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If your looking to better connect to passed loved ones, spirit guides, or guardian angels, then angelite is the stone for you. This baby blue stone is a form of anhydrite, which is a crystal made of calcium sulfate. The crystals are formed in places where gypsum stones had previously been in contact with water, which then evaporates, leaving anhydrite crystals behind. Angelite was originally found in Peru, since then it’s been found in Britain, Germany, Poland, Libya, Egypt, and Mexico.


Angelite was discovered near Machu Picchu, Peru on the very eve of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, a global meditation event for world peace, that was organized by Jose Arguellos. Some believe that star beings gifted Earth with Angelite at the time of the Convergence as a sign of the New Age. It was also thought it was a "Thank You" in exchange for humans organizing the first global peace meditation event.

Healing Properties

  • Enhances connection to the spirit realm

  • Soothes and nurtures

  • Heals and protects body, mind, and soul

  • Strengthens dream recall

  • Soothes anxiety

  • Strengthens intuition

  • Opens throat, third eye, and crown chakra

  • Cleanses of negative energy

  • Improves astral travel

  • Alleviates grief


Angelite is associated with the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. The throat chakra is your sense of self expression, communication, and empowerment. Angelite can aid in expressing forgiveness. Both the third eye and crown chakra work together when it comes to the angelic realm. Your crown chakra is the door to these other dimensions, your third eye is the receiver of the information. Your third eye is your discernment of truth, it's how you are able to understand the information that comes in from other places.

Cleansing and charging

There’s a few options for cleansing angelite, smoke, selenite, or moonlight. Water is not suitable for angelite as it will crumble because it absorbs water easily. It will then turn into gypsum, and is an irreversible transformation. If you wish to recharge your Angelite, putting it next to you with gemstone groupings or setting it underneath the lunar eclipse for the evening can be an excellent method to recharge it with its brilliant therapeutic glow.

Psychic Abilities and Dream recall

Angelite will assist one during lucid dreaming attempts, especially if you place the stone next to the pillow you sleep on. By strengthening your connection to the dream realm and other dimensions, one will become more attuned to this frequency. When utilized in meditation and cosmic flight and during periods of spiritual awakening and change, Angelite is a strong ally. Its gentle vibrations build strong confidence in the Almighty and the disintegration of patterns of thinking and ideas that prevent us from expressing our fullest adoration.

Physical and Emotional Healing

Angelite is also a calming stone that can help alleviate overwhelming emotions. Simply holding a piece will induce a soothing sensation that slowly works its way throughout the body. Carrying a piece of Angelite daily will increase one's aura with calming vibrations that can block away negativity that comes your way. When you tune into the Angelite healing properties, you feel your angels’ divine love and remember that you are not alone. Even in your darkest hour, you can call on the Angelite stone meaning for support. With its soothing and nurturing blue color and energy, this crystal reminds you that there is always someone to reach out to—in both the physical and invisible worlds. It connects you to your support system. Reminiscent of an angel’s wings, Angelite properties help open up your lung space to unite you back with your breath. By connecting with your breath, Angelite invites you to find within the feelings of love and support that you are looking for outside of yourself. Working with the different Angelite uses helps you come home to yourself and feel the presence of your angels, so you will never feel alone again. Angelite is also associated with the perception of submission. Submission does not have to be a term that conjures up images of frailty. It requires courage to stop obsessing and resisting and allow yourself to get carried away by the situation.


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