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Unicorn Crystal

A fairly recent find from Madagascar, Unicorn Stone is comprised of:

  • Lepidolite– Calming stone with natural Lithium inclusions that helps with anxiety, insomnia, fear, or polarized emotions

  • Pink Tourmaline– Stone of love, compassion, emotional healing, empathy, humanitarianism, and self-love

  • Smokey Quartz– Grounding and steadying, Smokey Quartz is a natural filter for dense, scary, or negatively perceived energy.

  • Clevelandite– Helps us stay present in the moment and move safely through challenging circumstances, or times of profound change. This tabular variety of Albite focuses on the life affirming positive changes that arises out of facing difficult situations.

This is a powerful crystal to have with you when you are going through a period of challenging times. If you require extra endurance to come through tough times, situations and relationships. Also, this crystal helps with struggling to deal with any changes you are experiencing in your life. Unicorn crystal helps with emotional healing on a grand scale due to the combination of minerals in this crystal; Empathy, Positivity, Joy, Peace, and Calmness are just some of the energy that unicorn stone can bring.

When feeling stressed or anxious, it is believed that unicorn crystal is great to hold within your hand and take a deep breath, then breathe out slowly whilst imagining you are releasing all of your worries and concerns that overwhelm you.

Cleavelandite can help to uncover the gifts and tools that are available to help in growth and life's journey.

Cleavelandite helps to focus on positive, life affirming changes that will come out of facing difficult challenges. It assists in releasing the emotional scars of abandonment, rejection and betrayal.

Lepidolite is an excellent stone at clearing out blockages and nudging you towards a place where you can connect to your higher self. It’s an essential amulet to have at hand during times of challenging change or when working to overcome anxious moods and climbing tension.

With this Unicorn the Pink Tourmaline within may help you with moving forward in life and away from problems that envelope you, encouraging you to look at what other beauties there are in the world and what life may bring. Pink Tourmaline will help you feel unconditional love while protection you from outside influences, Especially good for finding and holding onto your self love.

Crystal Affirmation: I am powerful, I can move through challenging situations with ease, compassion and without fear.


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