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Crystals to Help Plants

Crystals can be planted in the soil near or under the plant roots, or they can be displayed on the soil surface next to the plant, specifically next to the plants that are wilting or seem to be low on energy. Make sure that the stones you put in the pot are water safe or just place the water unsafe crystals around the outside of the pot safe from water.

Reasons why you should be adding crystals with your plants

- Different stones posses different healing properties for different ailments. These energies are used to aid in the healing of humans, animals or plants.

- Crystals can benefit trees, shrubs, and flowers. If you use the right kinds of crystals, you can make your plants healthier, more productive, and more aesthetically pleasing.

- Different stones also represent the four elements (earth, air, fire and water), adding balance and harmony to your plants.

Suggested crystals to help your plants

Angelite - With this stone it helps the plants easily withstand the pressures of the environment.

Citrine - Warming and cleansing, citrine is said to carry the energy of the sun. It works well in your garden to help clear negative energy and provide regeneration. Place it in the far back left corner of your property to invite in wealth and abundance into your garden.

Clear Quartz - Quartz is a very powerful gem, it is used for numerous reasons because of its high frequency. With the help of quartz, you can face life with a positive attitude and be grateful for the things you have, not resentful for the things you don't. Quartz is also very helpful for plants, it's resonating frequency promotes fertility and healthy growth of the plants.

If placed in soil, it can help make the soil more fertile therefore affecting all plants planted in the soil. If you're in the market for succulents and crystals for plants than be sure to add clear quartz to your collection.

Green Calcite - Green calcite is often associated with the detoxification of the human body, but it is also very effective for detoxifying plants. If your plants are looking weak and you think that these plants are lacking energy then try out green calcite.

The natural vibrations of these crystals restore the energy of these plants and provide them with the nourishment they need. This is one of the best crystals for an energy boost that you will encounter and therefore it deserves a spot on the top ten crystals for plant growth.

Malachite - Used to deflect electromagnetic forces that affect all types of organisms. Plants are greatly affected by these harmful radiations, these can interfere with the natural vibration of the plant and disturb their internal state. This stone can act as a barrier that stops such harmful radiation from ever affecting living organisms.

Malachite represents fertility and abundance, naturally we want our gardens to be fertile and abundant.

Moonstone - The moon is a natural source of pure energy, any living organism that has been infused with such pure energy will surely thrive. Plants are no different than humans when it comes to their internal or natural vibrations.

These plants also get blockages in their energy systems which need to be removed. Luckily moonstone can do exactly that, the natural frequency at which moonstone vibrates will streamline the internal energies of the plant.

This stone will help plants regenerate lost cells faster and will give them the strength to plant deep roots for better support.

Moss Agate - It's a great stone to add to your garden, it has a ton of features that are super beneficial for the plants. Moss agate promotes a connection to the earth and has grounding energies. It also adds balance and promotes health and vitality in the garden.

Tigers Eye - It gives your plants roots the strength and support they need to grow with more vitality. It’s aura stops anything from disturbing the natural energies of the plant.

Tree Agate

Another member of the agate family which is supportive and healing of the environment, tree agate is also supportive of plants and trees. When you grid tree agate into your soil, it helps to improve germination and fertility. This stone has a powerful connection between the energy of nature and the spirits who watch over it. Tree agate helps you to have a finer attunement to your plants.


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