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Crystals for Fertility

Walking the pathway to parenthood can be a dazzling, draining, spiritual, and stressful experience all at once. Whether you are struggling to conceive or if you are already pregnant or trying to balance your hormonal body, during this time we all need a little extra love and support from the universe. The stats show that a staggering 1 in 7 couples can have trouble conceiving, turning what is dreamt of as being a nurturing experience into an anxious time. Looking after your emotional wellbeing and cleansing your chakras may help you to get in touch with your energetic flow and to find that inner strength to stay connected to the process.

Fertility crystals aren’t just about conception and getting your ‘house’ in order. They can also be used during pregnancy and even into the days of new parenthood. By helping to mop up toxicity, grow your inner resolve, and keep you aligned, your strength will soar and your intentions have every chance of being manifested into a sparkling new reality. Take a look at these incredibly potent crystals for your parenthood adventure…

Green Aventurine

A potent fertility and pregnancy stone, Aventurine is brimming with lively energy, gentle peace, precious harmony, and a divine dose of good luck. If all those things sound like heaven to those starting out in parenthood then grab this gorgeous gem and let it rain down joy upon you. This stone is perfect for bringing in abundance and making sure that your foundations are solid as a rock before that new addition arrives.

Rose Quartz

Endless shades of love are captured in the soft feminine energy of Rose Quartz. Forever the heart chakra crystal, this stone surrounds you in loving and compassionate energy - exactly what is needed at any stage of your journey. Fertility can be a time of big stress and endless change and the Rose Quartz crystal helps you to stay soothed and in the light of loving energy. Whether you are looking for confidence, more compassion, or to bond deeper with a new child, this love stone is your tether to all things love.


From following ovulation cycles to morning sickness and sleepless nights as you try and keep up with all the changes, fertility and parenthood can be hard. Rather than trying to juggle it all with a smile, simply call on Amethyst to help you manage the load. This gem is all about wisdom, serenity, and filling your cup with healing energy. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed whether in infertility or pregnancy, turn to Amethyst, and let its light wash over you. This third eye and crown chakra healer can reconnect you to your inner cave of love, truth, and calm.


This crystal is soaked in feminine energy. The Moonstone is known for its intuitive healing properties and its ability to bring your hormones into balance. If you feel like you need a guiding hand, a light in the dark, or a feeling of feminine love and balance, this is a beautiful stone to turn to. Moonstone is a great gem for encouraging your natural cycle. Place it under your pillow to get into a regular flow or meditate with it during a full moon to call into power your mothering energy.

Ruby Zoisite

A recommended crystal that helps with fertility issues. It also gives support during pregnancy, especially in the development of the fetus. It promotes fertility and boosts the reproductive process at all levels, from conception, pregnancy, birth, to growth. It also stimulates the root chakra to enhance your enthusiasm and vitality for life.

Smoky Quartz

Increases your fertility and balances your sexual energy. It helps ease depression that can arise in your attempts to get pregnant. This crystal also has a good effect on the sexual organs and boosts their overall functions.


Fun and bright, Fluorite is like a deep breath of fresh clean air. This stone is ever ready to move stagnant energy and rid your aura of toxic vibes. Along with doing all of this neutralizing, it also stabilizes hormonal issues and cuts out catastrophic thinking. For those struggling with PCOS and PMS, Fluorite can be an amazing stone to have on hand for all kinds of fertility issues and for boosting the health of your reproductive system. It can also help ease the way for anyone dealing with the drama of mood swings.


An incredible stone for easing anxiety, Lepidolite makes all your worries flow away. From conception to birth and beyond, Lepidolite brings a peaceful cloak of joy instantly putting out the fires of fear. No matter what stage of your journey you are at, Lepidolite is one to hold close and invite that light soothing energy to wash right over you.

Tiger’s Eye

Supports you in manifesting dreams and desires. It brings optimism, health, calm, and balance. It also balances the energies of your reproductive system and supports conception and fertility.


Used for relaxing, calming, and grounding. It also has the ability to control bleeding, and treat anemia, muscle cramps, and blood circulation and nervous disorders. It can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet to bolster your courage and bring uplifting energies when you’re facing difficult challenges. It’s a crystal that counteracts negative energies in your environment.

Other crystals to use:

  • Unakite

  • Carnelian

  • Moss Agate

  • Rhodonite

  • Emerald

  • Selenite

  • Clear Quartz

  • Aquamarine

  • Jade

  • Garnet

  • Citrine


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