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Quantum Healing Machine (Biofeedback.)

Quantum healing is an alternative healing method that can help heal all parts of you, (mind, body, and soul,) through energies and vibrations.

Quantum physics could be the key to solving the current issues in healthcare. Quantum physics has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of everyday life not just with health but through spirituality in general.

*Disclaimer: when we use the Biofeedback machine on you, we are not diagnosing you with anything*

How does the machine work?

The biofeedback machine works through your very unique energetic footprint you leave on the earths vibration. When you are born, you leave a mark on the world, much like a footprint on drying concrete. This foot print can be traced back to where you are now. Just like snowflakes every footprint is unique and there is none other like it. By using the date, time, and place of your birth the healing machine can track you and pin point every thing about you.

After tracing your energy footprint the machine creates a “map of you,” the map of you can find things that need to be worked on. This can include chakras and meridians, traumas you have gone through, mental health issues, and even physical health problems like viruses and immune system problems. It will pin point where these issues actually come from. The machine will send you specific vibrations to heal said issue.

How Energy Healing Helps

You might be asking, “How can vibrations and energy heal me? What can it heal?” Well, everything in our body holds a specific vibration. All of the emotions we feel have their own energies. With this, when our body endures trauma, (any physical illness, emotional issue, and/or mental disorder,) it changes our vibration.

Negative energies can not exist when high frequencies are introduced. Much like crystal healing, crystals are a high frequency and when you introduce them to your energy fields they can help raise your frequency. Your body will actually start to match the high frequency being introduced. That is what quantum healing machines do, the machine sends the body high frequencies for your body to match and vibrate at, transforming the negative energies that ail the body.

With the quantum machine however, it can see what energies you specifically need in order to heal and you can make it more of a targeted energy for specific ailments, which can be more helpful. The machine can help heal at a subatomic level, (smaller than atoms; protons, neutrons, and electrons.) It works with every cell in our body.

Getting the machine done on you is very fascinating, if you are sensitive to energy, you can actually feel the energy work being done.

The Biofeedback machine is definitely something to look into and consider:

Quantum Healing Sessions are available with Clarity Center!!!

Ask us about your healing session today! Click Here! :D


  1. Nutritional Deficiencies and Hormonal Imbalance.

  2. Allergies and Food Sensitivities

  3. Toxicities, Fungi, and Parasites

  4. Physical Body – Organs, Muscles, Glands, Blood, and More

  5. Brain Wave Patterns.

  6. Emotional Blockages and Mental Stress, Chakras.

  7. The Top Most Reactive Issues With the Risks Profile.

  8. Skin, hair, saliva, and urine testing.

  9. Supplements and Drugs Energetic Compatibility.


  1. Electro Acupuncture and Meridians.

  2. Allergy Desensitization.

  3. Detoxification and Homotoxicology.

  4. Spinal Scan and Adjustment.

  5. Dental and TMJ.

  6. NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Emotions and Behavioral Energy Adjustments.

  7. Nutritional Balancing.

  8. Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging ( Thinning hair, Collagen, Skin detox and Elasticity etc.)

  9. Biofeedback and Stress Reduction.

  10. Iridology.

  11. Classical and Combination Homeopathic Remedies.

  12. Colour and Music Therapy.

  13. Energy Center Balancing, Rife Frequencies (Chakras and Dimensional Energies).

  14. Weight Management and Fat Loss.

  15. Pain Management.


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