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Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Sanskrit Meaning:

Sahasrara (Thousand petalled)

The Spiritual Chakra

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra. Located at the top of the head, it gives us access to higher states of consciousness as we open to what is beyond our personal preoccupations and visions. The function of the Crown chakra is driven by consciousness and gets us in touch with the universal.

The crown chakra is our center of knowledge as well as our connection to divinity, spirituality and everything in the universe, physical or otherwise.

Being spiritual is not necessarily being religious and religious people aren’t necessarily spiritual. Spirituality is knowing in your heart and soul that there is a higher power and that we are connected to it and everything around us. Spirituality is pure love and radiates to every aspect of ones life. It’s the understanding that you can grow within yourself and your world. That you have the power to change and that no one will ever reach perfection in our earthly form but that we are all perfect in our divine form, both infinite and magnificent.

The most commonly accepted location for the seventh chakra is at the top of the head or slightly above the head. It sits like a crown, radiating upwards, hence its name.

The Crown chakra is primarily associated to the pituitary gland, and secondarily to the pineal and the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland work in pair to regulate the endocrine system.  Because of its location, the crown chakra is closely associated with the brain and the whole nervous system.

Note that energetically, the seventh chakra has a connection with the first chakra, as they both are at the extremities of the chakra system.

The crown chakra is associated with the following psychological and behavioral characteristics:

  • Consciousness

  • Awareness of higher consciousness, wisdom, of what is sacred

  • Connection with the formless, the limitless

  • Realization, liberation from limiting patterns

  • Communion with higher states of consciousness, with

  • Ecstasy, bliss

  • Presence

The crown chakra is associated with the transcendence of our limitations, whether they are personal or bound to space and time. It is where the paradox becomes norm, where seemingly opposites are one. The quality of awareness that comes with the crown chakra is universal, transcendent.

As we are immersed in the energy of the crown chakra, we feel a state of blissful union with all that is, of spiritual ecstasy. This chakra allows access to the upmost clarity and enlightened wisdom. Some describe this chakra as the gateway to the cosmic self or the divine self, to universal consciousness. It’s linked to the infinite, the universal.

Physical Ailments associated with a blocked crown chakra:

  • Neurological Problems

  • Headaches

  • Nerve Pain

  • Psychological disorders

  • Alzheimers

  • Insomnia

Mental Ailments:

  • Loneliness

  • Inability to connect with others

  • Feeling of being lost

  • Confusion about ones direction

  • Frustration

  • Discontent

  • Depression

  • Spiritually Disconnected

Quality of Life manifestations:

  • Poor Relationships

  • Poor life choices

  • Self Destructive Behavior

  • Close Minded

Mantras for the crown chakra:

  • I am.

  • I trust.

  • I am at ease.

  • I am at peace.

  • I am enlightened.

  • I know.

  • I  am connected.

  • I understand.

  • I am light.

  • I am divine.

Crystals to align and clear the crown chakra:

  • Selenite

  • Amethyst

  • Clear Quartz

  • Moonstone

  • Angelite

  • Spirit Quartz

  • Lepidolite

  • Peacock Ore

  • Apophylite

  • Celestite

  • Serphinite

  • Tanzitite

  • Ametrine

  • Aqua Aura Quartz

  • Calcite

  • Charoite

Angels Associated with the Crown Chakra:

  • Archangel Gabriel - Invite this magnificent angel of the pure white ray of divine light to open and manifest reverence and humility to all of your thoughts. He brings clarity, peacefulness, inspiration, creativity and joy. Ask him to clear any pride or negative sinful thoughts blocking the soul from feeling the love, wisdom and communication from your higher self.

  • Archangel Jophiel is the Archangel of Illumination and Beautiful thoughts. Jophiel can support one in keeping their thoughts positive and focused on creating and manifesting beauty within the heart and in their surroundings. Archangel Jophiel brings wisdom and inspiration. Jophiel's twin flame Christine brings in Christ Consciousness.

Healing foods for the crown chakra:

  • Purple Potatoes

  • Figs

  • Plums

  • Purple Grapes

  • Blueberries

  • Purple Cabbage

  • Purple Asparagus

  • Purple Carrots

  • Prunes

  • Eggplants

  • Elderberries

  • Purple Peppers

Essential oils Crown Chakra:

  • Arborvitae

  • Cedarwood

  • Frankincense

  • Hawaiian Sandalwood

  • Juniper Berry

  • Lavender

  • Litsea

  • Manuka

  • Myrrh

  • Neroli

  • Petitgrain

  • Rosemary

  • Sandalwood

  • Spearmint

  • Vetiver


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