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Crystals Safe to Cleanse in Water

When it comes to cleansing and caring for your crystals you should be aware of which can and cannot be placed in water. Generally you can water cleanse crystals that are 6, or above, on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. However there are some exceptions, make sure to pay attention to other details such as iron content and porousness. - Selenite (will dissolve) 2 - Malachite (will release toxic fumes) 3.6-4 - Pyrite (produces sulfuric acid) 6-6.5 - Hematite (can rust) 5-6.5 - Lepidolite (will flake apart) 2.5-3 - Apatite (will dissolve and release phosphorus) 5 - Azurite (will dissolve) 3.5-4 - Fluorite (will dissolve) 3-4 - Calcite (will dissolve) 3 - Opal (absorbs water) 5-6.5 - Chrysocolla (creates toxic water) 2.5-3.5 - Angelite (color will fade) 3.5 - Kyanite (will dissolve) 4.5-5 - Amazonite (can rust) 6-6.5 - Sodalite (can crack) 5.5-6 - Tangerine quartz (color will fade) 7

(Keep in mind that this list does not contain all water unsafe crystals, if you are unsure if your crystals can be placed in water be sure to look up if it is water safe.)


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