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Blue Barite

Blue Barite is a variety of Barite that crystallizes in the form of tabular, needle-like, druzy, and prismatic shards. It can be found as a semi-transparent to a deep ocean blue depending on the amount of barium sulfate in each piece. Blue Barite is commonly found crystallized within a brown Limonite or over a druzy Quartz and Calcite matrix. This stone can be found in Morocco, Colorado, Slovakia, Spain, and Germany.

The meaning of Barite comes from the ancient Greek word barus which means heavy.

Blue Barite makes you feel anything is possible. It is a magical stone that stimulates coincidence and synchronicity and helps to connect you to beings in higher realms.

Blue Barite has several historical implications, which has given birth to legends being formed around the crystal.

  • It is a widely believed notion that women in ancient times would use Blue Barite to treat armies of warriors who fought and got wounded in battles.

  • The stone would be used, in particular, to treat post-war trauma and stress by being placed on the patient’s third eye chakra.

    • This would induce a calming effect on the soldier, relaxing them to a great extent until medical aid would arrive. Blue Barite gained popularity due to this almost “magical” power.

  • These powers can guide a person to a highly relaxed, meditative state of bliss where the troubles and traumas of their life can be forgotten, at least for the time being.

  • Additionally, the stone is a useful aid to help mitigate fear.

    • Fear and worrying are emotions that can hold a person back from achieving great things in life.

  • Blue Barite serves to remind you that while these feelings may be valid, they are highly unnecessary and don’t serve your purpose in any way.

  • It does so by helping you release your apprehensions and replacing them with thoughts and visions of a successful future.

  • The crystal is simple to use and has a delightful vibration oozing from it, which makes it a useful tool for anyone looking for a quick fix to their meditation routines.

  • As has historically been the case, according to legend, the stone is most effective to use with the third eye chakra as that is the channel through which it will harness your brain power.

The third eye is associated with innate abilities like intuition, psychic visions, and memory.Therefore, when you use Blue Barite, you can expect to see progress in all such areas that relate to your inner instincts and mental capacity. Students would find it particularly helpful to study with Blue Barite because it will act as an excellent stimulant to get their creative juices flowing as well as sharpen their memory.The stone also increases one’s capacity to retain information, which is a quality that is highly necessary for most professions.

By enhancing your intuitive abilities, the stone guarantees a smooth and successful astral journey where you can accomplish effective communication with your spirit guides with ease. Moreover, the stone also helps facilitate better communication by enabling you to express your thoughts in an articulate manner that is heard by everyone around you. The stone inculcates clarity within your mind and harmony within the soul. Once you are at peace with your true self, you won’t find it difficult to show yourself to others because that is the kind of confidence that Blue Barite will instill in you.

Physical Benefits:

Blue Barite has a range of healing properties that also target physical issues.

It is thought that Blue Barite is good for Alzheimer's disease, dementia, detox, memory, eyesight, and reducing the effects of EMF and radiation. The most evident way in which the healing power of Blue Barite can be witnessed is by observing its impact on brain function. The stone has a balancing effect that brings the two hemispheres of a person’s brain into synchronization so that each part of the brain can work in unison. In doing so, the stone will not just treat but also prevent issues that can stem from weakened functioning of the brain, like degenerative effects and brain damage. People that suffer from bad memory, forgetfulness, and carelessness will benefit immensely from Blue Barite as it is known to sharpen the mind so that you can pay closer attention to the important things in life. In addition to its impact on brain functions, Blue Barite also assists with recovery from chemotherapy and radiation effects. Therefore, cancer patients can find it really favorable to use the stone if they want to relieve a significant amount of the pain and discomfort caused by radiotherapy. Additionally, the calming effect that Blue Barite has, even when a person simply looks at the stone, will help with patients of high blood pressure. The stone has an overall soothing effect, which will bring down your blood pressure and prevent future spikes in it. In this way, the stone will become a useful aid to avoid any health issues that could arise from high blood pressure. As was the case in ancient times, Blue Barite is till date used as an instrument for pain relief. Whether you were involved in an accident and got injured or were inflicted with an illness, Blue Barite will help alleviate your pain and stress to a great extent. During recovery, the most important and effective medicine is a positive mindset. By calming you down and instilling a sense of hope in you, the stone will cover half of the recovery process for you. Finally, the mineral composition of the stone is such that it can regulate body temperature, which is essential to bring down a high fever or protect against drastic changes in air pressure and climate.

Spiritual Benefits:

When it comes to spiritual connections, Blue Barite is a tool that holds nothing but good implications for anyone who wants to get in touch with their spirituality. Then stone stimulates synchronicity, which means that it will allow your inner forces to work in harmony with those of the outside world. As long as there is peace within your core, you will always be able to cope up with the changes happening around you. Furthermore, the stone also beckons coincidence. Although it may not seem to be an important factor playing in your life, coincidence is something that should be welcomed because it forms the basis of all the major events happening in your life. In a world that is so unpredictable, it is easy to get overwhelmed by sudden, drastic changes. In fact, more often than not, these changes can send you spiraling down a world of despair and confusion. No matter how badly we want to feel like we control all aspects of our existence, it is hard to believe that we can micromanage every little incident that occurs in our daily lives. Here is where the importance of coincidence is magnified. Our lives are guided by chance, coincidence, and fortune. However, all of that is controlled by one divine being that watches over all of us. Without this coincidence that happens only according to the divine plan, the world would truly stumble into chaos because then nothing would be happening with purpose. Blue Barite helps you see this purpose behind all that ever happens in your life so that you can maintain your composure in the face of a challenge because you’ll know why it is happening. More importantly, Blue Barite is known to aid with psychic communication. Once you start to use the crystal for meditation purposes, you will understand the magnitude of its guidance in regard to spiritual communication. By activating your third eye, the stone quite literally opens up the third eye in your soul that can be used as a window into the spiritual world.

This insight will enable you to come closer to the divine presence, not just feeling its existence but also being able to hear and see the guidance being sent your way by your spirit guides. The association of the stone with the higher chakras translates into a positive impact on your connection with all higher beings. Hence, the stone will enable you to focus on the message that your spirit guides are conveying to you. These messages hold great importance because they will lead you to a complete understanding of your true purpose in life.

The wonderful, light energy emitting from Blue Barite won’t feel empowering, but it will definitely have an astounding impact on your life.

The stone is meant to bring ease into your life, which also makes it very convenient to use because you will feel comfortable as you allow its vibrations to take effect on your body and soul.


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