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Crystals That Help Dispel Fear

Fear can take many forms, from a simple worrisome thought to a full-fledged panic attack. Sometimes, something terrifies us so much that we literally can’t move. But what causes this paralyzing fear, and which crystals can help us overcome it?

First, let’s break down the different types of fear. For the most part, they fall into two broad categories: rational and irrational.

  • Rational Fear - Is a reaction about a real threat where we have to protect ourselves.

  • Irrational Fear - Is something we fear, even though there is no direct link, or threat to us.

Clearly, when talking about crystal healing in regards to fears and anxiety, we don’t expect you to pull out an amethyst to deflect bullets. We’re referring to the irrational and mental fears that stem from your own beliefs about the world.

Fear of abandonment, commitment, loneliness, humiliation, or not being good enough, are just a handful of potentially crippling mental fears that prevent people from being themselves. If we’re constantly worried about how our actions will be viewed by others, then we’re more likely to censor ourselves and live a dulled down life to fit in. We try to appease people who probably don’t even notice or care. These mental fears are otherwise known as self-limitations, and can manifest as anxiety or, in severe cases, paranoia.

Fear also obstructs the energetic flow of your bodies naturals rhythms and energy centers. It builds barricades, blocking your Chakras. And imbalances that show up as fear can sometimes indicate a closed 1st (or base) Chakra. It can also indicate imbalances in the 2nd Chakra - which governs change and how you deal with change, what your comfort level is and how you react to change. So the 2nd Chakra asks you to let go and let it flow.

Dispelling fear is a process. It's not usually an overnight fix; it takes time and dedication. But luckily there are energetic tools that you can learn to help you work through and release. Right here we’re going to talk about some crystals that can help dispel fear.

Hematite: It’s a hefty and weighted stone. Really helpful for mental strength. It has a high iron content which connects you strongly to the earth and right into the present moment. It’s another great stone that aligns with the Base Chakra. To me, Hematite is like the crystal version of a weighted blanket. It’s calming during times of stress. Soothing, and reassuring, like someone is firmly holding you, looking you straight in the eye and and saying that “Everything is going to be OK”.

Black Tourmaline: It is a deeply grounding and protective stone and immediately feels like it is connecting you to the earth energy. Keeping you on solid footing with its gentle yet fortifying influence. It’s extremely beneficial for soothing panic attacks. It’s a stone that resonates with your Root Chakra and supports your sense of safety and security.

Aquamarine: This stone helps support your move through uncomfortable emotions. Aquamarine helps you let go and trust. Its calming energy brings the serenity of gentle ocean waves upon the shore. It’s a Throat Chakra stone that also encourages you speak and communicate your truth.

Rose Quartz: This well known heart healer has such a beautiful, loving and soft vibration that can be beneficial for heart healing. It brings peaceful vibes and so much love. All kinds of love, including self love. Which is so helpful if you happen to be your own worst critic and berate yourself because of your fears. Rose Quartz can assist you in supporting yourself and sending love to your fears. Be kind to your own self.

Malachite: Helps you break free of negative thought patterns. If your fear is mental, then changing the way you think about it is crucial to approaching your fear in a new way. A shift in perspective always leads to greater awareness. Commonly referred to as a stone of transformation, Malachite doesn’t hold back when it comes to helping you grow. It’s also a heart chakra stone, but not soft and gentle like the others. It gives you the tough love that you need to hear sometimes.

Tiger’s Eye: The ultimate protector of the solar plexus chakra, otherwise known as the energy center for regulating fear. By bringing this chakra into balance, tiger’s eye helps you replace fears with strengths. This is particularly the case with fears related to success, money or some kind of personal goal or achievement. If you’re worried that you may not be able to achieve what you set out to, if you’re scared that people will never respect your expertise on a subject, or if you’re afraid that you won’t make enough money, then tiger’s eye is the stone to help you conquer your fears. It harmonizes your inner energies and promotes confidence, willpower and self-belief. This trio of qualities trumps any fear relating to career or personal fulfillment. Tiger’s eye creates clarity within the mind so that you can get clear on who you truly are and what you want. It protects your energy from negative influences that may seek to manipulate you by implanting fears. It’s one of the greatest stones for supporting change in highly fearful people.

Moonstone: Assists in journeying inwardly and discovering truths in our unconscious. It enhances intuition and encourages the wisdom and patience to trust Divine timing, which will help you learn where some of your fears come from and how to limit that feeling.

Smokey Quartz: This is a very grounding stone that helps you to not feel overwhelmed by your emotions. It can generally help to cleanse the aura, release stress or tension in the body, and lift spirits.

Blue Calcite: This is an unobtrusive and gentle stone that helps you to relax and focus on inner peace and calm. Blue calcite has a soft energy that can not only help release fear, but can also remove any feelings of agitation or negative emotions.

Prehnite: This is a protective stone that you can use to remove any fears or anxieties. There is a side of fear that we all experience: fear of spiders or fear of abandonment, for example. Prehnite is a beautiful stone that brings peace of mind to everyday life and helps quell the feelings of fear we have.

Labradorite: Magical and spiritual. This stone is great for heightening your intuition, which you can tap into to help face fear - tapping into your inner knowing. It also has a protective bit to it.

Other Crystals for fear:

  • Amethyst

  • Obsidian

  • Selenite

  • Larimar

  • Charoite

  • Amber

  • Clear Quartz

  • Red Jasper

  • Topaz


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