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Crystals for Decision Making

Do you find yourself stuck and worried about deciding something important in life? If you are looking natural way to get clarity and a few Crystals for Decision Making, this is your article.

At some point, we all get confused and find ourselves overthinking our decision which increases our anxiety. Be it a carrier, life partner, or any other area of life; one decision has the power to lift you or put you down.

Life comes with many choices and decisions and you’re not always sure the right one to make. You can be set with two paths in front of you, but which do you take? Making decisions can be hard. It’s harder for some than others. Have you ever met someone that struggles over every choice? Are you that person? If so, you may need a little more decisiveness in your life. Decisiveness allows us to make the choices, easy ones and hard ones, that may have been previously undecidable. If you need assistance with decisiveness in your life, crystals can help.


Charoite, popularly known as a soul stone, lets you clear the unnecessary energy around you and reconnect to yourself. It’s one of the mind crystals that declutter your thoughts and present the right path to you. Charoite holds the power of energy that heals the spirit and emotional health. Emotions are the true essence that leads us either wrong or in the right direction. Holding or wearing Charoite close to our skin, heals the past and balances our emotions.


Aragonite is the stone of lower chakras that are key to focus and clarity. It helps eliminate any past attachment to wrong, the reason behind your confusion.

This gemstone helps those carrying something heavy that affects the present time. It’s one of the Crystals for Decision Making that releases the past, sticky, heavy energy.

Having Aragonite on your body or meditating with Aragonite enhances the energy level, focus, and clarity. It’s one of the best crystals for overthinking that somehow helps walk on the right path.


Prehnite can be helpful when you need to sort through your thoughts and feelings to determine what is really important. It is believed to help you stay focused and alert even when you feel mentally weary. This stone of unconditional love is said to enhance memory, inner knowing, and personal discipline, while bringing harmony with nature, peace and protection.

Clear Quartz

A stone of clarity, Clear Quartz is a deep soul cleanser believed to clear your thoughts, supercharge your intentions and keep you on your chosen path. Described as the ‘master healer’, it is said to be able to help with any issue, ailment or spiritual process. Clear Quartz harmonizes all of the chakras and focuses, amplifies, stores and transforms energy, working at a vibrational level that is attuned to your own specific requirements.

Lapis Lazuli

This deep blue and violet beauty hold many healing properties and power to enhance your wisdom. It helps cleanse mental clutter and boost focus that ultimately helps eliminate confusion in life. Having Lapis Lazuli around your body or meditating with this gem clears your aura, including your surrounding. It also balances mental and emotional health directly connected to decision making. If you want to enhance your wisdom, open your third eye and strengthen your core, Lapis Lazuli is your gem.


Amethyst is believed to have strong healing and cleansing powers that can be used to either calm or stimulate your mind and emotions, while encouraging spiritual wisdom and awareness. It bestows stability, strength, and inner peace and helps to facilitate the decision making process.


A great stone for focus and thinking, motivating apatite is believed to stimulate your intellect to help you to clear confusion, access information and expand your knowledge. Apatite is also said to release energy in the base chakra to help you overcome emotional exhaustion and frustration.


Carnelian, the red color crystal, helps regulate blood circulation and increase the body and mental energy. Adding other healing properties helps balance the heart chakra and release past pain, confusion, or negative experiences.

Wearing or meditating with Carnelian also helps cleanse and heal the emotional body. It declutters mental blockages and enhances creativity providing enough options in life.

It’s one of the crystals which is the complete package of healing properties for mind, body, and soul. Not to mention, Carnelian is another best Crystals for Decision Making and guide to a life path.


“Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” Time easily flies when we are indecisive. If we make decisions quicker, we’ll gain a lot more time, create much more experiences, and have a much better idea what our real values and priorities are.

Black Onyx

Black onyx is said to provide strength and support in difficult circumstances or times of mental or physical stress. It is believed to protect you against draining, negative energies while enhancing your intuition and decision making.

Other crystals for decision making:

  • Amber

  • Azurite

  • Dumortierite

  • Ametrine

  • Jade


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