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Grape Agate

Metaphysical Properties:

Although the trade name is Grape Agate it is actually composed of small botryoidal Chalcedony. Botryoidal means that round crystals have naturally formed together. This specimen is unique and is excellent for various metaphysical purposes. Grape Agate promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence. It allows for deep and intense levels of meditation in a short period of time.

Grape Agate is a crystal of dreams, intuition, and luxury. It is a healing crystal of the crown chakra, a powerful fire element.

Purple Chalcedony is a pure stone of the Violet Ray. This makes it a powerful influence for purification and cleansing of the auric field, and as a provider of psychic protection. Negative attachments from this life, or even many past lives, can be severed by calling forth the purifying energies of these stones. the interlocking of one’s everyday identity with the Higher Self through a ray of Violet Light, from one’s crown chakra upwards to where the

Higher Self is centered, at the apex of one’s energy field.

The Violet Ray (or Violet Flame) radiated by Purple Chalcedony is also useful for those who wish to attract their spiritual twin, or soul mate. As one is cleansed inwardly by the Violet Flame, one’s true self begins to shine more clearly through the dissipating veils of the false layers of one’s indoctrinated ‘self.’ As this happens, one’s pure vibrational pattern can attract the resonating pattern of one’s soul mate, in ways that can be both rapid and astonishing. Carrying or wearing Purple Chalcedony will serve to incorporate its energy pattern into one’s own, but faster results are achieved with meditation and dreaming.

Purple Chalcedony acts as a psychic stimulator and protector, as well as a caller of visions and dreams. Both Purple and Blue Chalcedony activate the third eye chakras, but Purple Chalcedony’s frequency accesses the deepest levels of the subconscious, bringing long-hidden blockages, memories, or patterns into consciousness. It is a powerful stone for journeying consciously through the dream state. It is an excellent ally for the clearing and balancing of the third-eye chakra. It can be helpful for psychics or others to place this stone on the third eye in order to break a connection to someone to whom they have attuned. The frequency of Purple Chalcedony aids those who feel bombarded by ‘negative’ psychic information they pick up from people or from the environment.

Due to its soothing and protective qualities, it is excellent for those who feel they have a hightened sensitive to energy, and it can assist these individuals in gaining more control and discernment in their psychic awareness. Purple Chalcedony can help children feel safe with their psychic and intuitive abilities. It helps them learn to regulate their receptivity and feel more protected on an energetic level.


Purple Chalcedony offers both psychic awakening and psychic protection. It enhances the dream state and can help with lucid-dream work. It allows one to remain positively centered as one receives intuitive or energetic information from external sources, and prevents one from being thrown off-center by negativity one may encounter on a psychic level.


Purple Chalcedony offers a sense of emotional protection from negativity, and it helps one feel more connected to one’s higher source. This piece is very soothing and comforting, as such, it would be a great piece to have when exhibiting anxiety or panic issues, depression or Bi Polar depression. Grape Agate can help you gain emotional stability. This healing crystal allows inner peace and balance to calm any over-the-top emotions and outbursts. It can also help you act and feel composed.  Grape Agate is very useful when you need a pep talk, because this healing crystal fuels you with confidence! This healing crystal helps you see security when you need it most. It is a great crystal for PTSD because it reduces symptoms including vigilance, fear, or feeling unsafe. This healing stone also helps stabilize unrealistic/unreasonable thoughts.  


The stone also lessens the effect of senility and dementia, increasing physical energy and healing the bones, spleen, and gallbladder. It is also beneficial to the eyes as well as hollow organs like intestines, uterus, and the stomach. With a stronger connection to the Heart chakra. The grape agate is helpful to the proper functioning of blood vessels and the heart. Placing grape agate in the middle of your chest can help strengthen your cardiac muscle as well as healing emotional disharmony which prevents the acceptance of love. 

In addition, grape agate is also proven effective in curing fever as well as reducing the symptoms of epilepsy. Being a dream stone, this stone is also helpful in warding off bad dreams and guard you against insomnia and sleepwalking. 

Purple Chalcedony (Grape Agate) would be beneficial for age related diseases like Dementia and Alzheimers. It can be used to improve memory function.


Grape agate is a stone that can bring wealth and abundance in all aspects of your life, especially your financial life. Its powerful energies make you feel empowered and enriched to achieve all your financial goals, strengthening your sense of reality and encouraging pragmatic. 

Meanwhile, the calming colors and energies of the grape agate can settle your mind. Making it useful to those who overwork or working on large projects. It helps in decision-making and bringing clarity to your tasks and work. 

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