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The name Shungite was first used in 1879 to describe the high-carbon (98%+) mineraloids found in Russia near Shunga (in the Lake Onega area of Karelia). This high-Carbon variety of Shungite is the stone linked to claims of water purification and anti-bacterial properties. However, there are many other Shungite-containing minerals with much lower proportions of carbon. These vary greatly with the Carbon content ranging from less than 10% up to about 80%. The lower the percentage of Carbon, the lower the amount of fullerenes. Thus, the less likely the Shungite will live up to its reputation for healing and purification.

Common Healing Properties of Shungite:

  • Facilitates astral travel

  • Aids you in feeling connected to all beings and promotes feelings of universal oneness

  • Create a protective energetic shield around your energy body

  • Defends against EMFs or psychic attack

  • Brings light to dark times in your life

  • Helps to regulate the temperature of the body during energy work

  • Energizes your body, mind, and spirit

  • Transmutes negative energy into positive energy

  • Soothes tired eyes

  • Energetically supports the reduction of pain and inflammation in the body

Associated Chakras: 3rd (Solar Plexus), 6th (Third Eye), 7th (Crown)

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Capricorn

Elements: Earth

Companion Stone: Malachite

Common Origins: Russia, India, DR Congo, Austria, Kazakhstan Notes: The high-Carbon variety of Shungite is known as Noble Shungite or as Elite Shungite.

The high-Carbon variety of Shungite (98%+ carbon) is also known as Noble Shungite or as Elite Shungite. The exciting thing about this is that some of this carbon comes in the form of fullerenes (aka “Buckyballs” – albeit in trace amounts of just 0.0001 < 0.001%). These fullerenes are similar in shape to a soccer ball, which have shown promise as a cornucopia of potential health benefits. Fullerenes appear to have antimicrobial properties, and possibly target such health risks as free radicals. They’re also useful as a purifying agent, especially of water.

Metaphysical Uses of Shungite:

Shungite is an excellent grounding stone. Shungite is known for its ability to help heal your lower chakras. You may hear it called the ‘miracle stone’ or ‘stone of life’ as it’s a catalyst for growth, transformation, and positive change. It mainly focuses its energy on the first or root chakra, giving us a stronger connection to the earth, AKA feeling grounded. It is also known to help vanquish negative energies and thoughts, promote mental clarity, increase personal power, and alleviate spiritual imbalances.

Its high vibration helps to bring your spiritual body down into the physical plane so that you can better integrate cosmic wisdom and karmic lessons. Shungite is a powerful cleanser and banishes things from your life that may be draining your energy. Once these things have been removed, you can rest without the chaos weighing you down and drawing your attention away from things that are deserving of your energy and attention. Shungite is well known for claims about its ability to purify energy. This ancient stone is even used to charge and purify water. Shungite encourages you to learn more, to do more, and to push onward toward the next spiritual breakthrough. It’s also associated with great cosmic mysteries and is said to bring light during times of darkness or uncertainty.

It protects you from electromagnetic frequency (EMFs). Obviously, everyone today is surrounded by technology and electronics. We walk around in an ocean of electromagnetic Wi-Fi waves. Shungite attenuates electromagnetic emissions from electrical grids, computers, cell-phones, Wi-Fi, appliances, and other electronic devices—meaning shungite transforms harmful manmade EMFs into wave forms that are more compatible with our biology.

Kills bacteria and viruses

Fullerenes, which are found in shungite, are a type of carbon nanostructure (CNS). CNSs are different physical forms of carbon.

According to a 2017 review of studies Trusted Source, CNSs can destroy harmful pathogens. They reportedly work by damaging the cell walls of bacteria and viruses. Additionally, when CNSs interact with microbes, the microbes lose electrons and die.

However, it’s unclear what this means for human disease. More studies are needed to understand how the fullerenes in shungite can specifically affect pathogens.

Reduces oxidative stress

Shungite has antioxidant properties.

Researchers exposed mice to ultraviolet B radiation for 2 days. This caused skin damage and oxidative stress in the mice’s skin. Oxidative stress is caused by reactive oxygen species, or molecules that damage healthy cells.

Then, for 7 days, the researchers applied a shungite solution to the mice’s damaged skin. This decreased ROS production and increased the activity of antioxidant enzymes.

These results may seem promising, but it’s important to remember that the study was only done in mice. Additional research is needed to understand shungite’s antioxidant potential for humans.

Reduces inflammation

In the above-mentioned 2017 animal study, shungite was found to reduce inflammation. The researchers measured lower levels of inflammatory markers, including cytokines, or proteins involved in inflammation.

Because of this benefit, the scientists speculated that shungite may be useful for inflammatory diseases. Again, more research is necessary.

Eases physical ailments

Traditionally, water infused with shungite has been used for:

  • allergies

  • sore throats

  • asthma

  • gastric issues

  • arthritis

  • kidney problems

  • liver problems

  • gallbladder issues

  • autoimmune disease

  • pancreatic dysfunction

  • chronic fatigue

Theoretically, it’s believed that if shungite has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it could help these conditions.

One Way to Work with Shungite:

If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed, try wearing a piece of Shungite jewelry. Any time you’re feeling overwhelmed, bring your attention to the place where the stone is making contact with your physical body, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, and then exhale for a count of four. This deep, rhythmic breathing will bring you back to your center and will help create stillness in your mind.

Harmonizers are used for different purposes. Their main function is the correction of all body systems and the recovery of physical and mental health. Shungite harmonizers are manufactured in a variety of shapes.

Cylinders-harmonizers are created to produce a bioenergetic effect on the body.

One of the minerals (Yin) is a shungite. The second one (Yang) may be made of various materials – soapstone, nephrite.

Their aim is to activate certain organs as well as the whole body. The harmonizers are also used for energy balance correction: they contribute to the improvement of human body’s abilities of self-regulation.

Shungite as a material for the harmonizers has been chosen on purpose. Shungite possesses unique protective and regulating properties – it is used to protect against electromagnetic radiation, to treat many illnesses, to normalize the activities of the body systems.

With the help of harmonizers, it is possible to constantly influence the active points of the body, to get rid of nervous tension, cure headaches, to set yourself in a positive attitude to life. Harmonizers are capable of having a universal cautious effect on the body, being notable for the ease of use. Shungite harmonizers suit anybody regardless of age or health status.

Even our ancestors were aware of the shungite healing power. The special structure of the harmonizers makes it possible to maintain physical and psychological health with little effort, saving money and time.

How to use it?

Take a cylinder made of shungite (Yin), in the left hand, and the cylinder made of ather material - soapstone (Yang) in the right one. Sit comfortably, legs uncrossed and put both hands on the knees, keeping them parallel to each other. Close your eyes and keep on concentrating.  Duration of a treatment is individual. For optimum results, use the cylinders twice a day (morning and evening) for two weeks, followed by a break of one month.  We do not recommend more than 7-10 minutes to hold the harmonizers. Even if you feel nothing, the cylinders begin to work as soon as you take them in hands. For optimum results, use the cylinders twice a day (morning and evening) for two weeks, followed by a break of one month.

*At Clarity Center we have Shungite Cell Phone Plates to help with EMF from your phone.

*You can also put Shungite Pyramids on or around your TV, Internet, Etc.


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