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Orca Agate

Orca agate is a very unique stone on all levels! With its eye catching patterns it draws you in with one look. Orca Agate, also known as Orca Stone, only forms in Madagascar and crystallizes in mass formation. This stone has properties in every corner such as: transformation, chakra balancing, grounding, stress relief, expansion, inner peace, and so many more!


In the 17th century, a French explorer discovered this stone in Madagascar. However, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that this stone was commercially mined. The meaning of this gemstone is ‘courage under pressure, which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to reduce stress and depression in their life. The name orca agate comes from the native people of Madagascar, who called it ‘Marokite.’ The French explorer who discovered this stone thought that the stone resembled a killer whale and renamed it after the killer whale.

This crystals only home is Madagascar and has been relatively new to the crystal market. Many people believe that this is a powerful stone that dates back to ancient times and was used by priests as a talisman for protection from evil spirits. It also has been said that it was around during the time of Atlantis, but it cannot be confirmed if it was actually used back then or just discovered.

Composition and Formation

Orca Agate belongs to the chalcedony family, unlike some it can come in many beautiful colors but is well known for its gray and blue stripes. Orca agate is a unique chalcedony characterized by its black and white coloration. The main composition of orca stone is silicon dioxide. Despite being a relatively soft stone, it has a moderate level of durability, making it resilient to some degree of use and wear.

They are mined by hand using traditional techniques that ensure the highest quality product possible without harming animals or plants during the extraction process. Due to Madagascar’s amazing ocean environment with hot and rainy tropical climate, orca agate has great quality. Nourished by all this warm energy, this stone has slowly formed blue chalcedony in white or grey streaks over millions of years. Orca Agate only begun showing up at international gem shows around the world in the late 2010’s, and it quickly attracted the attention of all crystal lovers!

Physical Healing Properties

  • • Assists with organizational skills, housekeeping, cleaning, repairing, and refurbishing anything

  • • Eases headaches

  • • Heals stomach problems

  • • Assists with certain cancers

  • • Promote tissue regeneration and healing

  • • Helps with loss of appetite

  • • Heals skin conditions

  • • Increases energy level

  • • Induces strength, vitality, and stamina

  • • Used to detoxify the body

Emotional / Mental Healing Properties

  • Also known as the Forgiveness Stone

  • Enhances stability and helps you stay grounded

  • Provides empowerment from within

  • Brings inner peace and calm

  • Heals deep emotional scars

  • Dispels negative energy

  • Provides flexibility and new beginnings

  • Helps you concentrate on grinding towards your goals and aims in life

  • Relieves pressure, depression, and uneasiness.

  • Enables you to maintain your identity

  • Aids in decision-making clarity

  • Enables you to recognize hidden self-truths or expose your inner truth

  • Eliminates Self-Doubt

  • Promotes in-depth self-dialogue

  • Gives you the confidence to forgive yourself

Spiritual Healing Properties

  • Balances energies within their body and cleanse themselves

  • A stone of protection

  • Promotes Clarity of Mind

  • Connects one with the energy of the ocean and promote serenity

  • Can also be utilized to see into the future or access previous lives

  • A stone of transformation

  • Resonates with your entire chakra column

  • Helps you astral travel

  • Enhances psychic abilities

  • Helps you to communicate with angels and/or spirit guides

  • Assists in reaching higher spiritual planes

  • Helps build stronger intuition

  • Creates yin and yang harmony

  • Balances the mind, body, and spirit


Orca Agate is an amazing stone for balancing and unifying all of the chakras, of course you can dive into specific ones while utilizing the properties of Orca Agate

  • Within your root chakra is the need to be grounded, safe, and stable. Use Orca agate to anchor yourself into Earth and tune your frequency to Earth’s abundant energy. You can also use Orca agate for feelings of safety and level-headedness.

  • By working with your throat chakra, orca agate can help you speak your truth and let go of self-doubt.

  • This forgiveness gemstone effectively affects the heart chakra and severe interior emotional traumas.

  • Use Orca Agates metaphysical properties to better your third eye and crown chakras. Using this stones natural way of enhancing abilities and furthering spiritual exploration is a perfect way to better your connection to the universe.

Cleansing and Charging

Seeing as Orca Agate is a stone that symbolizes the sea, I think water is a perfect way to cleanse this beautiful agate. With water always be careful not too let them soak for too long, lukewarm water with some cleansing intentions will be perfect. You can also use moonlight, letting your stone soak in moonlight for a night is an easy way to rid any stagnant energy. Heres some alternative methods as well:

  • Incense / Sage smoke

  • Burying in Earth

  • Sunlight (not for prolonged time)

  • Salt

  • Selenite


It is believed that orca agate is related with zodiac sign Pisces. Pisces is a zodiac with water sigh which is in charged by Neptune planet. People who born under this zodiac are usually full of creativity and intuition. Orca agate is a stone with great intuitive ability, it is believed to aid Pisces sun sign in developing their creativity and intuition. So people under Pisces zodiac can take it as their luck stone.

Orca (Killer Whale) Symbology

Orcas Symbolize Family, Romance, Loyalty, Strength, Protection and more.

  • Orcas, also called Killer Whales, have different meanings in different cultures. In their family pods they show teamwork, leadership, and strength because they hunt together as a team.

  • Orcas are a symbol of family, community, because their pods are an intense bond.

  • For those who see killer whales as their spirit animal, it can mean they feel a strong connection to the ocean and have inner strength and confidence.

  • To live like an Orca, people can be active, true to themselves, try new things, and stay positive.

  • Orca symbolism emphasizes the importance of ideology. It represents heightened intellect, and the ability to comprehend most sacral things.

  • Seeing Killer Whales bring prosperity and good fortune

  • Orcas are also known to guide travelers home when they are lost


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