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Soul Star Chakra

Each chakra is a specific expression of Prana (otherwise known as life force or source energy).  The chakras look a bit like funnels of energy or vortices. They both absorb and emit energy. Most people are only aware of the seven chakras that are directly associated with the body and that have garnered the most attention from various modern spiritual traditions. You know them as the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra.  But there are many other chakras. Hundreds actually. Which is why I want to start showing everyone these as well. This is where numbering them gets hazy. We call the root chakra the first chakra because most people ascribe to one very specific seven-chakra system that lists it as such. But there are So many chakra systems. In one, the heart is considered the first chakra, in another, the earth star is considered the first chakra. For this reason, I’m not going to give you a number for the chakra we’re going to talk about today.  I am going to refer to it by the name that it is most commonly called… The Soul Star Chakra.  

The soul star chakra is located above your head.  While there is some variability relative to its distance from the top of people’s heads, in most people, it appears about half a foot above their head.  This chakra is like a gateway or a link between the singular temporal embodiment and the united, eternal, non-physical. It is the link between the two points of perspective that you are.  It is the gateway between association and dissociation. Identification and non-identification. This is why many people think this chakra connects you to the Akashic records and past lives.  Really, this chakra is unconcerned with any of that. It is concerned with the WHY you incarnated into this specific singular perspective and identity. It holds the truth of how your temporary life and individual consciousness fits into the bigger picture of universal consciousness.  It holds the truth of your purpose for existing and is very clear that incarnation is a choice… A choice that is made more or less consciously by free will or deterministically. It is an integral part of ‘enlightenment’. To use an analogy, it is like a link between the painting and the painter.  This link is what must be broken for death to occur, but this link can only be broken with a choice for the temporal consciousness to withdraw from physical focus.  

When people dissociate from their physical perspective, it is as if they withdraw back through this gate.  They leave more or less of their stream of consciousness committed to the physical. A complete withdrawal of all energy is death, but there are many ‘shades of grey’.  A baby stuck in a crib powerless with none of its needs met is often painful enough that this withdrawal happens. This person is more committed to non-physical than physical (but as a coping mechanism).  It has the energy of a person getting bitten in the water, and choosing to get out and hover at the shore. But the water is ‘physical life’ so they are no longer fully committed to physical life. Most of the spiritual teachers alive today are existing and teaching from this non-committed place.  They are dissociated from physicality. When someone has a near death experience; they withdraw through this gate, re-connect with the non-physical including their purpose for this temporal life and then consciously choose back into it.            


There are many understandable misconceptions that people have about this chakra.  Given that this chakra is about the link between temporal and non-temporal, it is tempting to assume that spiritual people have the most in-alignment soul star chakras.  This is not the case because they are often un-committed to half of the equation. They often view physical life as some kind of test they are being put through in order to transcend it and that the goal is to disconnect from the illusion of physical life.  In fact, someone who has no awareness of the non-physical and is totally physically committed to their physical life has a more in alignment soul star chakra.  

This chakra is a gate or link between temporal and the non-temporal.  The goal of bringing this chakra into alignment is the opposite of what people commonly assume. It is not to remember past lives or to access the Akashic records or to become omniscient or to live as the higher self.  It is to reconnect to the bigger picture, to integrate physical and non-physical, to restore your sense of unique life purpose, excellence, direction, place in the greater universe and to commit to our temporal life. 

Some of the primary things that cause this chakra to go out of alignment is when you are ‘lost’.  When you are disconnected from your feelings and especially when you’re numb.  When you are dissociated. When you are not committed to your life. When you are filled with doubt.  When you are holding yourself back instead of taking risks that need to be taken. When you are letting other people make decisions for you and dictate your direction.  When you are not living from a place of ‘choice’. When you are not living in alignment with your authenticity. When you have lost touch with the why you are in this incarnation relative to the bigger picture of the universe.  When you use spirituality to ‘exit’ life or ‘exit’ physicality or ‘exit’ reality.  When you are trying to ‘transcend’ instead of to integrate. When you are in a state of disconnection or subconscious dis-identification and when you are too selectively identified.

It may be interesting to note that when this chakra goes out of alignment, it can quickly lead to terminal illness, most especially mysterious illness that don’t fit a clear diagnosis and that do not respond to any treatment whatsoever. Normally all this is because of the soul star chakra being out of alignment.

All this being said, what should you do to open and activate and bring the soul star chakra, which would better be called ‘the life purpose chakra’ into alignment?

  1. Accept that you are non-physical energy currently expressing itself physically.  If it really helps you, you can imagine that you are a soul temporarily having a human body.  But that body and physical life is not a prison and it is not a test and it is not an illusion.  It is part of you. It is your creation. And you created it for a very important reason in the grand scheme of things.  So you did not have a life to transcend life. You are life, so why did you as life express yourself physically in this way at this time?

  2. Be authentic.  The more awareness you develop, the more you will see that there is no contradiction between destiny and free will.  When you are in alignment with your joy and your talent and your inner calling, that is you being in alignment with your life purpose and how that life purpose fits into the bigger picture of the universe.  So, you must begin to really see and own up to and follow your own innate truths.

  3. Commit to life.  Commit to your incarnation.  To commit to something you must put your energy and focus into that thing. Can you see how you haven’t been committed to your life and your time here in this physical time space reality? For example, one person may be avoiding meditation because to meditate is to really be committed to their life here, and bring them to the awareness of their life.  Another person might be meditating because they aren’t really committed to life and they are using it as an avoidance mechanism to escape the life they are in. Be honest with yourself about why you may not be meditating. If you are meditating a lot then what is your purpose for meditating, Is it to escape? The purpose inherent in the soul star chakra is to integrate physical and non physical.

  4. The colors that are associated with and that activate this chakra are Silver and White. Wear these colors, do mediations in which you flood your being with these colors.

  5. This chakra is intensely influenced by meditation, especially meditation whose aim is to re-establish the bigger picture or objective perspective and deliberate dis-identification exercises.  It is also especially responsive to the energy of the Merkabah and the Star of David.

  6. Use herbs and essential oils.  Those that I see having the greatest effect on the soul star chakra are: Your own spirit plant. Neroli, Salvia, Roman Chamomile, White Angelica, Witch Hazel, White Sage, Bergamot, Cypress, Frankincense, Hyssop and the combination of sandal wood and cedar wood.

  7. Attune too certain Crystals.  Those that I see having the greatest effect on the soul star chakra are:  Silver, Iron, Phenacite, Ametrine, Herderite, Selenite, Diamond, Datolite, Magnesite, Lemurian Crystal, Danburite, Celestite, Charoite, Golden Obsidian, Rhodonite, Pyrite, Petalite, Fossils, Boji stones, Ajoite, Azeztulite, Elestial Amethyst, Auralite 23, Herkimer Diamond, Citrine, Kunzite, Apophyllite, Stellar Beam Calcite, Sugilite, Spirit Quartz, Vera Cruz Amethyst, Scolecite, Nuummite, Prophecy Stone and Nickel.

  8. Do Breath Work and breathing exercises.  Breath work is interesting in that because it is a bridge between the physical and non physical, it has as much capacity to bring a person stuck in the physical into the non physical and it does to bring a person who is dissociated from the physical (and identified with the non-physical) into the physical.  When people are not connected to physicality and feel insecure and unsafe, they stop breathing deeply and instead breath very shallow in a subconscious rejection of life itself.

  9. Stimulate yourself with sounds that cause this link between the physical and non physical to strengthen or use silence. You can find specific frequencies that are specifically designed for this chakra, but the sounds that will work best will be different from person to person.  For example, if a person’s life purpose is actualized by being a salsa dancer, salsa music will work better than new age spiritual mantras. For someone else, Tibetan chanting might. For someone else, silence may work the best. Play around with what sounds and music cause you to feel your physical incarnation within the context of the bigger picture and the most committed to your sense of calling or purpose.

  10. Do things that cause you to remember the big picture of your life on earth so as to not get lost in the day to day of your life.  And then, instead of using that as an escape, really integrate that awareness with what you are doing in your day-to-day life. When enlightenment is achieved, one does the same things as he or she does before.  They chop wood and carry water and do dishes. But everything about their perspective while they are doing it has changed. This changes the entire quality of the experience of living.

  11. Do not use spirituality as a means of transcending, escaping from, dissociating from, disowning the physical or anything associated with your physical existence.  Instead see your life as an opportunity for your soul to canvass itself physically. Fall in love with the physical instead. You are being called by the soul star chakra to stretch to hold both the truths of the temporal and the truths of the non-temporal.  

By intentionally doing things that enable your soul star chakra to come into alignment and to open, you will be stepping into your life purpose and by doing so, into alignment with divine purpose within the universe at large.  You will become the integration of the temporal and non-temporal planes of existence and you will begin to develop one hell of a zest for life.


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