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Super Seven


Super Seven is named after the Greek word “Kryptos,” meaning “hidden.” The meaning of Super Seven is “hidden gem.” Super Seven came to the attention of the metaphysical community in the 21st century. It was not included in any of the older lapidaries, texts that describe gemstones and their powers. Previously, this crystal would have been referred to as “Amethyst Cacoxenite” for its two primary minerals, or simply considered to be a “low grade” Amethyst with too many inclusions.

But right around the turn of the century, miners in Espiritu Santo, Brazil showed their Amethyst Cacoxenite crystals to Melody, the author of Love Is In The Earth, first published in 1995. Her book is one of the largest and most comprehensive crystal lapidaries ever written. (Her book is also a major source of information, often directly plagiarized, in many 21st century books and websites.) Melody was immediately attracted to the Amethyst Cacoxenites. After studying the crystals’ additional inclusions and feeling their wonderful metaphysical energy, she referred to it as “Super Seven” or “Sacred Seven”.

Originally, the only known source for Super Seven stones was a single mine in Espiritu Santo, Brazil. Since the stone is of interest only to the metaphysical community, other mines largely ignored Super Seven stones since they weren’t particularly profitable. As the stone has risen in popularity, mine owners in Espiritu Santo have began to see it as a marketable mineral, worth the effort to mine and sell. Several mines are now said to produce Super Sevens.


Here are the basic compositions and mineral properties of each gem inside super seven stones:

  • Clear Quartz: Composed of silica; Transparent to translucent; Colorless to milky white; Little to no impurities present

  • Amethyst: Quartz variety; Composed of silica; Transparent to translucent; Light to dark shades of purple or violet, often with blue or red undertones; Color caused by natural irradiation of iron or aluminum impurities

  • Smoky Quartz: Quartz variety; Composed of silica; Transparent to opaque; Light to dark shades of brown to black, sometimes with gray undertones; Color caused by natural irradiation of aluminum impurities

  • Cacoxenite: Composed of iron aluminum phosphate; Semi-transparent; Shades of yellow to orange, rarely green; Color caused by iron impurities

  • Lepidocrocite: Composed of iron oxide-hydroxide; Transparent; Red to reddish-brown; Color caused by iron rusting underwater

  • Rutile: Composed of titanium dioxide; Transparent to opaque; Commonly red, golden, brown, or black (all caused by iron), rarely green (caused by niobium or chromium), blue, or violet (both synthetic or treated)

  • Goethite: Composed of iron oxide-hydroxide; Sub-translucent to opaque; Shades of yellow, orange, or red to black, brown, or silver; Occasional iridescence caused by surface layers of turgite (hematite & goethite)

Healing Properties of Super Seven

All the minerals contain by the Super Seven crystal have significant attributes you can benefit from. Here are the physical and emotional benefits of the Melody Stone, as well as its metaphysical properties.

Physical Healing Properties

The energy of the Super 7 gemstone has several healing properties. This mineral can help your body with the aspects listed below.

  • Stress - The Sacred Stone is said to help lessen stress. With the presence of Lepidocrocite, your energies stay calm to help cope with stress.

  • Pain Relief - If you are experiencing any pain, having the Super Seven around you can help. It’s an amazing stone that speeds up your healing process.

  • Insomnia - The Super 7 is known to aid with sleep. It helps you feel better rested in the morning and helps foster good and positive dreams at night.

Emotional Healing Properties

Having the Super Seven around you can bring forth benefits for your emotions.

  • Joy - This gemstone grants positivity in your life. Despite any trials that may come, having this stone around can help give you a positive light on all situations you’re in.

  • Grounding - The Super 7 is said to provide emotional grounding. It can help you cope with wounds of the past and eventually heal from them.

  • Calming - By reducing symptoms of ADHD and hyperactivity, Super Seven eliminates mental clutter and allows for crystal-clear vision. This crystal allows you to focus better, and finish tasks without getting distracted easily. Keep a Super Seven crystal in your pocket to benefit from its mind-calming effects.

  • Knowledge - This stone lets you find the answers to your life questions by expanding your awareness and sending you important messages. When using this stone, the answers to many questions you have will automatically be presented to you over time.

  • Emotional Healing - Super Seven is known to help heal and mend a broken heart, making it a great stone to use when undergoing emotional difficulties. If you have undergone a breakup, traumatic experience, or loss, Super Seven can make the healing process easier.

  • Revitalizing - Super Seven revitalizes the aura and instills you with energy and determination. It helps the body function at its best capacity, giving you strength and energy to accomplish your goals.

  • Enhances Communication - By clearing and opening the throat chakra, Super Seven allows you to express yourself authentically. This stone makes it easier to come out of your shell in social settings.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Your soul is greatly affected by the Super Seven crystal. This connection brings about different metaphysical properties that are listed below.

  • Manifestation - The Super 7 stones help clear any blockages with your karma and chakras. By doing so, it strengthens your power for manifestations.

  • Mental Clarity - The Super 7 gemstone helps you be better aware and conscious of the world. You gain mental clarity with this newfound consciousness.

  • Spiritual Development - This gemstone can help you with your spiritual growth. The Super 7 welcomes your spirit guides. It will ultimately give you the guidance to get a step closer to spiritual enlightenment.

  • Clairvoyance - The mental clarity and spiritual enlightenment you gain from the Super 7 gemstone help to tap into your clairvoyance.

  • Past Life - The Melody Stone reconnects you with your past life. With the knowledge of the past, you can find answers to the many questions you have throughout your current life.

  • Protection - This gemstone is also an effective protection stone. It is capable of deflecting negative energy that may come your way.

Super Seven Chakras

The Super 7 gemstone is strongly linked to the 7 main chakras and the astral body. With this stone, you transform into a light body that is best suited for astral projection.

  • Crown Chakra - The Super Seven helps remove any blockages that can limit your Crown Chakra. By doing so, you gain balance in your life. This makes it easier to be aware and to control whatever it is that is happening to you and around you.

  • Third-Eye Chakra - The Super 7 stone can help open your Third Eye Chakra. This gives you mental clarity and better intuition.

  • Throat Chakra - The Super 7 helps align your Throat Chakra. This helps fosters better and clear communication not only with the people around you but also with the divine and celestial beings.

  • Heart Chakra - This gemstone helps remove blocks present in your Heart Chakra. With the Super Seven, you experience true joy. It lessens your depression and anxiety.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra - The Super Seven’s relationship with your Solar Plexus Chakra helps you to overcome your fears and anxieties. It also fends off negativity. By doing so, you gain confidence and power over your life.

  • Sacral Chakra - The Sacral Chakra with Super 7 crystal helps relieve the pains you feel in your physical body. Plus, it promotes a positive feeling of self-worth.

  • Root Chakra - The Super 7 stone connects with your Root Chakra for better emotional grounding. This will help you gain stability in your life as you face different challenges.

Benefits of Super Seven

  • There are many new concepts and benefits related to this stone of ascension.

  • The super seven stone is a powerful tool that can help you to manifest your deepest desires.

  • This powerful healing stone can help to cleanse and balance the chakras.

  • The super seven stone is said to be crystal healing, and can help to boost the immune system.

  • The super seven stone is also said to be helpful in treating addiction, depression, anxiety, and stress reduction.

  • This stone is also said to be a powerful protection stone, and can help to shield you from negative energies.

Using Super Seven

Wear a Super Seven pendant that rests on your heart chakra to heal the heart.

Wear a Super Seven necklace, bracelet, or ring daily for enhanced spiritual wisdom. 

Sleep with Super Seven on your bedside table to wake up refreshed and full of energy.

Place Super Seven and a grounding crystal under your pillow next to a balancing crystal to relieve toxic thoughts while you sleep.

Meditation and Grounding

The Super Seven crystal radiates a strong vibration that’s perfect for healing meditations. It’s a forgiving crystal that’s perfect for beginners to use while meditating.

The different minerals in the Melody Stone help keep your energies calm. It helps you stay grounded during meditation exercises. Plus, it clears your energy and surroundings of negativity. This way, meditation is clearer, more peaceful, and more fulfilling.

Meditating with this gemstone can unlock your psychic abilities to become better aware of yourself and your surroundings. The Super Seven is said to help rid your environment and self of negative energy while giving you the power and courage to face and adapt to the ever-changing situations in your life.

Clearing and Charging

The Super Seven crystal is one of the few crystals that do not require cleansing or recharging. However, if you still wish to do so, here are a few ways you can recharge and cleanse the Sacred Stone.

  • Ground - Bury the Super Seven crystal underground and leave it overnight.

  • Sun - Expose the gemstone to direct sunlight for a few hours.

  • Moonlight - This stone rarely needs to be cleansed due to its self-cleansing properties, but it does require an occasional cleanse now and then. One of the safest methods to cleanse this stone is by placing it in the moonlight overnight.

  • Smudging - Let the crystal be surrounded by the smoke of sage for a few minutes.

  • Running water - Hold your Super Seven stone under a stream of water for a few minutes for a quick cleanse. You can also place it next to a river or a waterfall for a few hours.


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