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Green Aventurine: “I welcome wealth and abundance into my life by consciously creating space for thoughts of prosperity.”

Aventurine can also be used in crystal grids with effectiveness, blending well with the energies of other stones and crystals.  Aventurine is an excellent prosperity talisman, it channels abundance and brings good luck in money. Place this stone in the north corner of a room to stimulate abundance and in the west for relationships. Aventurine is a very positive stone of prosperity.  Wearing Aventurine absorbs electromagnetic smog and environmental smog from electrical appliances such as a computer, television and mobile phone.  It regulates growth from birth to seven years old. It balances male-female energy and encourages regeneration of the heart. Its name is derived from the Italian a ventura, a type of glass discovered around the year 1700. The name was chosen because of the likeness of the glass with its randomly spaced iridescent sparkles to these stones with their similar markings.


Aventurine is a form of  crystalline Quartz, it is speckled with shiny particles usually of mica, but sometimes hematite, goethite or chlorite. Aventurine occurs in the colours green, blue, red, and orange. Green Aventurine is the most common colour of this mineral. It appears as a light sea green to a dark forest green.

AVENTURINE AND PHYSICAL HEALTH Aventurine can work to ease ailments of the cardiopulmonary system and stimulate the adrenal glands. Aventurine also can act as an aphrodisiac. When placed under your bed, it can stimulate sexual desire and openness.  Aventurine benefits the thymus gland, connective tissue and nervous system. It balances blood pressure. It stimulates metabolism, lowers cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis. Aventurine also aids you if you are recovering from a heart attack. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and can ease skin eruptions and allergies. Aventurine can ease migraine, headache and eye pain. It heals the adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart and muscular system. Bathing with  crystal water will relieve skin problems. Blue Aventurine is useful in balancing your hormones - particularly for women. It can help lessen muscle twitches, spasms and facial tics. It supports healthy blood and blood oxygenation. Blue aventurine is useful in helping babies strengthen their respiratory and circulatory systems. It is also helpful in strengthening venous and arterial walls. Blue aventurine can assist in calming hyperactivity and enhancing mental focus and concentration. Green Aventurine brings the body back into control and is useful in malignant conditions. Green aventurine gives you support when suffering from all forms of heart disease and infections. Green aventurine regulates the circulatory system. It stimulates cell repair, regrowth and general healing. It can help slow developing infants and children. It stimulates the life force by increasing physical and vibrational vitality. Orange Aventurine promotes blood formation, good blood circulation, warms up and revitalises numb parts of the body and fortifies the liver. Orange aventurine will aid you in conceiving a child and also enables you to have a gentle and joyful pregnancy. Red aventurine is a strong blood strengthening stone. It can help stimulate red blood cell production in the bone marrow and can assist in regulating the blood in the body. It helps to balance autoimmune disorders and the immune system in general. It is supportive of the liver and is helpful in detoxification.


Aventurine can help to balance the emotions, soothing anxiety and stress and is one of the best stones to use for centring and meditation during times of acute stress and distraction. If placed in bathwater, it can be a perfect way to soothe anxiety and emotional blockages. ​​ It promotes compassion and empathy and encourages perseverance. This stone brings together the intellectual and emotional bodies. Aventurine calms anger and irritation. It stimulates emotional recovery and enables living within your own heart. Aventurine promotes a feeling of well-being. Blue aventurine assists you in seeing where you are playing the victim role and disempowering yourself. It helps you to see how your actions and thought patterns have created your current reality, so that you can move to change your experiences. Blue aventurine helps to calm fiery emotions and allows you to feel more peaceful and less affected by outside energies and influences. Green aventurine is a comforter and heart healer and general harmoniser. Green Aventurine dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. This stone is an all round healer that brings you well being and emotional calm. Green aventurine assist you to find hope, optimism and joy in daily life. It helps you to remain heart centred and to peacefully navigate difficult emotional experiences. It facilitates your willingness to release attachments to past relationships or life situations and to embrace change, growth and renewal. Orange aventurine supports creativity in all forms. Red aventurine promotes a joyful love of life and seeing the joy in every aspect of your life. It encourages gratitude unconditional love, a zest for life and it emits a good energy vibration. It encourages you to live life to the fullest and helps you to take emotional risks without being reckless. Red aventurine helps you with self-forgiveness and enables you to laugh at your mistakes. Its energy quickly reveals self deception.


Aventurine is a versatile stone that is able to heal  physical and mental maladies. Aventurine defuses negative situations and turns them around for the better. This stone reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness.  It relieves stammers and severe neuroses, bringing understanding of what lies behind the conditions. Aventurine stabilises your state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity.  Blue Aventurine teaches, heals and regenerates the wounded inner child in all of us. This stone supports all inner child work and also all forms of inner healing. It will heal the emotional and mental bodies. It is helpful in revealing victim patterns and in empowering you to accept responsibility for your experiences. Blue aventurine can be useful for people with the "peter pan" syndrome of never wanting to grow up. Under this stones influence they may realise that adulthood is preferable to perpetual youth. Green Aventurine is particularly good for energetically stimulating growth in young children and premature infants. It helps correct lethargy and depletion, or lack or life force. It helps you to clear the energetic systems and new mental growth and understanding. It has a gentle grounding effect on the vibrational field, encouraging energy to move out of the head and into the heart centre. This is useful for those who tend to be too intellectual. It reminds you that every experience doesn't need to be analysed just lived. Orange Aventurine enables you to live your dreams. Red Aventurine conveys strength and self assurance. Mentally this stone helps you to pursue personal goals in a pragmatic manner. Red aventurine encourages self forgiveness and the ability to laugh at yourself and your foibles. For people who have numerous creative ideas but have difficulty following through on them, red aventurine can prove to be an ally. Red aventurine assists you in bringing divinely inspired ideas into being by helping you to determine the highest course of action.


Aventurine can assist you into getting in touch with your  ability to give selfless love, seek truth and share prosperity. It has a strong connection to the angelic realm and helps with ley line stress. This stone takes you back into the past to find sources of disease. Blue Aventurine heals the Goddess within you. It enhances the connection with your spirit guides and high level healers. Blue aventurine assists karmic healing and the release of excess karmic energy. Blue aventurine encourages you to take full responsibility for your life, so that you are able to recover your personal power. It assists you in expressing your highest wisdom and knowledge and is an excellent stone for teachers. Green Aventurine helps clear and reinforce the emotional body and heart chakra. It assists you to release attachments to outcomes and in being more present in your experiences. It helps you to be willing to heal and move forward in life. Orange aventurine brings cheerfulness into your life. It promotes a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere in the home and workplace. Orange aventurine will help you sustain new ideas and aid you in manifesting them into the physical plane. This stone is recommended for mothers, photographers, visual artists, potters and painters. Red aventurine helps you to develop the necessary fortitude to manifest your highest ideals through consistent action. It helps prevent you from being swayed from the course that is aligned with your highest good while at the same time it allows you to recognise when you are on the less than highest pathway. This stone encourages discernment, commitment and perseverance.


If the base chakra is out of balance you may be belligerent and aggressive toward others. With this stone in hand, you are able to relieve the symptoms of ADHD or ADD. It will reduce the desire to be overly possessive, craving continual excitement or manipulative.  Use this stone to awaken your awareness of your past life talents and ease unwanted fears.  It will balance the circulatory, reproductive system and increase the function of your lower limbs and pelvis.

If the sacral chakra is out of balance you may be emotionally high strung, arrogant or selfish. With this stone in hand, you will be able to overcome the  mistrust you have in another's intentions toward you, or stop being constantly worrying that people are talking about you with ill intent. Use this stone to become more comfortable or less controlled by your sexuality, giving and receiving pleasure and understanding your desires. ​It will assist in healing any issues that you may have with your reproductive and muscular system. This stone will remove unwanted toxins from the physical body.

If the heart chakra is out of balance you may have sudden bursts of anger, jealousy or blaming others for any issues that arise in your life. You might need constant confirmation of your self worth, feeling unloved or lacks compassion for others. With this stone in hand, you are able to connect the lower chakras with the higher chakras to achieve homeostasis. It will encourage compassion for yourself and others and enhance your innate healing abilities. It will assist in encouraging the entire immune system to function at its peak. It maintains a healthy heart and circulatory system. This stone when placed on the heart chakra will help with tissue regeneration.

If the throat chakra is out of balance, you may be hyperactive, domineering or fanatical about your political or religious views. You might also resist change of any kind and slow to respond to tasks and reasonable demands on your time. With this stone in hand, you will enhance your clairaudience abilities and manifest abundance. When used on the throat chakra this stone encourages and directs your creative abilities. It will help you speak and live your truth. This stone will assist in improving and maintaining the health of your throat, esophagus, mouth, teeth and the respiratory system.


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