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Crystals for Headaches

Headaches are in general a sign of stress, tension, overtiredness or various illnesses. They can originate from the muscles, blood vessels, nerves or the brain's membranes. If there is no obvious external cause such as a blow to the head, the causes are usually inflammation, blood pressure or other changes in the composition of the body's fluids.

Any one of these can arise from one or more of the following.

  • Tension, particularly because of bad posture (tension of the back and the back of the neck when driving) or eye strain (reading in bad light, working for long periods in from of a computer screen)

  • Feverish illnesses (colds, flu, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, cerebrospinal meningitis or encephalitis etc.).

  • Hormonal changes (eg. before menstruation)

  • Changes in blood pressure (blood circulation disturbances in the brain, high blood pressure, low blood pressure in connection with migraine)

  • Metabolic and digestive disturbances (hunger, feeling of an empty stomach or low blood sugar)

  • Hypersensitivity in connection with changing weather conditions.

  • Problems with the cervical spinal column

  • Nervous and emotional causes

  • Sever general diseases

If a headache last more than 24 hours a doctor needs to be consulted.

One part of any headache cure is to stroke the forehead gently with the fingers or fingernails, then move over the head and back toward the neck. You can complement this activity with cold compresses to the forehead and back of the neck.

Use the Following Crystal Therapies​​​​​​​​

Agate for tension headaches and easing EMF symptoms

Amber helps alleviate headaches that are caused by hormonal changes, by metabolic and digestive problems, or by nervous or emotional causes. Also helps with tooth pain and sinus relief

Amethyst is very beneficial for tension headaches having their origin in eyestrain and from tension in the back of the neck or the spine. Take a stone and pass it over the forehead, over the top of the head to the back of the neck.

Aventurine for reducing inflammation and healing cluster headaches

Carnelian for carrying oxygen around the body

Emerald helps with headaches that are associated with inflammation and feverish illnesses. In these cases, place a polished stone on the forehead.

Hematite for a centuries-old headache cure. Hematite helps blood circulation; which could help blood flow to the brain.

Herkimer Diamond will relieve headaches that have no obvious cause, and all types of headaches that occur as a consequence of blood pressure changes, hypersensitivity to changes in the weather or of general disease. On your forehead place three small herkimer diamonds in a triangle, the headache should then decrease after a couple of minutes.

Magnesite and Rhodonite are helpful with all headaches. In a glass of water, mix the crystal essence from both stones with Bach Flower rescue remedy. Drink this tonic over the course of the day.

Moonstone for soothing PMS and hormonal headaches.

Selenite opens the crown chakra and can get energy build up in the head flowing again.

Smoky Quartz, like amethyst relieves tension headaches. The most effective method is to wear this tone as a necklace.


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