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Crystals for Creativity

Whether seeking divine inspiration or just looking to pull yourself out of a slump, tapping into the power of creativity can be tricky business. Some of us expect creative energy to hit like a bolt of lightning out of the blue, but the truth is without putting a little work and effort in, we could wait for that flash of inspiration forever.

Creativity can be an essential compound of life. From dabbling with a paintbrush to penning a poem, writing in a journal, making music, or even just being bold enough to think outside the box – there are endless streams and tributaries of possibility where your creativity can run. But every artist knows there’s nothing scarier than a blank page, a writer's block, or the sound of silence staring back at you. Fortunately, there are crystals for creativity that can help to unlock doors, channel your focus, and help to bring that messy glorious artistic beauty flowing out of you.

How Crystals Work To Enhance Creativity

Crystals can enhance your creativity by enhancing your physical, mental, and spiritual energies. Creativity is a mental state as well as an active physical contribution. The stone's energy might encourage you to let go of this negative feeling and begin working toward your goals. You can also use crystals to promote positive thinking, which will

enable you to see your work in a new light.

Enhance your focus

Crystals can assist you in focusing if you are facing difficulty while concentrating. They create boundaries in your mind so that thoughts do not overrun you. This mental organization gives you more control over what information makes its way into your mind.

Encourage positive thinking

Positive thoughts can be key to improving your creativity and boosting your performance in whatever task you want to accomplish. If you feel self-doubt or negative energy, it might be tough to create anything new. Crystals can help by making you see the potential benefits of the outcome, so you feel more confident about your abilities.

Increase self-awareness

Originality is at the heart of creativity. Crystals can assist you in seeing your thoughts more clearly. When you can think more clearly, you can also know what new ideas are good for people. You'll also be able to recognize the potential in every situation, so you aren't afraid to take risks or go outside of your comfort zone.

There is no magical ingredients list for being creative but there is definitely a secret stash in all of us that can help. Creativity is such a personal journey but often bubbling beneath the surface it helps to have a potent mix of vision, focus, energy, a pinch of self-belief and confidence, and certain chakras open and glowing (sacral chakra we are looking at you).

For centuries crystals have been used to invite inspiration and divination. From the brushed blue of Lapis Lazuli that sparked Michelangelo’s paintings to the Writers Stone of Sodalite, these sparkling gemstones have earned their place in artistic history for good reason. Get ready to unblock your chakras, fall into step with your higher vibrations, and set intentions with energy and purpose as you approach your creative practice. These are the very best stones for harnessing creativity:


Creativity is a kind of passion, it’s a desire for expression and a fire of thought. No stone can better encapsulate and communicate that than the red and orange glow of Carnelian. This energetic stone is closely connected to the sacral chakra – that well of creativity. When clearing out our sacral chakra we make space for our inner light to shine and we find the courage and strength of character to be bold in all our messy beauty. Carnelian also brings stamina meaning that those half-touched products can finally be finished.

Orange Selenite:

This form of Selenite is a powerful cleanser of the Sacral Chakra. Peach Selenite helps clear creative blocks. Work with this orange crystal if you are stuck, reached a dead end with a creative project or have writer’s block.


As mystical as a mirror into another dimension, there is something about Labradorite that instantly sparks the imagination. This iridescent stone changes color with every glance, reminding us of the infinite possibilities and mysteries of the universe. Like the Northern Lights flashing across the sky, Labradorite invites us to explore other dimensions of the mind. Labradorite is called the stone of transformation and also the stone of courage. When it comes to our creative process these are two things we may need most of all. The courage to create and the power of transformation and Labradorite can lead us there.


Lepidolite is another stone that’s known for its ability to work with the mental state of those who are struggling with their creative visualization abilities. It will help you embrace your imagination and let your creativity flow, whether it’s in painting or creative writing. Lepidolite is also said to be good for those who are having trouble letting go of past negative memories or experiences that they find are holding them back.This is a fantastic stone for combatting writer’s block and other creative blocks.

Tiger’s Eye:

Banded in gold and black and shades of sparkled orange, Tigers Eye is a stone of prosperity and power. Sometimes creativity calls on us to step up and own our inner fire, to call in that big cat energy when it comes to getting what we want. Tigers Eye is an awesome stone for encouraging us to own our power. It’s super stimulating energy washes away the heaviness of lethargy and fills you with a renewed sense of purpose. When we have Tigers Eye onside we feel powerful enough to embrace anything.


Sodalite has an electric energy and works with the higher mind. Sodalite supports the creative process by bringing in divine inspiration, breakthroughs and creative solutions when needed. Work with this indigo-blue and white stone when you have finished a project and need to start something new (but don’t know what). It also helps clear the mind of distractions while working on your creative projects.

Rainbow Moonstone:

Flushed with feminine energy, awash with harmony, and a reminder that life (and creativity) can move in cycles, the Rainbow Moonstone is a rare beast. This stone is amazing when it comes to helping us to accept the rise and fall, the shifting cycles, and the ebb and flow that comes with creative life. It invites us to sit in the element of yin and not to constantly push and force creative energy, but to let it sometimes come to us. Rainbow Moonstone is wise and rich in healing vibrations. Don’t be fooled by its gentle energy, this stone is potent stuff indeed.


Citrine is a creativity crystal that enhances the joy of creation. Wearing one, or having it in your atelier or office helps one explore new ideas and feel inspired like a curious child in the process. It is a great stone for those who are stuck in a routine because it’s beautiful energy helps us feel more alive and more open to the environment, sparking our interest and childlike imagination. Citrine can help us get unstuck and break free from a routine that hinders our ability to explore something new.


Immensely harmonizing, Ametrine is known to be one of the crystals for creativity that balances opposing parts of our psyche, which creates an ideal breeding ground for innovative ideas. Whenever you need to come up with a creative solution to a puzzling problem or feel like you lack originality when creating, simply reach for Ametrine. It will amplify your power to create. It helps us take control of our creative ideas, and most importantly, bring them to fruition and actualize them in 3D.


Another stone known as Jade can help you become more open-minded when trying out new ways of expression. When you feel like you’ve built a box for yourself and find it hard to break out of that box, jade can help with opening your mind and thinking outside of the box. This creative crystal has additional benefits like bringing energy to the sacral chakra that has to do with the reproductive organs and is located below the belly button.

Other crystals that promote creativity:

  • Howlite

  • Fluorite

  • Pyrite

  • Lapis Lazuli

  • Tangerine Quartz

  • Red Jasper

  • Pink Kunzite

  • Blue Apatite


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