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A clear resonator that conducts electrical charge and connects to higher plains, Apophyllite is an incredibly spiritual stone. Ever a clearer of negative energy and tumbled emotion, this crystal immediately gets to work and removes blockages, making sure that your heart and your head stay clear and connected and ever ready to overcome those mired feelings of stress and anxiety. Channeling thoughts and feelings that surpass our simple borders, Apophyllite is also known for its ability to tap into hidden psychic powers. From clairvoyance and visions to linking spirit and truth, this stone has big things in store for those who are open to deepened spiritual practice.

Apophyllite is a very high vibrational stone that helps one attune their energies to those of higher dimensions and realms. This stone is here to connect one with their guardian angels and spirits who are guiding them on this journey of life. Our third eye and crown chakras become unlocked, with a powerful connection formed between the two. This channel will help one understand the images and energies they see and feel when meditating with this stone. Apophyllite is a perfect tool for anyone looking to expand their consciousness and connect to a foreign realm not like our own. All practitioners of astral projection and lucid dreaming need a piece of Apophyllite at their bedside. This stone will fill one's entire room with high vibrational energy that will allow one to easily transcend into the abyss.

We all know that the mind, the body, and the soul are intricately connected and all feed each other in health, wonder, and wellness. In the physical sense, Apophyllite ensures that the memory is sharp as a tack. Sometimes when we are overtaken by feelings of fear, anxiety, and the cobwebs of worry we aren’t able to hone our focus as much as we would like. As a stone of natural healing, Apophyllite relieves physical issues associated with stress by dramatically reducing the stress factor altogether. It can aid in the treatment of the eyes, as well as soothe tired eyes and any problem related to vision. Apophyllite is also beneficial for the skin because it helps in skin healing and skin regeneration. It’s also known to help in the regeneration of mucus membranes. The Tibetans would also use this stone to help with breathing problems like asthma and allergies.

Apophyllite represents a union of the feminine and masculine energies. Its light has blended completely together to dissolve all wavelengths, leaving it utterly devoid of any dualistic or manifested energies. For this reason, if you desire to escape the confines of any gender oppression, Apophyllite may be right for you. It can represent the transcendence of oneself above the dichotomy of the form in which you entered this world and your continued journey along the path of self-enlightenment.

Apophyllite will help enhance your intuition. The energies of this stone will make your senses sharper and your visions clearer in a way that you cannot help but acknowledge and trust them! It will help you become more sensitive to things, events, and people in your life. Your instincts will be usually right, and you will learn to trust them more and more over time. Apophyllite can also help you connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels. You will feel their presence in your life, and you will witness the many ways that they make your life better. This stone will allow you to receive insights and visions from your angels and guides about a certain situation, whether personal or professional. They will help you come to the right decision by sending you signs and signals that you need to interpret. Apophyllite is a powerful tool that can stimulate your metaphysical abilities. It will keep a strong connection between your physical self and your spiritual self. Apophyllite has a very high water content, which makes it a very good conductor of energies and vibrations. It can transfer vibrations and correct imbalances on energies.

As many stones do, Apophyllite comes in many different colors, the main being: Clear, Green, Pink,

Clear Apophyllite: A stone of light, transcendence, consciousness and the Higher Self. Clear Apophyllite is highly sought for its spiritual healing properties. Nearly all of this stone’s perceived effects are of the mind, not the body. In Reiki, pyramids are used to facilitate the flow of energy from the practitioner to the client, especially those who may have a resistance to spiritual ideas or are not fully engaged. Similarly, it can be a great stone for those who are experiencing a block or have become discouraged in their spiritual growth. Apophyllite is a crystal often associated with the mystic and supernatural; it is often used by those wishing to communicate with other realms or enhance psychic visions. But Apophyllite is also very popular among those who simply enjoy its energy. It is an excellent stone for meditation as it clears and opens the mind, ridding worries and expanding our awareness.

Green Apophyllite: A stone of optimism, renewal and child-like joy in nature. Green Apophyllite has a sweet energy that inspires lightheartedness and deepens our enjoyment of nature’s beauty. It connects us to the energetic undercurrent of the natural world that is humming with life and growth. A wonderful crystal for gardeners and animal lovers, it is thought to aid communication with the spirit of nature. Green Apophyllite can come in many shades, ranging from just a hint of aqua to deep forest green. Like all green stones, Apophyllite is a stone of growth, rebirth, recovery, youth, and vitality. Green Apophyllite is wonderful to ‘rest’ the eyes on. Letting our gaze linger on a green stone brings a sense of peace. Apophyllite’s Earthy energy refreshes indoor spaces and can be a wonderful stone for the office. Green Apophyllite is a friend of the Heart Chakra, which is happiest when outdoors.

Pink Apophyllite: Some apophyllite has a tint of pink, which opens the heart chakras and encourages the release of old emotional wounds. When negative feelings begin to melt away, it rebalances the aura for an overall feeling of wellbeing and contentment. Hold the apophyllite stone in your hand and feel an instant reduction in stress and anxiety. These stones also have powerful clearing and cleansing properties, which give it the ability to amplify the energy of a space or other crystals placed near it. A stone of healing light and pure, natural joy, the apophyllite crystal reminds us of our inner child, bringing us back to happiness and lightness of being.

Red Apophyllite: Gentle Grounding and Nurturing Red Apophyllite is a gorgeous offering, especially helpful for empaths and healers. Red apophyllite brings healing and purification, activating and opening the lower chakras, and helping you be in your body while you do your healing work.


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