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Sphalerite is the ultimate protection stone. While many crystals are capable of keeping you safe from dark energy and bad vibes, Sphalerite’s reach is unique. It doesn’t just protect your auric field. The stone also changes the way you think.

The main goal of Sphalerite is all about providing clarity and intuition in a world of constant chaos. This gemstone is capable of shifting your perspective in many ways. But its most generous act is helping you differentiate dreams from reality.

Many people find themselves getting lost in lofty promises and unrealistic situations. It’s a coping mechanism that allows us to deal with disappointment and challenges. While some can see past the fantasy, others get so caught up in the light that they never find a way out. Sphalerite’s properties can help bring you back down to Earth so that you can see the world for what it really is. Eliminating that facade might seem counterproductive to your happiness. But in the long run, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.It raises one's courage, drive, and focus levels to heights they never knew they had within.

This mineral helps one truly believe in themselves, and their ability to unlock their full potential in this life. Sphalerite pushes one to realize that their dreams are within their grasps and the only way to get there is through hard work and dedication. Sphalerite is here to provide you with the vitality and energy needed to push forward. Working with this stone will provide one with an “inner reflection” of themselves, as well as aid one as they grow into the person they truly want to be. This stone is said to bring harmony to your internal energies while balancing your masculine and feminine tendencies in order to work together harmoniously. It is a powerful grounding stone that can keep you at the present moment and will simultaneously unleash your innovative and creative skills. As a result, you are encouraged to think beyond the confines of your mind. The healing properties of Sphalerite simply find the equilibrium you need to approach every situation with a clear mind and soul.

This stone can influence a few targeted chakras. However, it can have an impact on your entire metaphysical plane as a whole. While it can positively influence all of your energy points on some level, its metaphysical properties are focused on a couple of critical areas. Those essential points are the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

Sphalerite shines most as a root chakra stone (also called Muladhara). This energy point is responsible for your feelings of stability. It’s where energy from Mother Earth enters your metaphysical plane and travels up towards your core. When this chakra becomes clogged, you may start to feel lost and unmotivated. Your footing in life becomes shaky, forcing you to question every life choice up to this point. It may even lead you to make poor decisions in an ill-fated attempt to find some joy again. The sacral chakra is the second of your primary energy points. Called Svadhisthana, it’s responsible for your feelings of joy and passion. Some call it the well of emotions. Blocks in this energy point can lead to some serious mental health problems. You need the chakra to remain open to continue to find happiness in the things you do. When it’s clogged, even your hobbies and creative endeavors become unfulfilling.

The sphalerite crystal is known to prevent physical exhaustion and fatigue.

It provides revitalizing energy that will keep you energized, refreshed and alert. Then, it soothes lethargy and laziness. This stone is also excellent for soothing dizziness and migraine. It is also a great stone to use for boosting your immune system and to help you in recovering quickly from infections and illnesses.

Sphalerite comes in many different colors and shapes that creates other goals for the stone, this includes: black, brown, red, yellow, orange, green and purple (there are many more forms and colors, however these are the most common).

Black Sphalerite: The black sphalerite is a powerful grounding and protective stone. This stone can provide a safe retreat whenever you need to take a break from all the stress and hassles of your daily life. In addition, it shall provide a safe and peaceful haven from the people who wish you harm. This stone can also help in deepening your connection to the natural world. It keeps you strongly grounded in the present moment while enhancing your focus and security in order to keep the unwanted elements out of your life.

Brown Sphalerite: Dampening the colors of black, brown sphalerite brings strong grounding forces and keeping you down to earth. It helps in alleviating stress while inducing tranquility and peace. Like the black sphalerite, the brown variety offers a cleansing effect to eliminate the negative energy while stabilizing your aura. In particular, the brown sphalerite is a good worry stone that can be used in dissolving the sudden rush of anger, fear, or panic. With its strong connection with Mother Earth, the brown sphalerite influence home and welcomeness, helping you relax, reconnect, revitalize and regain your composure. It shall promote stability and security.

Red Sphalerite: With its fiery color, is the warmest and most potent crystal that will push you to act. It represents physical properties vitality, energy and life, bring your focus to the essence of your life and inspiring you to live with passion and a purpose. Red sphalerite is mainly an energizing crystal. It stimulates your kundalini and life force energy. Not only that, but this stone can also push you to act keeping you determined and motivated while providing the needed energy to do so.Its energies are so uplifting that they can help deal with lethargy and procrastination and empowering you to get things done. It also provides inspiration and willpower to fore.

Yellow Sphalerite: Mainly works with your solar plexus chakra and can help in boosting your emotions and confidence. With its vibrant hues that mimic the mighty sun rays, the yellow sphalerite will help you feel energized throughout the day, filling you with enthusiasm, exhilaration and excitement.It brings purpose and clarity to your life while giving you’re the confidence to stand by your ideas and opinions. Yellow sphalerite will also enhance your leadership skills, boosting your creativity and innovative skills. It brings achievement as well as wisdom and higher consciousness while increasing your mental acuity.

Orange Sphalerite: This is a rare color variety of sphalerite. This stone is mainly used for jewelry thanks to its intense fire and vibrancy. In terms of metaphysical properties, the orange sphalerite is a stone for the sacral chakra. This stone stimulates your creativity on a more spiritual level. It is a stone for boosting confidence, personal power and bringing energy and determination to achieve your goals. Not only that, but this stone also exhibits a bright and vibrant energy that brings happiness, luck and passion. It attracts joy and optimism to you while improving and strengthening relationships. Orange sphalerite will bring your inner child and make you more appreciative of the little things in your life and keeping you deeply connected to Mother earth. It should make you generous, happy, affectionate, loyal and outgoing, attracting people to you and strengthening bonds with existing relations and forming new connections with others.

Green Sphalerite: A stone of the heart. It is highly protective of your emotional body, increasing love, compassion and empathy. This stone will infuse you with healing and refreshing vitality in your emotional body. It helps in removing past hurts and traumas, grounding them to the earth and inspiring you to move forward even during difficult times. This crystal should help bring your contentment, harmony and satisfaction. Green sphalerite also works in healing relationships. It also encourages growth, communication, desire and expansion in your life, bringing harmonious energies in your life and relationships.

Purple Sphalerite: Highly effective as adjunct to Crown & Third Eye crystals. It is a great meditation tool. Helps us to see the true intentions of others. It helps us rely on our intuition better. Guides is to become as truthful as possible. It works to Combat fatigue & burnout. Supports the Immune, Nervous, Circulatory & Digestive Systems, improves eyesight and boosts oxygenation. It Helps us appreciate the positives in others & ourselves as well as communication in those relationships.


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