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Pocket Full of Sunshine

Pocket full of sunshine was created to help give us a boost of positivity and joy to our days. Not only does this mix of stones work for positivity, but it also works for, optimism, inspiration and creativity, as well as working on all of the chakras; the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra.

The mix of crystals include: Carnelian, Heliodor, Sunstone, Citrine, Flower Agate, Clear Quartz, Orange (or regular) Selenite, Tangerine Quartz, and Golden Healer Azeztulite.

Carnelian: Symbolizes bold energy, warmth, and a joy that lingers as much as it empowers and stimulates. For those who need a few more flames in their fire, Carnelian is always keen to bring out your power. The Carnelian crystal is all about gifting a glut of vitality to those who are feeling a little lost and sluggish. This bright burst of energy will get you back on your feet and feeling the drive to go forth and conquer, especially when it comes to creative projects. It isn’t called The Artist’s Stone for no reason, Carnelian invites you to write, paint, dance and sing and it does so, by stimulating warmth and heat, loosening the limbs, letting energy flow, and encouraging you to embrace your inner child and say a sweet yes to spontaneity. When you let our creative juices go wild, this gives you a whole new lease of life and keeps you feeling motivated and confident now that you have been able to step out of the shadows.

Heliodor: Negative energies surround us daily that often push one towards a path of darkness. The golden light that radiates off of Heliodor will help avoid that. Heliodor provides one with a beacon of light that can drown out and end any useless habit or action that divides us from our true self. Through this enlightenment, one will soon find themselves working towards endless happiness which starts from within. It brings a sense of possibility, hope and vitality to your emotional body. Not only that, but this stone shall also provide empowering frequency and optimism.

Sunstone: Known as a stone of joy, sunstone is believed to inspire good nature and an enjoyment of life. Along with healing qualities, granting joy and gifting direction to those who feel unsure of which way to turn, the Sunstone is said to harness the power of the sun. It can lend light where there is darkness, bring warmth where there is cold, gift vitality where there is sluggish energy, and shake you up with, “joie de vivre,” and a heavy dose of vitamin C for the soul. Sunstone infuses you with worthiness, it hits all the right notes for ensuring that negative energies melt away and you are left with the radiance of optimism and a positive can-do attitude.

Citrine: It comes as no surprise that the bright and sunny mood of Citrine is all centered around good vibrations, excitations, and not letting go of that personal power. If you ever feel like you have lost your grip, Citrine is here to remind you to simply take it back with a smile. It helps you to crack open your mind, to release those tense feelings of negativity and anger, and to take deep cleansing breaths that help you to overcome muddled feelings of confusion, depression, and destructive tendencies. It invites a sense of style and flexibility and when you are moving along with this positive mindset, you are suddenly able to attract things of great pleasure back into your life.

Flower Agate: Flower Agate crystals are believed to bring positive energy through the flower stones’ connection with nature. It brings new beginnings, and growth. It will help you tend to the parts of your nature that hold you back from said growth.This stone has the energy that flows from seed to blossom. It reminds us that we possess the ability to overcome our challenges and manifest our most passionate dreams! It can ground you and restore emotional balance, similar to how the soil can support a seed and allow it to grow and bloom into a beautiful flower.

Clear Quartz: This crystal is also known as the “master healer” as it tends to amplify energy, thought, and the effects of crystals that are in close proximity to it. Hence, why it is in the pocket full of sunshine mix, it amplifies all the positivity. The stone also draws off all negative energy from its surroundings.

Orange Selenite: Holds a lot of the same properties as regular selenite, such as clearing and negative energies, transmuting negative energies, and cleansing all that is around it. Orange selenite brings enhanced clearing to the sacral chakra boosting self-confidence, passion, and creativity. It promotes a sense of wellbeing, harmony, enthusiasm for life and joy.

Tangerine Quartz: Tangerine Quartz is believed to stimulate the joyful energy of the inner child, encouraging playfulness and curiosity, allowing us to learn and grow. It has been known to assist with activating passion on all levels, such as creativity. It is thought to help to encourage self acceptance and overcome your limitations. Lastly, it has been known to give hope by allowing for the release of shame and blame, assisting you with putting the past in the past.

Golden Healer Azeztulite: Are master healers with the ability to cleanse your auric field, filling it with golden healing light, restoring your body’s natural balance and harmony. Golden Healer Quartz allows the golden light of Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the Crown Chakra, clearing blockages and imbalances, aligning all of the chakras. Some believe that Golden Healers access Source Consciousness, activating the crown chakra + the solar plexus chakra, joining our will with Divine will. Like a ray of sunshine, the glow of the solar plexus chakra lights your path and warms your body with the glow of self-confidence.


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