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Crystals for Virgo

Virgo, born August 23rd - September 22nd, is governed by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication. Virgos are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and isn’t afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice. Above all else, Virgos want to help. They are kind, gentle, and supportive friends and lovers who use their incredible intellect and resourcefulness to problem-solve.

Virgos are also known for being intelligent, but because of their introverted nature they can sometimes have trouble expressing themselves. Talking to them may feel like floating on the surface of existence, and like you never know what they’re thinking and feeling deep inside. Their emphasis on thoughts and ideas can seem like a cover-up for their lack of emotional depth. In reality, they are a fortress unto themselves—the definition of self-containment. Virgos will be endlessly accepting of whatever you have to share, but may not see the value in spontaneously performing a similar act themselves.

These stones and crystals are especially attuned to Virgo’s zodiac energy and as such, they are suitable for anyone who wants to benefit from Virgo’s positive traits and counteract negativity

Moss Agate: Comes in handy when a Virgo is feeling stressed out or tense. Moss Agate unblocks the Heart chakra and has a soothing energy that permits Virgos to receive and give love from other people.This crystal can provide calmness and relaxation to a Virgo. It unravels the emotional side of Virgos which helps them seek comfort and refuge from other people by allowing them to open up and express what they are feeling. Virgos are known to be strong, uptight people, and sometimes people judge them for it. Virgos work like this when they suffer from suppressed emotions.Moss Agate helps to bring suppressed emotions to the surface and allows Virgos to heal. Moss Agate unlocks and focuses on Virgo’s goal-getter personality. This enhances Virgo’s ability to reach their goals—personal, spiritual, and professional.

Green Jade: Best known as the “Sovereign of Harmony”. It basically encourages Virgo’s to go and be responsible for their happiness and for the things that they want in life. It reminds Virgos to do things according to their own terms when it comes to their life and future. Green Jade gives Virgos a sense of free will and purpose to enable them to work and push forward, not letting stagnancy rule over them. It also encourages Virgos to chase and be responsible for their own happiness. The energy that the Green Jade crystal contains is well-matched to Virgos as it directly enhances their best traits.It enhances the sharpness of mind, attention to detail, as well as their critical side. This lets Virgos reach their goals as when they can think more clearly, they can think through their ambitions. Additionally, this crystal attracts opportunities as Green Jade offers Virgos with luck in finances.

Red Jasper: This crystal contains natural energies that perfectly match Virgos since they are earth signs. The Red Jasper activates the lower three chakras, most specifically the Root chakra. The activation of the Root chakra lets the reconnection of Virgo to its element, which is Earth. It brings forth vitality and strength by boosting stamina and overall energy. Red Jasper provides Virgo the capability and drive to finish the tasks at hand and fulfill their goals.The organizational skills of a Virgo are improved and enhanced by this crystal, allowing them to be very efficient in handling tasks and goals. This particular crystal also helps Virgos to be mindful of their environment and encourages them to be in the present. Red Jasper helps Virgos understand which tasks need to get done right now, and which tasks can wait.

Amazonite: We all know Virgos to be perfectionists in their very own ways. The Amazonite crystal is just the perfect crystal for Virgos who can’t stop obsessing about perfection and all of the smallest details. Amazonite helps Virgos to efficiently express and release their obsessive trait to fix and analyze things. This crystal gives out support by allowing Virgos to fully embrace and accept imperfection as it is. The Amazonite energy is like trying to comfort a Virgo friend and telling them when is the right time to halt and stop. But of course, Amazonite does not tell a Virgo to not put too much energy in all the things that they do (because Virgos always do), but instead, advises them to pause and rationalize what things are worth more of the time and effort. Not only that, but Amazonite also brings balance to Virgos by helping them navigate through their emotions and see beyond what’s clouding their heart. It eases up their anxiety and fear, which allows them to relax. Hence, the healing energy of Amazonite teaches Virgos that not everything is within their control.

Citrine: Helps Virgos’ to settle the conflict they have between the natural chaos of the world and their need for perfection. It gives them the drive and energy they need to take action when they are feeling depleted. It is a stone all about manifestation and getting things done, which is what the Virgo sun sign is all about. It’s a very high energy, uplifting crystal that helps them to see the good in all situations and go with the flow.

Garnet: Promotes a balancing and grounding energy that rejuvenates Virgos, giving them the energy, creativity and endurance they need to get what they want. It encourages confidence, courage and hope that allows to persist in the face of any obstacle. With the help of this Virgo stone, they are able to release fear and enjoy healthy emotions as they let go of the behaviors that aren’t serving them.

Unakite: Has a similar vibrational frequency as Virgos, therefore it supports their greatness and balances their emotions. When they are feeling overwhelmed, this stone helps them to focus on the present moment. It releases negative thought patterns and repressed emotions. It harmonizes and strengthens their relationships as well. With the help of the stone Virgos can move forward with persistence and patience.

Amethyst: The ultimate soother and will surround its owner with soothing energy. Virgos tend too obsess and engage in critical relationships and things, which can eventually burn them out. Amethyst is best suited as a tranquilizer for Virgo. When a Virgo is extremely stressed, Amethyst comes into picture. Due to its healing effects, it is commonly referred to as Nature’s tranquilizer. When a Virgo owns this crystal, there is an influx of calming and soothing energy that provides Virgo with peace of mind and serenity.Amethyst resonates the unique quality of Virgos which eventually helps them to embrace their own personality. It also helps them to be mindful and analytical of their surroundings by connecting to the spirituality of the thinking mind.Because there are chances that Virgos are willing to sacrifice themselves for the significant people in their lives, they tend to be drained out of energy and attention. Amethyst helps restore these lost energies by providing balance and acceptance to things that are difficult to change and are beyond repair. They are also capable of improving their relationships and gain a sense of greater understanding with Amethyst by replacing all the negativities with uplifting energies

Fluorite: Virgos can be too serious and often burden themselves with their own high standards and responsibilities. Fluorite helps them remain focused while supporting a balance between logic and creativity. It also enhances their mental clarity while at the same time, it promotes intuition and connection to one’s higher self.

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