Crystals come in many shapes and sizes. Formed in nature over thousands of years, or millions for larger ones, they follow a tight repeating molecular pattern that gives them their shape. They can also be man-made in a laboratory, but the chemical formula remains the same. Each crystal will have a slightly different arrangement of molecules hence why, for example, raw amethyst differs in appearance from raw aventurine.

But what effect does the shape have on the properties of the crystal?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. Crystals are programmed with specific healing properties based on the shape that they take upon forming. This is why crystals that form in geodes, such as Amethyst and Clear Quartz, have similar properties to each other. Obsidian is made from rapidly cooling lava—it’s technically not even a crystal—and this gives it an entirely different shape. Its properties are distinct because of that. 

To clarify, it’s not the shape itself that causes the differences, rather it’s the way the crystal is formed. However, the shape of the crystal is a symptom of the formation and therefore we can tell which properties belong to which crystal because of its shape.

To select the right crystal with the right shape for you, you need to decide how you want to use it. A standing point crystal is brilliant for an altarpiece or as the central figure of a healing grid, but it’s pretty difficult to carry around with you and almost impossible to have in jewelry. A tumble stone however, might be perfect to carry in your pocket or fix onto a necklace.

Decide how you wish to use the crystal and that will lead you towards the perfect shape for you. In nature, it’s generally accepted that there are six crystal families. But, when buying crystals, you’ll probably be more interested in the man-made shapes.

Crystal Wands

Since ancient times, crystal wands have been traditionally been used as a healing tools by shamans, healers and metaphysicians. Crystal wands are popular healing tools for today’s healers. Crystal wands are excellent healing tools facilitating chakra balancing, emotional healing, and spiritual development. Crystal wands are energetically cleansing, protective, and may stimulate and activate the human energy field. Crystal wands may be helpful in feng shui for space clearing and environmental blessings.  Crystal wands may be used to create sacred spaces for meditation, healing and spiritual work.

Crystal wands are very useful for scanning the aura and the chakras to locate, cleanse and heal blockages. Crystal wands have the ability to focus and direct energy tightly through their tip. Crystal wands may be used to heal the entire body or aura, or on a specific area of the body or on a particular chakra. You may choose a crystal wand to use for a specific purpose or select a wand that is created from crystals and materials that will harmonize vibrational energies with your intention.

Crystal healing wands gather and direct energy. The shape of a crystal wand enables the stone or crystal to direct its healing energy as the wand's point focuses the crystal's energy on specific areas of the body or etheric field. Crystal wands may effectively be used in conjunction with healing practices such as massage, body work, or Reiki. Massaging the body with a crystal wand, facilitates stress reduction and releases tension from the body. The healing energetic properties of the crystal may be beneficially obtained through massage with a particular wand. Smooth, round wands that are rounded on at least one end are great massage tools for healing as they are soothing and cooling and will not scratch or cause potential discomfort to the body. Pointed wands are excellent crystal tools to use in reflexology and trigger point release. Natural laser wand crystals emit a focused energy and may be used to pinpoint and clear the emotional fields of negativity cutting through confusion and entanglements, and removing energetic hooks. Crystal wands are also helpful tools for meditation, psychic surgery, healing crystal grids, and crystal body layouts. 


Pyramids have been built by many civilizations on different continents. Their triangular sides are a representation of our Mind, Body and Soul, while their 4 faces are linked to the 4 elements of nature: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Pyramids are a powerful anchor to stabilize the energies. They look fantastic around the house and help to ground the energy in your home. They’re also excellent to place on your body during chakra healing, if not too large. Their energy enhances intentions—write one down and leave it underneath the pyramid. Pyramids allow you to focus and attain your goals.

Crystal Standing Points

Crystal point configuration occurs when facets come together and form a physical tip at the end of a crystal. Crystal point provides focus for energy that is invigorating, re-balancing, and protective. The crystal point enhances the metaphysical and healing properties of the source crystal. A crystal point is a powerful crystal tool. When placed facing away, the crystal point directs energy outward. When the point is placed facing inward, the crystal focuses the energy inward. Crystal point configuration represents the chakra system with the tip of the point connecting the crown chakra with divine source and the base of the crystal providing a foundation for grounding. 

Crystal Clusters