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Chrysocolla is a beautiful bright blue and green stone, engulfed in gentle and peaceful energy. Chrysocolla can be found wherever large copper deposits occur, such as Africa, Mexico and the U.S. state of Arizona (where it is called Apache chrysocolla). Chrysocolla from the state of Arizona is a mixture of chrysocolla, turquoise, jasper, lapis, malachite and quartz crystal minerals. Radiating healing energy, especially in the heart and throat area, pick up a piece of Chrysocolla if you need a reminder to love truly and feel your emotions!

History and Lore

The name chrysocolla was first used to describe the stone by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher and botanist, in 315 B.C. The word was derived from the Greek words chrysos, meaning gold, and kola, meaning glue, referencing the fact that chrysocolla was employed from the earliest times by goldsmiths as an ingredient for solder, called santerna by the Romans, to weld gold pieces together. This fancy gemstone has indeed inspired creativity in many artists, whether they were ancient goldsmiths using it as solder, Renaissance painters grinding it as pigment for paint or modern jewelry designer-artists including it within their designs.

In ancient Egypt, it was called the "wise stone" because it shielded and encouraged the mind during negotiations. This stone also has the ability to help people who are violent to become more sensitive and tolerant which is why, as an ambassador, Cleopatra wore chrysocolla jewelry everywhere she went. Chrysocolla was used by the early Native American Indians for healing and dealing with emotional challenges.  It was also powdered and used as a digestive aid to improve the body's resistance to disease and to relieve arthritic symptoms.

Composition and Formation

Chrysocolla can be formed through the oxidation of primary copper minerals, such as chalcopyrite or bornite, in the presence of oxygen-rich water. The oxidized copper minerals undergo chemical reactions, leading to the formation of chrysocolla. Chrysocolla does not form visible crystals; instead, it forms in balls, bubbly plates or in massive form. Generally, Chrysocolla is considered amorphous, meaning it does not have a consistent crystal shape.

Physical Healing Properties

  • Enhances our experience of sound

  • A stone of vitality

  • Relieves menstruation discomfort

  • Aids its bearer in the treatment of neurological illnesses such as anxiety and sadness, remorse, and dystonic activity

  • Promotes pleasant births by calming first-time moms' fears

  • Facilitates the healing of throat inflammation and infection particularly of the tonsils

  • Eases congested lungs and increases your breathing capacity

  • Assists in balancing and healing stomach ulcers, stomach ache and other digestive tract issues

  • Activates and heals your gallbladder by reducing the effects of nausea, pain and other symptoms

  • Detoxifies and fortifies your liver functions including bloating, pain, fatty buildup and jaundice

  • Reduces the pain and stiffness of carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Assists in the regulation of the thyroid and adrenals

  • Supports you when healing from cancer

Emotional and Mental Healing Properties

  • Encourages expression

  • Deepens our understanding of others

  • A teaching stone

  • Encourages personality development

  • Encourages creativity, independence, and instruction

  • Facilitates womanly dominance

  • Encourages compassion, serenity, and psychological link building

  • Promotes tolerance

  • Encourages harmony and completeness by releasing repressed sensations that prevent the brain from thinking correctly

  • Aids males in expressing their fragile sentiments and recovering from violence perpetrated by their partners

  • Wipes away those self-limiting ideas

  • Promotes self-awareness

  • Keeps things from becoming too intense

  • Encourages individuals fighting to transcend heartbreak or sorrow that there are things to be learned even from the lowest of places

  • Provides inner strength and resilience

  • Relieves stress and grief

  • Encourages the ability to express emotions

  • Spreads warmth, love and kindness

  • Promotes level headedness

  • Decreases nervousness and irritability

  • Increases wisdom

  • Enhances your drive and ambition

  • Helps you in releasing patterns of sarcasm, criticism and facetiousness

  • Supports emotional and spiritual healing from sexual trauma, mastectomies or hysterectomies

Spiritual Healing Properties

  • Harmonizes the heart and throat chakras

  • Dispels bad energy

  • Aids in attuning to the Earth

  • Helps with communicating with psychic energies

  • Offers guidance on assisting the Earth to regenerate itself

  • Assists you when performing psychic journeys or profound meditation activities

  • A gemstone of rooting

  • Purifying the home, environment and the mind

  • Promotes a connection with the Goddess and awareness of yourself as a part of the Goddess

  • Governs all aspects of sound healing

  • Teaches you how sound affects your physical reality and how you can change that reality by adjusting the way you use your words

How To Utilize Chrysocolla

A powerful way to harness this stone’s energy is to program your stone with the intention you want, such as heartfelt communication, emotional healing, or creating a safe place while your going into labor. Visualize this energy within your stone, the effect it would have on you and how you would feel after receiving that energy, then carry it with you in any form. A pocket stone, jewelry, anything you’d like. You can also place it in your home which then allows you to be surrounded by that intention at all times.

Cleansing and Charging

Chrysocolla is a stone that represents water and the energy that water holds, therefor it should be cleansed by water. Chrysocolla is a stone that’s lower on the Mohs hard scale, meaning it should not be left to soak or else it will dissolve. A simple rinse will do! If you want to steer clear of water then use one of these other options:

  • Sage or Incense smoke

  • Moonlight

  • Sunlight (don’t leave for too long)

  • Bury in Earth

  • Selenite

  • Himalayan Salt


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