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Psychic Shield and Protection

Psychic attack is a fancy name for negative energy being focused on you with the conscious or subconscious intention to inflict harm upon you, or any aspect of your life. Focus manipulates and moves energy. Harm can be focused towards your emotional, physical, spiritual or mental state. Those negative energies are projected in the form of thought and intention. The way that people feel towards us and think about us as well as their intention towards us produces strong energy signatures. When we become a match to these strong negative energy signatures, like anything, they affect us.

Creating a protective barrier between you and outside influences however can be only half the equation. You also should do these practices in a way to protect you from you. Self awareness is the most powerful thing you can start doing for the true full power of your being. See how you are causing your pain or harm, by seeing this now you can do something about it.

Humans gift from God is Free Will. In this universe the law is that nothing can impede on your Free Will. Which means for outside entities or psychic attacks to truly affect you, you would need to already be in energetic alignment with that attack or energy. So take your power back! You are the master of your energy! Nothing and no one can harm you if you align yourself with this energy instead of the former.


Nightmares - Seeing an attacker in your dreams or meditations

Suddenly acting out of character - Changes in clarity of thinking & analytical ability

Fatigue - Sudden or ongoing for no apparent reason. Feeling of being drained.

Body Temperature - Icy cold or fevers (headaches)

Hearing Voices

Strange or recurring accidents

Fear in a specific room or area in your home

Sudden illness that cant be diagnosed

Feeling someone touch you or bump into you when no one is there

Depression without cause

On going bad luck

Disturbing visions or hallucinations

Irrational fear, anger or sorrow

Negative obsessive thoughts

Feeling like your being watched or seeing shadows

While this list of symptoms can possibly be due to psychic attacks, these symptoms can also be attributed to many other things! Which is why it's so hard to decipher if you are officially being attacked or if these are caused by something completely unrealated.

But the good news is that becoming aware of a psychic attack diminishes the effect of a psychic attack significantly. Like with Everything, Awareness is the first step. The more you can become aware of an attack now you can do something about it. After awareness now try to understand it. If you can understand the energy your being sent then you can start understanding why you are aligning with this experience.

In reality psychic attacks has everything to do with the out of Alignment state of the attacker and the person being attacked. The energies behind psychic attacks are mainly energies of jealousy, anger, revenge or perceived powerlessness to you, or fear of you. Both the sender and receiver of this energy are in trauma states. They view the world through the eyes of trauma, engaging with the world as though it is a hostile environment. Functioning out of the two energy states of attack and defense.

After having said all that if you can turn inward and feel your emotional state, did this send you into a defensive state or an attack state? Feel the emotions this brings up in you, and gain awareness of your own energy and then you can start reaching the state of understanding your own alignment to these energies. The emotion you feel is a response, if this seems like an attack and you go into defensive energies, then that is where your alignment is. A defense state is an energy of powerlessness increasing our victimhood vibration and thus increases our manifestation of psychic attacks. Seeing the truth in this can actually put you back into the energy of your own power. With these experiences the universe is showing you an unhealed trauma. Healing this trauma wound is what the universe is trying to help you do to no longer be in alignment with these attacks. If you miss this lesson by simply thinking that you need to protect yourself more or by going into combative energy, you will perpetuate your attacks. Realizing that what you want is to be in control of your own vibration and empowerment so do more things that make your feel empowered.

Best Energy Practices for "Protection"

Shadow Work

Doing shadow work on the traumas that are aligning you with attack and defense energy is a must. The more you can heal this frequency within you will make it so you are outside of the realm where these attacks can even occur in the first place, you will no longer be a match for this experience. Explore your subconscious and make it conscious. Find and heal your feelings around being a victim or experiencing undeserved harm.

Self Love

As I have described above, you too can be your own worst enemy. As with psychic attacks from outside influences who can send you negative energy with harmful thoughts about you. The same is true with you thinking negative thoughts about yourself. That is how you are aligning with the outside attacks because inside you are attacking.

Self Love is a crucial practice first and for most. It can get you in full alignment with being safe from outside forces but most importantly you become your safe place. Self Love is an emotional and mental state where you feel good about yourself and your thoughts about yourself are loving.

Get out

Getting yourself out of a situation that makes you feel weak or scared is hand in hand with Self Love. A draining relationship or friendship, a job that does more harm than good to you, or maybe a place that causes fear or anxiety. Get out! Allow yourself to feel bravery and strength protecting yourself with the non-harmful physical action of walking away. Have the self love you need to not stay in bad situations, so take actions to become your own safe place and find other places that reflect that love back to you.

Watch your Words

Our words have so much more power than we think, what you put out you’ll receive. If you feel unprotected and vulnerable than you are. Take your power back! Start telling yourself how powerful you are! Work on your own sense of safety, working with safety instead of protection means you're creating the energy of being safe in your life. In this universe of mirroring we live in, if you focus on protection then you're manifesting more things that you need to protect yourself from. Use words that make you free strong and safe, instead of weak and vulnerable. Just changing your words can help you change your energy from victim mentality to the master of your life.


Meditation can be a huge help in building protective shields because it’s taking your conscience mind out of the way, we as humans tend to overthink. With meditating we clear our minds which can create most of the issues we think we need protecting from. Meditating can also clear our energy bodies and recharge us.

Use a guided meditation if you need more help with doing this!

Create an Energy Bubble

With your minds eye imagine yourself in a bubble. There are many many different ways you can create this bubble or use this bubble, that is the fun part you get to play with. You are only limited by your own imagination. The only important part of this exercise is to use your intention, focus and energy. Where focus goes, energy flows. So create your energy! White Light bubbles are the best for protection or for your own healing, White is a purifier and white light is a reflector. But you can make your bubble any color, shape or material.

Grounding has been a good practice for empaths who tend to live their lives floating around. Using the earth as an anchor for love and peace can keep you protected and more aware at all times. Stand or sit outside, imagine tree roots sprouting from your feet down into the core of the earth. Soaking up all the love and positive energy and let it fill your entire body, all the way to your crown chakra. Grounding and Rooting to Earth gives you the energy of stability, with stability comes the frequency of feeling safe. Trees with thick roots in the earth can not be moved, shaken or bothered, feel the strength of a tree and stand tall. Our Earth that we live on has tremendous transformational energy, you can imagine all your negative energy flowing down your roots into earth so it can be transmuted. Thank Mother Earth for doing this for you and send her Love in return.


While most of these other practices are widely heard of, water might be an over looked tool for "protection". Water in itself is a very powerfully magical element. Water is well known for its purification, so use it! If you can feel an immediate psychic attack, I have found that water is the best way to immediately get it off of you. Jump into a bath or a shower and imagine all the energies washing off of you, cleaning and purifying your energy. You can also imagine water flowing inside of you, cleansing and purifying all through your being.

Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is a very powerful ancient energy technique that protects you from danger and harm. This technique is most known for purging karma from your energy bodies.

See and feel a stream of violet fire flowing into your crown chakra and into your heart and from there, being pumped through your entire body consuming all negative energies in its path just like fire consuming paper. See this fire burning inside you and outside of you setting up a force field of violet flame.

Call on your Angels or Guides

Angels and guides can only help you if you ask, for they can not interfere with your free will. So ask for help and/or pray! Ask them for protection or better yet safety. Call on them to help you remove your blocks or obstacles and bring you clarity. The Universe / God / Source is always on your side and wants to help you! You only need ask.

The Root Chakra is tied to our sense of security, meaning it can make us feel safe or unsafe. This Chakra is your feelings of being "protected" and secure. Work with this Chakra with the color red and crystals that help this chakra stay open and activated.

Call on crystals

There are an abundance of crystals for protection, each one a little different than the other. If your looking for something to carry on your then I recommend black obsidian, black onyx, or black tourmaline. For your home or a specific room, you can place 4 pieces of tourmaline spread out in the four corners of your room (or entire home), pair each piece with selenite and it will stay charged and at it’s highest frequency. Tourmaline is especially good for ridding negative energy from people and/or entities we don’t want in our space.

Crystals for Creating and Strengthening a Protection Shield:

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is amazing for every kind of protection but the most often used purpose is for empaths who absorb too much negative energy. Tourmaline is also used for protecting agains entities or spirits. Psychic attacks and electromagnetic waves are some other reasons you may want to pick up a tourmaline stone. Wearing a tourmaline pendant throughout your day will help keep your energy positive and keeps other’s negativity to themselves. Tourmaline reminds us it is not our energy and to focus on maintaining a high frequency of love and light. In a household tourmaline can be spread throughout the four corners to create a force field type of energy, keeping unwanted spirits out and and energy that doesn’t belong.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is good for absorbing all of surrounding and your negativity and releasing it back to the earth. Keeping you grounded and secure, obsidian can balance out our emotions by bringing the sad or negative ones to surface. Bringing you to a quicker resolution after working through them. Obsidian keeps us safe from outside energy and our own negativity.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz has been used for pretty much everything, but since we're talking about protection, ancient romans used smokey quartz for protection against harmful forces. Smokey Quartz plays an essential role in one’s metaphysical “toolkit”, this stone protects against psychic attacks, negative energies, and environmental stressors.


This stone is considered to be awesome for the mind as it helps to infuse you with courage and willpower and to keep you grounded and out of reach of any negative vibes. Hematite is here to save the day in whatever way it can. It’s a hero stone and likes to swoop in and save you from the imprint of anything that could drag you down.

*Visualization Tool*

A fun practice with Hematite, since this is the mirror stone, is to imagine you are inside a hematite sphere. The mirror of the hematite will reflect all negative energy back to sender while you are protected by it on the inside. (This is the same practice as creating a bubble shield but using a different material for your bubble.)


Selenite is one of the if not the purest crystal out there, cleansing and charging other stones and people as well as constantly beaming light into the world. Selenite can create a ball of light around us to keep us safe at all times. Putting selenite above a doorframe can help cleanse every energy that flows through the door, keeping positive vibes in your house.


Amethyst as we know does everything, from physical to emotional, and from conscience to sub conscience. Amethyst can also help protect you on different levels. Psychic attacks, nightmares, grief, addiction, and anxiety are all things and emotions that amethyst will protect you from. Amethyst is a go-to stone for any type of property, I highly recommend for keeping one on you!


Also known as fool’s gold, pyrite is a powerful detoxifier and a fantastic choice if you’re someone who battles with too much screen time. Apart from helping you detox, this gem can also protect you, help you release your negative energy and thoughts as well as help you manifest financial abundance.

Lapis Lazuli

Since ancient times, Lapis Lazuli has been used as a shield to protect against psychic attacks. It also knows how to bring emotional balance.


Citrine is a very sunshine-y stone and although people don’t use it as a protection stone very often, it can easily morph into fitting that property. Citrine not only absorbs negativity but transforms it into positive energy as well. If your running into negative people or energy on the daily, definitely consider wearing a piece of citrine.


Peridot is a great shield against the impact that spirits have on the human psyche. Generally speaking, spirits are known to change the mood of any room they inhabit and make the individual upset. peridot can reverse these effects by balancing your emotions.


Moldavite is widely known as the transformation stone. Moldavite also stands for protection, fortune, and metamorphosis. This stone is referred to as the holy grail stone and has incredibly high vibrations. Moldavite removes blockages and obstacles on your path toward becoming your highest self, you would undergo a wonderful metamorphosis in discovering your true self. This gemstone is renowned for clearing up any blockages in your heart, allowing you to open up and feel secure and deserving of love. This stone has a reputation for expelling all harmful energies from your life. Your emotional and mental wounds would be healed by moldavite. If you have a tendency to overthink things, Moldavite would help. Moldavite's healing abilities would make you feel secure and relieve all of your worry. Similar in attributes to obsidian, moldavite protects you from negative events and attracts positive energy. Moldavite removes that which is not in alignment with your soul, the things that are not good for you. Moldavite gets a bad rep for doing this however because normally people cant see why the things being removed from their lives aren't good for them. Just know that anything that is removed is actually for your greatest good. In Moldavite doing this, it is actually healing your past traumas and helping clearing your karma.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate is a protection and shielding stone. It shields you when any negative energy or ill-wishing is being sent your way and helps to burn the energy up so it doesn't reach you. Fire Agate also helps you to feel fully grounded and physically aware. Fire agate quickens the fire in your spirit and makes you aware that being alive feels great! This stone has the ability to make the person who sent a psychic attack, spiritually aware of the type of harm that they have been doing to you. The shield generated by this crystal helps to lighten the amount of fear that you might be feeling when an attack of any sort is happening to you.

*Visualization Tool*

Fire agate energy can be used similarly to the Violet Flame exercise, Both are Fire Energies you can burn through your body, while each are still distinct. Imagine its rainbow bulbous fire agate energy burning up all the negative energies inside or around you. Creating a fire shield around your body and in your aura, protecting you from psychic energies. While simultaneously grounding you in safety and awareness.

More Crystals:

Tourmalated Quartz

Black Onyx

Black Kyanite

Spirit Quartz




Black Agate

Black Sardonyx

Boji Stones

Apache Stones


Different kinds of Jasper (Yellow Specifically)

Herbs & Materials:

Palo Santo Wood - Burn Palo Santo as a smudge

White sage - Using the essential oil on your skin, or planting it around your house, and for smudging.

Mugwort - Also can be smudged

Raw Salt - Use in baths or window sills




Dragons Blood


Ylang ylang

Tea tree


Essential Oil Sprays - Combining herbs and crystals are a great tool


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