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Crystals for Motivation

On the brink of burnout? Struggling to pull yourself out of a slump? Maybe it’s time to turn to healing crystals to get a helping hand. These are tough times and it can be hard work to keep your motivation riding high. Whether you are mapping out your work week, kickstarting a creative project, or even trying to find the energy to tune in and connect with friends and family, radiant energy and motivation can be hard to pin down at times. Many of us go through moments where we feel like we are running on fumes. We live in a very yang world where we overarch, reach high, push ourselves, and see the hustle as an element of success. This is a lot to keep up with and can keep us constantly running on a treadmill until we fizzle and fail and it can lead to burnout. Burnout can be subtle and it can make us feel stuck and unable to move forward with any real purpose. When this happens, you may need a shakeup, a new dose of divine energy, and to raise those vibrations to reconnect with your soul purpose. This is where these crystals for motivation can help.

Crystals come packed with rich and radiant healing and can certainly help pull you out of a funk. These stones are not only awesome chakra cleansers ever ready to rid you of those body blockages that could be holding you back, but they are also known for helping to marry intention with manifestation. These stones are here to put you on the perfect path to living the life you truly want.

Tiger’s Eye: The stone of survival, the Tigers Eye is all-seeing and knows exactly how to boost your instincts and get you back on your feet. Like the animal after which this gem takes its name, Tigers Eye is quiet energy, confidence, and the intricate self-possessed power of knowing when to pounce.

Citrine: Getting back into the swing of things sometimes requires radiant energy and a happy go lucky streak. This is exactly what Citrine can do for you. Also known as the lucky merchants stone, Citrine sweeps in and brings a positive mental mindset. It opens up your solar plexus chakra and helps you to find the fun in life. With Citrine you forever have a spring in your step.

Amethyst: Motivation doesn’t always have to feel like get up and go. Sometimes it can be sitting quietly and letting the light shift through you. Amethyst is an incredible stone for contemplation, wisdom, and finding your own sense of serenity. It opens our third eye and crown chakra, helping us to connect our authentic self with our true purpose.

Carnelian: Always ready to kickstart your motivation, Carnelian brings passion and fire all while keeping you gloriously grounded. This gem is awesome at encouraging movement especially if you have been feeling stuck in the mud. It also comes with tons of creativity making it an apt stone for problem-solving and thinking outside the box.

Green Aventurine: A vision stone, ever ready to help you see deeper into your dreams. Sometimes we lose our sense of motivation because we don’t know which way to turn and whether or not we are on the right path. Aventurine connects to the heart chakra, invites you to let go of old stories that aren’t serving you, and increases your sense of being part of this world. Sometimes that’s all we need to boost our spirits.

Lapis Lazuli: We have all the knowledge that we need to make the right decisions for ourselves, sometimes we just forget it or get off track. Lapis can put us back on that path of intuition and rekindle our sense of self. When we are able to own our truth and speak our mind, we may find that our motivation works at a consistent level rather than these bumpy peaks and troughs.

Garnet: A bold stone that isn’t afraid to push you to the next level, Garnet is all about igniting your passions. Garnet comes soaked in the spirit of motivation, energy, and fire. It is a great stone for raising confidence levels and shaking off those chains of doubt and disbelief. When you have Garnet on your side, you can do anything.

Bloodstone: The gem that was handed to warriors out on the battlefield. It was said to revive their spirits and fill them with a renewed sense of energy so they could reach success. For those who feel like they don’t have the energy to reach for what they need and that all the fight has gone out of them, this stone will bring invigorating strength so you can get back out there.

Red Jasper: Gives you the determination you need to tackle tough projects. It will boost your stamina, so if you have a large project that is going to take a long time to complete, use Red Jasper to give you a steady flow of energy to get you through till the end. It will help you organize your thoughts and prioritize tasks so that you have a clear understanding of how to tackle big projects. Red Jasper will also arm you with a positive attitude that is useful in going after your dreams and starting something new.

Blue Apatite: A motivational stone that can help you achieve your ambitions.Through balancing the yin-yang energy, it dissolves apathy and boosts inactivity. As well as having a resourceful energy, blue apatite encourages a positive outlook and stimulates intelligence. It also builds energy reserves so you can stay focused.

Orange calcite: Has a beautiful soft energy that resonates with motivation, willpower and success. It’s the Stone for Creativity and, as well as helping you to tap into your talents, will clear stagnation or apathy. This will boost your ambition and confidence, so you can reach your true potential. This crystal is also an energy amplifier. So, if you’ve lost your ambition or have feelings of lack of self-worth, orange calcite will fill you with positivity.


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