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Garden Quartz

Also known as Inclusion Quartz, Scenic Quartz, Lodolite, and Shamanic Dream Stone, Garden quartz is a stone of nature and life. It is a complex stone, every piece looks different from another making it very unique and beautiful. Every part of these crystals show you a whole world of color and earth-y energy. It can be found in various colors and patterns, each one creating a little garden like scenery.


This mineral can only be found in the Minas Geras region of Brazil and is extremely sought after by collectors and spiritual practitioners.

Lodo or Loda is roughly translated from Brazilian to mean mud and refers to the ‘mud’ look of the inclusions inside the stone, this is also the same in the Greek Language where it means ‘muddy stone’.

Composition and Formation

Garden quartz forms when other minerals or crystals become trapped within the quartz as it is growing. The inclusions can form intricate patterns and designs that resemble gardens or landscapes, which is where the stone gets its name. The quartz itself is formed when silica-rich fluids are slowly deposited within cavities or fractures in rocks. Over time, the fluids solidify, and the quartz crystal grows larger. One of the most common inclusions found in garden quartz is chlorite, a green mineral that is known for its healing properties. Chlorite is believed to help cleanse the body of toxins, boost the immune system, and promote overall well-being. Another common inclusion in garden quartz is rutile, a golden mineral that is said to enhance spiritual growth and facilitate communication with the higher self.

Physical Healing Properties

  • Effective cleanser to the organs

  • Stimulates the immune system and the energy system

  • Beneficial for the thymus glands

  • Oxygenates the blood and treat issues that affect the pancreas, spleen, and liver

  • Soothing to the eyes and help in the treatment of all eye-related conditions

  • Natural antiviral

  • Boosts the immune system to fortify the body and make it anti-inflammatory

  • Protects the skin

  • Protects the respiratory tract and the membranes

  • Eliminates the symptoms of flu and cold

  • Heals sinusitis, pneumonia, strep infections, emphysema, and ulcers

  • Helps in the treatment of nerve-related pains, as well as bronchitis, staph, and dry cough

Emotional / Mental Healing Properties

  • Promotes harmony, balance, and inner peace

  • Helpful for people who are looking into the past

  • Eases depression, anxiety, or grief

  • A stone of journey

  • Heals and releases past issues/traumas

  • Clears past life or early childhood traumas

  • Releases fear and promotes understanding of the impermanence of your physical body

  • Brings loving energies in your life

  • Gives you calming and quiet energy during the really loud and busy days

  • Transmutes unwanted energies and keep you feeling inspired and motivated

  • Stabilizes your goals and desires and make you focus on the one that most resonates with you

  • Brings you focus

  • Helps you let go of your fears when it comes to love, passion, and intimacy

  • Bolsters your confidence

  • Guides you through all the transformations that will happen in your relationship and in your life

  • Ensures that your communication lines are open, and that issues are talked about when needed

  • Facilitates kindness and compassion in your relationship

Spiritual Healing Properties

  • Enhances communication with higher realms

  • Stimulates spiritual growth

  • Increases awareness of the natural world

  • excellent crystal for meditation and mindfulness practices

  • Provides protection during exploration of the shadow areas of your mind

  • Enhances your ESP and allow you access to your past lives

  • Realigns the disrupted frequencies in your chakras

  • Evokes lucid dreaming

  • Helps you manifest your desires, especially when it comes to wealth and abundance

  • Keeps you grounded, stable, connected, and aware

  • Healing to your subtle and etheric bodies

  • Harmonizes your higher vibrational energies in the aura, light body and subtle body

  • Cleanses your aura, your inner soul, and your environment

Cleansing / Charging

Since Lodolite is a Quartz crystal, you have plenty of options when it comes to cleansing and charging. My personal favorite is by selenite, keeping your new stone on a slab of selenite overnight will help bring the crystal to its highest frequency and make sure it doesn’t have any leftover negative and/or stuck energy.

Additional Options:

  • Water

  • Salt

  • Sage / Incense

  • Bury in Earth

  • Moonlight

  • Sunlight

Types & Colors of Garden Lodolite Inclusion Quartz

  • • Green Ghost - Garden Quartz that has forest green chlorite inclusions inside.

  • • White Phantom - Garden Quartz that has white chlorite inclusions inside that often resembles cream-colored moss or lichen

  • • Red Phantom - Garden Quartz has reddish hematite inclusions inside

  • • Maroon Phantom - Garden Quartz also has hematite inclusion that looks more rust or maroon colored

  • • Orange Phantom - Garden Quartz very similar to red with another variety with Hematite inclusions.  


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