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There are so many crystals on this earth and up for grabs, one can easily get overwhelmed trying to choose the perfect match. Relax, finding a good fit is actually easier than you think. I would first ask why you are looking for a new crystal? Is it to meet a specific need, or simply for some new eye candy for your shelves? This one simple question will help you narrow down your search. It will also help you pick a method in which to choose a new crystal.


If you are looking for a crystal to help aid or heal a specific area of your life you may want to take the research approach. For example, if you are looking to boost your confidence you could start searching the web or dive into some books to find a few suitable crystals. Check out our wide list of Crystal Overviews for easy, accurate information. Or, you could also seek out an expert in crystal field and ask them to share their knowledge. As always You want to make sure that you are looking at credible sources when doing your research. After looking into a few different resources you will have a better understanding of what crystals will benefit you the most. Now all you have to do is go out and find the specific crystal you have in mind.

Color Vibration

Picking a crystal based on its color vibration is a fun and simple method to follow. Let's say you are looking for a stone to help stimulate and open your heart chakra. The color vibration associated with the heart chakra is green and pink. Therefore, you could narrow down your search to just green and pink stones. Maybe you are looking for a crystal to boost your energy and vitality. You could then ask yourself “ what colors represent energy and vitality to me?” It is best not to over think the question and use the first color that comes to mind. If the first color that popped into mind was a fiery orange, then you could pick a crystal that shares that specific shade.


Many choose to use intuition as their guide when picking a crystal to purchase. To use this simple method all you have to do is follow your gut instinct! Start by taking a few deep breaths before you begin your search. Then your guides, or the universe that you may be guided to the crystal you need most in your life. Next, you can go onto looking at what a seller has to offer. Slowly browse through the selection and when you feel one “calling out to you” take an extra moment to see if you feel a connection to that crystal. If you feel like that this crystal is the right choice for you, congratulations! If not you are free to keep looking until you find the right one. This method also helps to create an instant bond with your new piece.

Please, rest assured that there is no “wrong way” when it comes to hunting down a new crystal. Also, do not fear to pick out the “wrong crystal”. If you have picked one out that you feel is not the right fit, it may be that you may need this crystal later on in your journey and it came to you a little early. Or, maybe a close friend or relative needs this crystal in their life and you where the one find it for them. The biggest thing to remember is that crystal shopping should be a fun adventure! So take a deep breath, and try your best not to stress or feel overwhelmed.


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