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Crystals For Transformation

Whether a sudden change, or a thought out transition, change is always going to be with us. In times of transformation and transition, we can lose our grasp of stability or normalcy. Change can sweep you off your feet without a second look, in these times, crystals can help you re-focus your intentions and help you better reach your goal.

Crystals best associated with transformation:

Labradorite- A stone of transformation and change, enhances the connection between you and your highest self, therefor enhances guidance and helps when facing challenges.

Malachite - A stone for releasing negative emotions from your heart chakra, protects you from unwanted energy, and assists in life-changing transitions.

Moss Agate - A stone of new beginnings and positivity. They are also a stone of attraction energy. So if there is something you are looking to manifest this would be a great one.

Chrysocolla - A stone of communication and inner truth. It helps one to express themselves clearly and with compassion and intention.

Citrine - A stone of abundance, personal power and helps to release fears and increase motivation.

Shungite - A stone of transformation, while being very grounding and stabilizing it also helps to block the wearer or holder from EMF Radiation. Shungite helps to resolve both mental and emotional issues at hand.

Smoky Quartz - Smoky Quartz blocks negative energy from being around you and even transmutes it into positive energy. This stone is also very grounding and stabilizing which can be good during times of change.

Howlite - Howlite is a very calming stone, helping to reduce any stress or anxiety that can occur during times of change. It is also a stone that can help one to break bad habits.

Moldavite is an amazing high-frequency stone for transformation. Taking everything that is holding you back and removing it from your life. Moldavite’s frequency is directly connected to one’s heart chakra. Therefor, it can facilitate a sense of renewal and change. If your lacking the motivation for making a drastic change in your life, consider working with moldavite.

Transformation is not always an easy process, it takes time to face both your light and shadow. We as humans battle our egos so often that it clouds our judgement on whether or not we’re ready for change. Crystals can help clear your mind and open your heart and soul to the possibility of transformation. One of life’s biggest lessons is looking past your old self or your shadow and looking towards new opportunities and ways of healing.

As we know, not all change is voluntary. Sometimes we lose loved ones, have to go through financial changes, or changes in our workplace. All of these inflict a lack of control, which can make us lose our heads a little bit. Let go of the expectation that you’ll be able to control the change, micro-managing things out of your control will only make things harder.

Manifesting change with crystals

Manifesting doesn’t just come from crystals, it’s also our own energy and intentions. We can’t rely on crystals to do all the work for us, it’s a give and take type of relationship. We give intentions and energy while taking power and light. Our favorite stones for manifesting change are citrine, malachite, herkimer diamonds, labradorite, and simple quartz. If you’re looking for quick change, moldavite will be your best bet. Working with moldavite brings you what you need, sometimes what we don’t think we want or deserve.

Affirmations for transformation

Affirmations are based on believing what your saying and what your putting into the universe. If you don’t believe what your saying, there won’t be change. Mantras that work for others might not work for you, and that’s okay! Start small, start with something you know in your heart to be true and build up from there. If you have faith in divine timing, then manifesting change will work in your favor. If you don’t, then work on trusting yourself, having faith in your own timeline.

  • I am ready for change. I welcome change.

  • I have the power to create BIG change

  • All of the changes in y life are positive and empowering

  • The universe works in my favor


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