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Crystals & Sun Safety

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals before putting them to use, including placing them in water or cleansing them in the sun or moonlight. However, not all crystals are made to be exposed to the heat and light the sun provides. Certain crystals, when left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, will fade in color or even crack. Why does this happen? Fading of colors in a crystal is a natural reaction. Crystals form underground, away from UV rays. Before they were pulled from the earth, it is unlikely that they had ever been exposed to sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) light is present in sunlight and is the most damaging to your crystals. Some highly photo-sensitive crystals are affected by other specific lightwaves, but most of the time, UV light is the one you want to worry about.

Typical house windows block some UV light but not much. To protect your crystals, you can use materials that are specifically treated to protect from ultraviolet light. One of the best options is OP-3 acrylic, a completely transparent thermoplastic that blocks most UV light. Keep in mind, sunlight is not the only source of UV light! Halogen bulbs also emit ultraviolet rays so try to choose other light sources for your home if you want to protect your stones. Keeping crystals under a grow light is not recommended either, as these bulbs are made to replicate sunlight and emit a lot of UV light.

Transparent and semi-transparent crystals tend to be more photosensitive than opaque ones, but there are some exceptions to that rule.


Highly light-sensitive crystals:

  • Aquamarine

  • Chlorargyrite

  • Cinnabar

  • Credit (Purple)

  • Fluorite

  • Hackmanite

  • Maxixe

  • Miargyrite

  • Opal

  • Orpiment

  • Pararealgar

  • Phenakite

  • Proustite

  • Pyrargyrite

  • Realgar

  • Sodalite

  • Topaz

  • Vivianite

  • Xanthoconite

Low to moderately light-sensitive crystals:

  • Amazonite

  • Amethyst

  • Ametrine

  • Anglesite

  • Anhydrite

  • Apatite

  • Apophyllite

  • Aragonite

  • Argentite

  • Auralite 23

  • Aventurine

  • Beryl

  • Brazilianite

  • Calcite

  • Celestite

  • Chrysoprase

  • Citrine

  • Clear Quartz

  • Corderoite

  • Corundum

  • Crocoite

  • Cuprite

  • Diamond

  • Gypsum

  • Halite

  • Haüyne

  • Hiddenite

  • Inesite

  • Kunzite

  • Lepidolite

  • Miersite

  • Morganite

  • Red Spinel

  • Rose Quartz

  • Rutile

  • Sapphire

  • Scapolite

  • Smokey Quartz

  • Spirit Quartz

  • Stephanite

  • Super Seven

  • Tetrahedrite

  • Tourmaline (Pink & Red)

  • Turquoise

  • Unakite

  • Vavadinite

  • Wulfenite

  • Zircon

Even if a crystal fades in the sun, its properties and energies won’t be diminished. If it breaks, it still retains its metaphysical properties and vibration. You now have two pieces that can be recharged to their same energy level! Or you can gift one of the pieces to someone else.

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to cleansing and charging your crystals. If you don’t want to risk the sun damaging your stones, you might consider some of these methods:

Safe for all crystals:

  • Smoke cleansing with herbs or incense

  • Moonlight

  • Sound cleansing

  • Visualization and intention

  • Breathwork

  • Selenite

Only safe for certain crystals (feel free to do your own research):

  • Cleansing with running water

  • Salt or saltwater cleansing

  • Cleansing under sunlight

  • Burying the crystal in the earth


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