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Crystals for Traveling

There are many different crystals one could choose to bring while traveling to better their experience and soothe any nerves or stress that may come with unexpected challenges. Many stones and crystals have protective and calming qualities that can keep us safe during our travels and allow us to enjoy our trip to the fullest.

Why You Should Use Crystals When You Travel

  • Crystals allow you to feel more connected to the earth

  • Crystals will bring a calming energy that will help soothe nerves or stress

  • Crystals will help keep your energy levels up

  • Crystals will help you connect with your intuition while traveling

Here are some crystals that provide wonderful benefits for any traveler and their journey:


Amethyst is one of the best stones to travel with! Amethyst is known as a protective crystal and will keep negative energy away, curating a safer traveling experience. Amethyst also aids travelers by supporting mental clarity ad focus during their trip. This crystal has a balanced and calm energy that will help soothe jet lag, nightmares, road exhaustion, and will provide security when far away from home.


Citrine promotes abundance, prosperity, and success— all of which someone can benefit from while they are traveling. Citrine increases mental clarity and manifestations of willpower, making it great for those who could benefit from focus and motivation on their trip. Citrine promotes radiating optimism, joy, and enthusiasm. Travelers may carry this joyful stone in order to have a stress-free trip and enjoy their experiences to the fullest!


Moonstone is known by many as the “Traveler’s Stone”. Moonstone encourages insight and calls in luck and abundance for those that interact with it. Moonstone is an especially good stone for those who travel at night or by water, however any sort of traveler can benefit from having moonstone with them. Moonstone is known for balancing emotions and soothing nerves and anxiety. Moonstone will help you to not be thrown off by unexpected changes or disruptions during their trip. Like amethyst, moonstone can help with jet lag! If you are someone who frequently feels ill or unwell when or after traveling, moonstone can help dispel the ill feelings.


Shungite is used for protection form electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation from electronics and other sources. Shungite is also known to counter fatigue and protect your energy, which can be incredibly helpful for travelers who get tired easily. Shungite can be placed in a pocket or kept close to you while traveling to absorb negative energies and keep your energetic boundaries intact and strong.


Malachite is known as a “guardian stone” and it is known to protect travelers and keep them safe when traveling by car, plane, boat, train, or any form of transportation. This stone has incredible transformational qualities and can take one’s worries and anxieties and transform them into feelings of peace and calm readiness. Malachite also helps promote clear and healthy communication without harmful misunderstandings- which can be especially helpful for those who may travel somewhere that they are not familiar with the language or customs. Bringing malachite with you on your journey will keep negative energies away and help you feel rested and secure.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a highly protective stone that works well as a crystal to help with safe travels. Black tourmaline can protect travelers from negative energies as well as dangerous situations or people- like bad drivers for example. Black tourmaline is known to transmute negative energies into a new positive energy field. Black Tourmaline helps center and ground yourself in unfamiliar places. It also works toward stabilizing one’s emotions which can be helpful with stressful situations that may come up when traveling.


Aquamarine is a beautiful blue stone that is known as a stone of courage and protection. Aquamarine has a soothing, cleansing energy that can promote calm during travels and reduce fear and anxiety. Aquamarine has become a good luck charm for sailors and those who travel over water, and is a good stone for those nervous about traveling over the water. Because this stone will transmute your fear into bravery as well as soothe your nerves, it makes it a great travel companion.


Labradorite is a great crystal for safe travel as well as change. Labradorite has the power to heal one from within and protect against outside negativity or negative energies. This crystal is a stone of transformation and will give you a boost of strength and courage- especially in times of change and transition. Labradorite will energize traveler, stimulate and boost their confidence, and transmute their worries and anxieties into positivity and excitement.

Smokey Quartz The top crystals for protection from negative energy.

Take Smokey Quartz on your travels to disperse fear and general negativity. It’s a crystal that neutralises and detoxifies. You’re meant to enjoy greater levels of calm, while reducing stress and anxiety.

That’s all good news for travel, where all of these difficult emotions can be felt.


Obsidian is another classic protection stone that’s great for your car. This stone transforms negative energy in your car into positive energy, which makes it great for preventing road rage.

Since this crystal is a protection stone, it can even help prevent other drivers from taking out their road rage on you.

Obsidian can be used whenever you are a passenger in someone else’s car. If you are unsure about another person’s driving, bring some obsidian to guard you against the driving or situation that you are worried about.

Make sure you can feel stable and grounded, whether you are in your car or another person’s car.


Howlight works great if you are a nervous passenger or have a nervous passenger in your car. This crystal is also an excellent healing crystal that can reduce the physical side effects of stress.

From stress nausea to back pain to a stomachache, have howlight with you in the car to reduce these symptoms.

Nervous passengers will be thankful to have their stress symptoms relieved by the crystals in your car.

Tiger’s Eye

Not only is this crystal known for being great for travel, but it’s also a great crystal for cars.

Tiger’s eye’s main properties are strength, grounding and confidence. This is useful for new drivers out there that are still nervous to be on the road and need a bit of a confidence boost.

Being anxious and timid while you drive can be dangerous. You must be sure of yourself and the decisions you make so you can be a safe driver. With tiger’s eye, you will get this boost of confidence and will be protected at the same time.


The “stone of action” or Carnelian is known for helping to increase your energy levels and motivation.

This can allow you to overcome the exhaustion of travel sickness and jet lag to enjoy exploring your destination. Furthermore, it helps overcome procrastination.

Other Crystals:







Yellow Jade

Lapis Lazuli

Snowflake Obsidian


How to Use and Store Crystals For Travel

  • Hold the crystal in your hand and set your intention for a safe journey or successful trip

  • Wear the crystal around your neck or wrist in the form of jewelry

  • Keep the stone in a pocket or bag- somewhere close to you

  • Hold the crystal while meditating or visualizing what you would like it to help you with

  • When not using a crystal you can store it in a pouch or wrapping to avoid anything that may damage the crystal


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