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Crystals for Balance

Shadow and light, high and low, yin and yang, root and crown – balance is everything in life and can have a huge impact on your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Being out of balance can be super jarring and can cause us to trip up and feel unsteady as we move through life. Without balance, we can feel lost or pulled in a thousand different directions and we may struggle with decision making, healthy emotional flow, and in our sense of communication and connection, both with ourselves and the wider world.

We are all made up of energy points and crystals for balance can connect with these energy points and help us to shake off any blockages or stagnant energy. From the seven chakras to our own vibrations, these ancient and precious rocks and stones can raise us up and help us to find a sweet sense of inner peace and faith in our own ability.

From balance in the body to striking the right note in work and life, these gems remind us to nurture a strong foundation, fine-tune our focus, and get in touch with all the aspects that help us to grow.

Rose Quartz

A heart chakra stone that encourages us to fill our lives with loving empathy. From strengthening bonds of self-love to opening our hearts and nurturing trusting relationships with others, this sparkly piece of pink is perfect for bringing your self-worth and loving energy into balance.


A burst of bright energy and can help bring the solar plexus chakra into balance. This stone is all about abundance, manifesting your dreams, and upping your self-confidence.


The ultimate soul soother. Amethyst oozes feelings of peace, prosperity, and purpose in this world making it a beautiful balancing gem for aligning your energy. Amethyst taps into the crown chakra ensuring that we are well equipped to connect with the spiritual world.

Tiger’s Eye

A strong stone of balance. It helps us to marry our physical wellbeing with our spiritual leaping. It does this by strengthening our core center and bringing weaving together all those wild tangents and threads to create harmony in the body and mind.


Can bring structure and stability back to your life and will do this along with serving up a huge dollop of positivity too. This gem cleanses and purifies the body and mind, stabilizes emotions, and makes sure your subconscious is always looped in.


High vibrations hit the mark with the Selenite stone. This clear-headed gem is a joy – filling any space (physical or spiritual) with purity and power. Instantly removing staleness and blockages, Selenite spring cleans our soul so we can make space for the things that matter.


The warrior stone infuses us with power, strength, and vitality. As it was an amulet on the battlefields it’s a gem that knows how to encourage us to stand our ground in balance and commitment. Bloodstone gets to work on those lower chakras and brings them into alignment all while easing any anxiety that may show up as a part of that process.


Chrysocolla invites us to find our power but acknowledges that to do this we need to be connected to our sense of balance. The turquoise color of the stone helps confidence, the hues of blue neutralize big negative energies, and the earthly shades keep us grounded in our sense of self.

Other crystals that promote balance:

  • Red Jasper

  • Black Tourmaline

  • Garnet

  • Smoky Quartz

  • Obsidian

  • Hematite

  • Moss Agate

  • Moonstone

  • Jade

  • Clear Qurartz


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