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Crystals for Dream Recall

There are a bunch of good reasons to enhance your dream recall. Often we remember our dreams but forget them as soon as we get out of bed. The problem is, that they can be important for your spiritual growth, helping you with self-discovery, solving problems and making decisions, and even healing and creating.

But how do you make that happen? What can you do to remember what happens when your eyes close at night? It might sound strange to say it like this, but crystals for dream recall are just one way that you can enhance your ability to remember the things that happen in those other realms. Sometimes dreams slip away when we first wake up, and they can be hard to recall.

Here are some ways to ensure that your dreams stay with you:

  • Get plenty of sleep.

  • Write down any dreams you can remember in a dream journal when you wake up.

  • Meditate on what your dreams may mean, or how they relate to things going on in your life right now.

  • Set an alarm for the middle of the night, which will slightly break up your sleep cycle and cause you to fall into a deeper REM cycle. This way, it may be easier for you to remember your late-night visions in the morning.

  • Place crystals on your nightstand. Many people believe that keeping crystals near them while they sleep helps them have better dream recall, because they absorb negative energy while we rest, and charge us with positive energy when we wake up refreshed!

For some of us, recalling our dreams can lead to other gifts—such as astral travel and lucid dreaming. Because your dreams are a way for you to tap into the spiritual realm, being able to recall them can help you better understand your life and where you need to go.

We all need restful sleep and the ability to remember our dreams will help us get it. We all have dreams every night, but most of us don’t remember them. It’s a real shame since our dreams can help us improve the quality of our sleep and be healthier.

You may wonder why dreaming is so important to sleep. It’s because our body often uses dreams to work through the day’s emotional events, sort through our thoughts and feelings, and process any physical problems we’re having.

So if you wake up feeling tired even though you got 8 hours of rest, it could mean your body didn’t get a chance to dream enough last night. Without dreams, you may feel as if your body did not get enough restful sleep. Fortunately, some crystals can help you remember your dreams better or even induce lucid dreaming (being aware that you’re dreaming while still in the dream).

But why is it important to remember your dreams?

There are a lot of reasons why we want to remember our dreams. We have this whole other world inside us, and remembering our dreams allows us to interpret what’s going on in our unconscious minds. Our dreams can guide us, help us work on ourselves, and help us along our spiritual path.

Let’s say you’re having a recurring dream about being naked in public. This is a very common dream—it happens to lots of people!

The way I would interpret it is that you might feel like you’re putting yourself out there too much or maybe oversharing with people who don’t deserve your trust.

You might want to think about how your recent behavior reflects that and make some changes if it feels right for you.

When we remember our dreams, it allows us to see where we are in our lives, what we need to work on, and what aspects of ourselves we need to heal.

When we remember our dreams, it allows us to see where we are in our lives, what we need to work on, and what aspects of ourselves we need to heal.

Analyzing dreams gives you insight into your spiritual life and helps you move forward on your spiritual path. A great way to help remember your dreams is by using crystals for dream recall. Many different crystals can aid in dream recall, but some crystals are especially effective for this purpose.

Recalling your dreams can also give you insights into your spiritual life and help you move forward on your spiritual path. Dreams are a personal experience, but they’re also an important part of our spiritual lives. We can learn a lot about ourselves from our dreams. Dream recall is one way that we can gain insight into our spiritual selves and the world around us. Remembering your dreams can help you move forward on your spiritual path and make decisions that are in alignment with how you want to live spiritually.

These crystals can help you access your subconscious mind and gain insights into your life!


This purple crystal, is the stone of contentment. It's associates with the crown chakra and its ability to promote deep sleep and relaxation. Amethyst can also help to reduce stress and anxiety by removing negative energy, allowing for pleasant dreams and a good sleep.

Lapis Lazuli:

This blue crystal associates with the third eye chakra and for its ability to promote psychic awareness and intuitive understanding. It can also help to connect you with your spirit guides and access the akashic records.

Clear Quartz:

These white crystals associate with the crown chakra and are great for their ability to amplify energy and intention. This is a good stone for crystal healing and is an energy amplifier, one example being herkimer diamonds. It can also help to create a connection with your higher self.


This crystal has a deep blue color and associates with the third eye chakra and is great for its ability to promote psychic awareness and intuitive understanding. It can also help to connect you with your spirit guides.


This white or iridescent crystal is associated with the crown chakra and is known for its ability to promote emotional balance and peace. It can also help to increase intuition. The rainbow moonstone helps cleanse your chakras and help with restful sleep.


Howlite is another great crystal for dreaming. It vibrates at a frequency that brings a sense of serenity to its user. It calms rage, anxiety, negativity, and can also relieve and regulate issues related to sleep. In essence, this stone helps alleviate any brain fog to make space for dreams.


Bloodstone is also one of the most used crystals for dreaming. This beautiful stone supports dream work by revealing new perceptions, helping us gain insight about ourselves and overcome any obstacles or stress.


Kyanite is an incredible stone for intuitive support. It works to shift our perception, reduce self-defeating habits, and open up our consciousness. It’s one of only two minerals that does not hold onto negative energy.

When used with the intention to regulate sleep patterns and support dream work, this stone serves to be a powerful crystal for lucid dreaming.


Selenite is an excellent crystal for dreamwork and lucid dreaming. Selenite helps you to stay conscious after a nightmare, so it’s great for those who have trouble waking up from bad dreams or nightmares. It also helps one to remember their dreams more clearly, which makes it helpful for dream recall and dream journaling.

Other crystal options:

  • Labradorite

  • Rose Quartz

  • Aventurine

  • Scolecite

  • Red Jasper

  • Fluorite


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