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Tarot 3 Card Spreads

Finally – a way to quickly and accurately answer my questions, with just three Tarot cards.

A lot of people start off with tarot by just pulling cards and try to read them as they come out. That can get more frustrating than anything if you don't understand why the cards are coming out together.

Having the layout of the cards, to guide the way that you process the information within the tarot reading, makes it easier to understand. Each placement is already telling you why that card came out.

Then all you have to do is understand the card. Which in itself can already be tricky, so let's make things easier on ourselves.

Sure, there are tons of fancy (and complicated) Tarot spreads that have ten, twenty, even all seventy-eight Tarot cards in them. But if you want to get to the heart of your question, then the best place to start is with a simple 3 card Tarot reading. It doesn't matter whether you are a Tarot beginner doing a reading for the first time or a seasoned professional with decades of experience – a three-card Tarot reading will give you the crystal clear insight you need.

Before pulling cards get clear in your mind which spread you are pulling for. Put the power of your intention into the cards so they know what you're asking so they can give you the correct answer. Feel free to ask the question out loud before each card is drawn, if that helps you stay clear on which card you want next.

Here is a crazy long list of all the 3 card spreads I could collect. These could give you a good idea of questions to ask or where to start. Reference this list as often as you would like :D

3 Card Spreads to Help You Understand Yourself:

  • Past / Present / Future

  • Physical State / Emotional State / Spiritual State

  • Subconscious / Conscious / Super Conscious

  • What I think / What I feel / What I do

  • Mind / Body / Spirit

  • You / Your Path / Your Potential

  • Dream / Life / Fear

  • Tomorrow / Next Week / Next Month

  • What I'm Leaving / The Tension / What I'm Moving Towards

  • What can I give to the world / What can I illuminate for others / Where can my lessons of joy be uncovered

  • Passion / Obstacle / A way around it

  • Ego / Higher Self / Connection

  • Hate / Need / Love

  • Needs / Wants / Fears

  • Hidden Talent / Obvious Talent / Secret Talent

  • Male Energy / Female Energy / How to Balance my Duality

  • Me / Spirit Guides / How to Connect

  • Past Self / Present Self / Future Self

  • What you need to know / A New Perspective / Action to Take

  • How can I connect with my energy / What I need to Honor and Embrace within myself / How can I maintain this connection

3 Card Spread For Problem Solving:

  • The nature of your problem / The cause / The solution

  • The Situation / The Obstacle / The Lesson

  • Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

  • Situation / Action / Outcome

  • Idea / Process / Aspiration

  • Embrace / Erase / Face

  • Strength / Weakness / Advice

  • Energy of the day / Focus on This / Avoid doing This

  • Embrace / Accept / Let Go

  • Positive / Negative / Reality

  • Best Case / Worst Case / Most Likely Outcome

  • Pro / Con / Best Choice

  • The Issue / Don't do This / Do This

  • What you have control over / What's out of your Control / What you need to Know

  • What might be weighing you down / How to lift that weight / Something you're doing right

Relationship 3 Card Spreads:

  • What brings you together / What pulls you apart / What needs your attention

  • You / the Relationship / your Partner

  • Head / Heart / Soul

  • What you want / What they want / Your Future Together

  • Unhealthy Behavior / The Reason / How to Change

  • Your Feelings / Your Partner's Feelings / Affects on the Relationship

  • How can I show up for my partner / How can my partner show up for me / What does the relationship need to grow

  • Desire / Conflict / Resolution

  • What went well in the Relationship / Why it didn't work out / What you can learn from it

  • If I stay / If I go / Advice


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