the spirit of man is Strong’s H5216 and is the word used to describe the lights of the lampstand (menorah) in the Tabernacle. “And thou shalt make the seven lamps thereof; and they shall light the lamps thereof, that they may give light over against it"

The Lampstand in the Tabernacle of God is a seven branched menorah.  Oil was used to keep the lights burning continually. When pure light is refracted through clouds or a prism, we get different colors, or colored lights. We see these in rainbows and sunrises and sunsets. The energy centers located at the seven main glands of the body respond to, or are activated by, different color lights. Remember that we said that God is the Father of lights?  Not just the Father of light, but lights…. Plural. 

In the beginning, in Genesis, God shares with us the process of creation.  The first thing that happened when God created the heavens and the earth was the Spirit or Breath of God moving over the face of the waters.  That word moving may really be better defined as vibrated (Hebrew word rachaph meaning flutter, move, shake)

Then God said or thought everything into existence. “And God said, ‘Let there be light: and there was light’".  The Hebrew word “amar” is translated “said”, but also means “think”.  Thought is electromagnetic light and energy which contains all the colors and their frequencies.  Before there was language, there was spirit and there was light.  From the same energy which vibrated upon and through the waters, everything else was formed, including mankind.

There is another very interesting and very similar ancient word which came before the Sanskrit word for Chakra and that is the Hebrew word “shachar’it”.  Shachar'it means to balance or center.

The patterns of light and God’s order in creation are everywhere, not just in the colors of the rainbow, or the seven branched menorah (a tangible image of God’s light), but in the chords of our music, the seven days of the week, etc.  Why, then is it so hard to believe that He would not put seven centers of energy that respond to light, His light, within us when he formed us?  

At this point perhaps, you are in agreement and think, “Yes.  It is very possible that when God formed us in our mother’s wombs, not only did he give us brains, and hearts, and eyes, and livers, and kidneys, and nerves, and blood vessels, and glands, but He also created energy centers around our glands. Afterall, everything that was created and is, was created and designed by Him.”  But maybe you’re still thinking that messing around with chakras should be avoided. 

When dealing with the chakras and opening the chakras and getting them to be in balance, we are told to start at the root chakra. We know that the root chakra connects us to the earth and grounds us.  But if we look at the scripture that I first shared, we see that God is the Father of lights and every good and perfect gift comes down from above. If we receive life and life-giving words from the Father who is spirit and light, then we receive from the top down, rather than from the root or the ground up.  I know that this may cause everyone who already understands chakras to disagree with me.  We do need to be grounded, but as believers we are to be rooted and grounded in love. Which comes from being strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man (our own spirit and soul) where Christ dwells in our hearts by faith.

Before someone thinks that I am dismissing the very real need for our feet to connect and ground with the earth, I am not.  We do need to be grounded and in connection with the earth. Completely and totally. There just might be more to it when you look deeper.

What if the light from God - His anointing, His Spirit, His Power - comes down the higher chakras, and flows down and in and through us? As it travels down through all seven energy centers, His Spirit brings wisdom, revelation, communion, love, power, fruitfulness, and life. 

The first two energy centers that are referred to as spirituality and intuition would be known after the Spirit as wisdom and revelation which can be equated to a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).  The third energy center would be communion – unity with our community.  The fourth and fifth would be love and power (2 Timothy 1:7). The sixth, rather than just being sexuality would be fruitfulness and creativity, while the seventh would be more than survival it would be life and that more abundantly.

Our table will now look like this:

While there is no one verse that links these different attributes to something called chakras seen in the Bible, we can see the potential for Chakras being true, not new.  I wasn’t even looking for a verse that connected chakras and attributes together in the Bible when I came across our theme verse that tells us that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, of power and a sound mind. These three spirits (love, power and sound mind) or attributes matched perfectly with the areas of the body represented in images of chakras.[1]

Deeper Archangel Explanation

An Archangel is known as an angel of high rank; a being of the eighth order of a ninefold celestial hieracrchy. It is a traditonal part of Christian Angelology, but Archangels are found in many other religions and spiritual tradition from around the world.

The earliest known biblical reference to the system of the seven archangels as a group appears in The Book of Enoch. The Archangelic associations may vary according to religious or spiritual tradition. Each major Archangel is associated with specific energies and qualities that one can tune into. Each Archangelic energy also represents certain areas of life or spiritual gifts that we can awaken ourselves to when we are ready to connect with it.

The Archangelic energies are always around us in various forms, assisting and guiding us on our physical and spiritual journey. Each Archangel is associated with a particular Light Ray frequency and color vibration, and will resonate with one or more of the chakra centres (in addition to the color associated with that chakra). One can connect with the energies of the Archangels through meditation, prayer, visualization, or simply by affirming their intention to connect with a particular Archangel for assistance in a specific area of life, spiritual guidance or healing purposes.

When working with any of the chakra centres one can call upon the corresponding Archangel for that chakra, or any Archangel that one feels drawn to in connection with that chakra, or the chakra issue being worked on. Tuning into the Angel Color/Light Ray for the Archangel is also a powerful way to incorporate the energies when working with the chakras for any reason. *The colors associated with each Archangel can vary according to tradition and culture. The Light Ray Color/Angelic Frequency Colorthat an Archangel represents may differ from the associated Chakra color as well.

NOW! to connect which Archangels work best for what Chakra!

Archangel Gabriel

(Name Meaning: "God is my strength" )

Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel of Spiritual Guidance and Revelation. Gabriel is the patron angel representing communications and is known as the messenger angel of God. This archangel is often depicted holding or playing a trumpet is religious and spiritual artwork. Gabriel also represents protection and discipline, also providing vision and clarity to follow a chosen path in life.

When called upon, Archangel Gabriel can be beneficial for helping teachers, writers, speakers, journalists and artists. The angel energies of Gabriel also provide one with motivation, encouragement and clarity with conveying their own messages or ideas to the world. Calling upon this Archangel can assist one in overcoming procrastination in areas related to communication and involving children. Gabriel can also assist one in areas of money and physical resources.

The energy of Archangel Gabriel brings divine love, joy, purity, wisdom and guidance, helping one to tune into spiritual messages, and also assists with new beginnings, and helping one to find their highest calling. This archangelic energy can also help to clear any energetic blocks that are in the way of receiving their spiritual gifts and guidance. Gabriel is also associated with intuitive insight and often brings messages and guidance through dreams or dream work.

Other spellings and variations of Archangel Gabriel's name include: Jibril, Gibrail, Gavriel, and Jabrail.

Light Ray: The 4th Divine Ray Ray Color/Angel Color Frequency: White; also, Copper (representing purity and holiness) Corresponding Chakra Influence: Root Chakra (Muladhara) (Resonant Color Frequency: Red) Associated Ascended Master: Serapis Bey, Lord of the Fourth Ray (white), representing purity and holiness

Archangel Zadkiel

(Name Meaning: "The Righteousness Of God")

Archangel Zadkiel is the Archangel of Freedom, Joy and Mercy. This Archangel is also associated with the Violet Flame of transmutation, us