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Charm Scoops

Charm casting is a form of divination that uses charms, trinkets, or small objects. The charms are cast/thrown or placed onto a casting surface, so that where and how they land may be interpreted to receive intuitive messages. Charm casting is a powerful form of divination that allows you to connect with your inner wisdom to offer you guidance and insight. It is very similar to using a set of rune stones, in that they are used to represent a set of meanings, which in turn can be cast in such a way as to offer personal insights, clarity, and in some cases, a glimpse into the future for the querent.

There are many ways to get started with charm divination. First, you will of course need a set of charms. This could be anything, from traditional bracelet charms, to buttons, tiny crystals, dice, coins, trinkets, etc. Fortunately, Clarity Center is now offering scoops of unique and beautiful divination charms! One scoop costs $12 and comes with a pouch to keep them in.

You will also need a surface to cast onto. This could be as simple as the top of your table, a large tray, or mat. On the other hand, some people use a divination cloth or board that has different sections written on it. Some of these have astrological signs, days of the week, months, letters, numbers, whatever you prefer. You could buy these pre-made, or you could create your own. Another popular casting method is drawing tarot or oracle cards, and then scattering a handful of charms over them. This can offer deeper insight by showing you how the meaning of the charm relates to the meaning of a specific aspect of the card.

With your charms in hand and a surface to cast them on to, you are ready to go! Some people prefer to have a question in mind and then intuitively pick a single charm at random to answer their question. You could also make it a practice to pick a charm every morning. Close your eyes, and use your intuition to choose one. This charm is your message for the day ahead. Another, more intricate cast would be to reach into the bag and randomly grab a handful of charms and toss them over a spread. The placement of the charms could be interpreted by stringing individual meanings together to form stories that allow for deeper understanding of the message presented.

One of the reasons this form of divination is so beautiful is that it is such a personal process. You get to decide what your charms mean to you. Or you may find that each day, the meaning of a particular charm can change. As you grow and evolve, the meanings of the charms grow and evolve with you. Your charm casting process can be as simple or as complex as you’d like it to be. It’s really all up to you!


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