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Even just gazing at Phosphosiderite, the serenity it emits is palpable. It is a gentle vibration that cloaks us in warm, soothing energy, and that inspires inner peace and joy.

Phosphosiderite possesses a tranquil vibration to pacify the mind, and alleviate anxiety. A natural stress reliever, meditating with this stone offers our minds a welcome respite and a sense of peaceful relief. This purple gem is a multitasker by definition, working in conjunction with the Third Eye Chakra to open us to our spiritual selves and our spirit guides, and also with the Heart Chakra to give us the courage to heal from past wounds and be receptive to love.

Phosphosiderite emits nurturing energy that resonates with all the Chakras, as it gently works to raise our vibration to make us the happiest, healthiest, most at-peace versions of ourselves.

Mineral and Geological Properties

This stone is named Phosphosiderite because of its mineral makeup. It contains phosphorous, phospho, and iron, siderite. The word siderite is from the Greek word sideros, which means iron. It’s also sometimes called ‘PiedreaVoga’, which means pink stone, and ‘La Rosa Voca’, which means pink rock. It exhibits a purple to reddish-violet color. Some stones are colorless, and some have hues of rose red, peachy pink, moss green, and brownish-yellow. It can also appear rose-colored or colorless in transmitted light. Phosphosiderite is a rare iron phosphate mineral that forms in the oxidized zone of phosphorus-bearing ore deposits. In its pure form, it’s an off-white, cream color with a resinous luster and its structure has monoclinic crystals. It also contains the same crystal system as Barite, Hematite, Apatite, and Zircon. Phosphosiderite is a very dense stone that can be scratched by a knife blade or steel file. It has a Mohs hardness of 5-6 and a specific gravity of 4.04 to 4.14 with its streak being white. This stone was first discovered in 1823 in the Strontian mines in Strontian, Scotland, and named after its presence in that area. Phosphosiderite exists in the oxidation zone of Phosphate minerals which are often formed due to weathering or hydrothermal processes on iron-bearing minerals. It’s also created when bird guano comes into contact with the soil. Phosphosiderite is found in the Strontian mines of Strontian, Scotland; in Franklin and Ogdensburg, New Jersey; Mont Saint-Hilaire Quebec; Morocco; Russia; Germany.

Healing Properties

Phosphosiderite mineral stones are incredibly good-looking and also have several uses and benefits anyone can enjoy. In the past, many people use phosphosiderite as a fertilizer because of being a good source of iron and phosphorus. It is also of interest to mineral collectors due to its rarity and attractive crystal habit.

Physical Properties

Phosphosiderite healing stone has a calming vibration that aids in curing health issues of the physical body.

Digestive Sytem

These healing crystal emit healing energies that strengthen the stomach and improve the body functions. Its soft energy aids in proper digestion and breaking down of food, thus absorbing nutrients and minerals properly.


Phosphosiderite healing stones relieve stress. It has a soothing vibration that stabilizes the thyroid glands, thus enabling the release of sufficient hormones that helps in regulating the body’s metabolism and regulating the body’s response to stress.


These healing crystals give off positive vibrations that reduce insomnia. Its energy alleviates trouble sleeping.


Phosphosiderite healing stone has a positive resonance that delays aging. Its potent energy slows down the degeneration of cells in the body. Its potent energy also combats hair loss while promoting skin elasticity, thus giving a young appearance and feeling younger than chronological age.


These healing crystals have a soft energy that alleviates the common cold, fever and flu.

Emotional Properties

Phosphosiderite bears healing properties that have a soothing vibration that aids emotional healing.


Phosphosiderite aids stress. Its soothing energy induces relaxation that aids in releasing worries, stress and mental pressure from the individual.


This stone has a high resonance that clears emotional ties. Emotional ties that were difficult to break, especially if they are strong or have been present for a long time. However, it’s sometimes necessary or beneficial to clear emotional ties, whether moving on from a past relationship to letting go of negative emotions that are holding you back. This crystal also enhances social connections. Its potent energy will help you connect with people of all ages and build meaningful relationships.


Phosphosiderite bring happiness. Its potent energy let the individual experience happiness in all aspects of life, including personal accomplishments and circumstances, satisfying relationships and healthy overall well-being.


This crystal’s strong energy can relieve stress and release anger and tension, especially those brought in emotionally. Once you have acknowledged and understood your feelings and taken steps to take care of yourself and seek support, it may be time to let go of emotional ties holding you back. This can be a difficult process, but necessary to move forward and heal.


Phosphosiderite mineral crystal restores equilibrium. Its energy promotes work-life balance, thus maintaining the boundaries set between work responsibilities from the other areas of life, such as family, friends, and personal interests. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance for overall well-being, thus reducing stress and improving the quality of life.


This healing crystal bestows self-confidence from self-love. Its energy allows you to be interested in taking care of yourself and engaging in activities that induce good feelings, such as exercise, spending time with friends and loved ones, or taking a break to do something you enjoy. Feeling good about oneself boosts one’s belief in oneself, abilities, and capabilities.


This mineral stone radiates positive energy that gives hope, inspiration, and rejuvenating attitude toward life thus making you feel younger and more eager for new opportunities, challenges, and adventure.

Past Life

Phosphosiderite mineral crystals heal issues from past life memories especially those from traumatic experiences from childhood and even those from previous lifetimes thus developing compassion and enhancing self-love.

Metaphysical Properties

Phosphosiderite harnesses earth and water elemental energy that enables this crystal to perform mystical abilities.

Spiritual Awakening

Phosphosiderite holds such a strong resonance that it induces spiritual awakening. Its potent energy facilitates the individual in experiencing a greater connection to the higher power.

Spiritual Development

This mineral stone assists in spiritual healing, developing psychic awareness, and a deeper understanding of one’s spiritual side and deepening one’s link with the spiritual realm.

Psychic Ability

Phosphosiderite has a high resonance that enhances psychic abilities that may include extrasensory perception, telekinesis, telepathy, precognition, and more.

Past Life

This mineral stone enables the person to access previous past lives. It enables the individual to recall and revisit past life memories, and break emotional ties with painful and traumatic past situations, especially that recollection that needs deep emotional healing.

Spiritual Realms

Phosphosiderite healing crystals has a high resonance that aids in traveling and exploring higher spiritual realms. It enables communication with spirit guides thus gaining higher vibrational downloads like knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Exploring the higher dimensions enables an individual to read his akashic record, recall his past life memories, and know his spiritual path, lessons, and spiritual experiences.


These crystals possess strong energy that provides a solid connection from the physical world and between the spiritual guides and the higher self. Connection to spirit promotes spiritual love, forgiveness, and compassion.


Phosphosiderite helps the individual be ground and harmonizes its energy system points thus repelling negative energies away from the auric field. Its energy safeguards the individual’s physical and etheric body.

Phosphosiderite Chakras

Phosphosiderite resonates with all the energy points harmonizes them and builds a powerful connection with the higher chakras. - Soul Star Chakra This mineral stone’s energy opens and activates the soul star chakra that facilitates spiritual connection. Its energy strengthens the link to spirit and enables clear transmission of high-vibrational downloads.

- Crown Chakra Connecting with the crown chakra, the individual can access his higher consciousness and be able to experience enlightenment.

- Third-Eye Chakra Resonating with the third eye chakra allows the individual to have a deeper sense and perception of the higher states of consciousness.

- Solar Plexus Chakra Activating the solar plexus chakra enables the individual to have a stronger sense of identity and self-confidence.

- Heart Chakra Connecting with the heart chakra helps the individual with deep emotional healing and be able to love oneself and love others.

- Root Chakra Resonating with the root chakra enables the individual to feel safe and secure in the physical world thus creating a healthy connection to the higher realm and a healthy relationship with other people.

How to Use Phosphosiderite for the Best Results

It’s a powerful aid in making contact with the higher realms. Using Phosphosiderite in meditation will be a very interesting and enlightening experience because you will get different results every time. Phosphosiderite holds universal energy and is a great stone for meditation that induces deep relaxation, travels to the higher realms, and provides a strong connection to the higher self and spirit guides. Its energy transmitted light that aids in spiritual awakening. Deep meditation with this stone focus on the heart chakra, cleanse and activates it, and enables deep emotional healing. These good stone healing crystals hold calming energies that are very effective for grounding energy, thus allowing the person to live peacefully in the present. When you place this stone above your heart chakra, it will also make a stronger connection with the higher chakras.

Keeping Phosphosiderite on your body is very beneficial. Although you can carry a piece of this stone with you anytime, any type of Phosphosiderite jewelry will make it easier for you to keep its energies within your auric field.

Pendants, earrings, and rings are excellent ways to keep it on your body. Wearing it is a good way to heal any issue you have, and it will benefit you in a physical way as well. It will also boost your spiritual healing at the same time. Any color of Phosphosiderite will be useful to wear because it will bring all kinds of healing to your body and your environment. It will also enhance your experiences and raise your vibrations.


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