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Crystals for Divine Masculine Energy

Divine Masculine energy is something we all possess, no matter what gender (or lack thereof) we are. Also known as yang, shiva, or solar energy, the Divine Masculine is ruled by the elements of sun (fire) and sky (air). As the sacred counterpart of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine is an active force that is responsible for order, structure, passion, willpower, and courage.

Here are the benefits of Divine Masculine energy:

  • More self-confidence

  • More grounded

  • Enhanced ability to be objective

  • Improved critical thinking/analytical skills

  • Emotional balance

  • Connection to the Warrior within

  • Increased ability to set strong personal boundaries

  • More self-assertiveness

  • Enhanced will-power

  • Improved self-discipline

  • Mental clarity

How can we balance, embrace, and nurture this masculine energy? With gemstones! There are hundreds of crystals and minerals to choose from; the key is to pick a stone to which you are attracted and make a matching thought. The masculine vibe teaches that you can accomplish anything and find the courage to do so. It also teaches about discernment and the healthy ability to set limits, to say no when that is what you want to say.

Crystals to help tap into your Divine Masculine energy:


A crystal of freedom and empowerment, Sunstone reminds us that we have autonomy over whatever we allow into our lives. We get to choose what we do, where we go, and whom we love. We create our own realities.

When you think of the powers of Sunstone, remember the health benefits of the sun, but apply them metaphysically. The sun provides us with vitamin D and helps lift seasonal depression, in the same way, Sunstone provides us with optimism and gives us hope in the dark times of our life.


A stone of willpower, Carnelian crystal gives you the determination to follow through on promises made to yourself and others. Need to finish that project? Carnelian is a great stone for artists, as it is associated with the element of fire so it increases energy and creativity, but in a focused way. It is a stabilizing crystal, providing steady energy so you don’t burn out. If you feel stuck, Carnelian will give you the heat of the element of fire to get moving! Carnelian eliminates self-doubt and brings motivation and determination. What lights a fire in your soul? Carnelian helps you pursue your passions with bold action.


Citrine is good for mental clarity. It reminds you that whatever you ardently believe and desire and work passionately toward will manifest. Let the golden rays of this stone dissipate negative thoughts or emotions that you perceive are blocking your way to happiness or a specific goal. Citrine is a perfect tool to move you toward releasing repetitive patterns of self-limiting thoughts.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a good stone to turn to when you want to be grounded and maintain your intuitive nature. It is a good stone to hold to improve your concentration and beneficial to integrate complex intellectual tasks. The dark blue stone can assist in calming anger, rage, and aggression. It reduces feeling associated with emotional turmoil. Use lapis lazuli to attain inner peace and a meditative state.


Pyrite can be used to open your mind to golden opportunities. It's a stone to help you focus on the positive and is associated with the vibration of the Sun, the ultimate Divine masculine. The golden vibration of pyrite assists you in remembering your magnificence. You are powerful, so use this gemstone to remember who you truly are and watch your self-esteem increase. Growing in block formations, it is inherent within the stone to offer a strong foundation to improve some of your core beliefs about yourself.


A stone of passion and energy, stimulates our need to survive and thrive! A crystal of Divine Masculine energy, Garnet encourages us to take risks toward pursuing our desires. Garnet is helpful for balancing sexual energy and removing inhibitions. Not only does Garnet promote sexual passion, it also promotes long-lasting romantic relationships, whether you are in one or looking to attract one. Because it is related to the root chakra, Garnet promotes feelings of safety and security and strengthens boundaries, helpful during times of crisis and stressful changes. Garnet is grounding and protective, shielding you from negative energy. Once the crisis has passed, Garnet encourages you to shed stagnant ideas, making room for better ways of moving forward.


Protects and arms you. It can take negative energy aimed towards you and reverberate it away back towards the source. In a way, Bronzite works to strengthen and protect you while teaching those around you who might negatively influence you that you have the power to resist and overcome. Bronzite is a symbol of courage and stability, helping you take focused actions that best use your strengths to get through challenges. Acting in the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, Bronzite dually grounds and ignites us in action. In the home or workplace, it promotes hope and growth.


Shungite has been called the “Miracle Stone” or “Stone of Life” because it contents nearly all of the minerals in the periodic table. All of these powerful elemental forces mean that Shungite serves to purify the masculine energy within us. It brings all the echos of the divine masculine in harmony for maximal physical, mental, and spiritual fortitude. Central to the root chakra, Shungite revitalizes masculine strength. It's also a central crystal in Feng Shui and can bring transformation and security to the home.

Other crystal ideas:

  • Tiger’s Eye

  • Red Jasper

  • Black Onyx

  • Hematite

  • Obsidian

  • Malachite


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