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Obsidian is the result of volcanic lava coming in contact with water. Often the lava pours into a lake or ocean and is cooled quickly. This process produces a glassy texture in the resulting rock. Iron and magnesium give the obsidian a dark green, brown or black colour. Obsidian has been used by ancient people as a cutting tool, for weapons (arrowheads), and for ceremonial purposes and is sometimes found by archaeologists in excavations.

Obsidian has several varieties. Obsidian can contain small bubbles of air that are aligned along layers created as the molten rock was flowing just before being cooled. These bubbles can produce interesting effects such as a golden sheen, known as Gold Sheen Obsidian or a rainbow sheen called Rainbow Obsidian. Obsidian with a high iron content turns the stone a reddish brown and is known as Mahogany Obsidian.

Inclusions of small, white, radially clustered crystals of cristobalite in the black glass produce a blotchy or snowflake pattern producing Snowflake Obsidian. Small nuggets of obsidian that have been naturally rounded and smoothed by wind and water are called Apache Tears.


Obsidian's gift to you is the insight into the causes of disease. It helps with digestion. It detoxifies, dissolving blockages and tension, including hardened arteries. It reduces the pain of arthritis, joint problems, cramps and injuries. Crystal water made from obsidian is useful for all types of shock. It can be used to reduce an enlarged prostrate. Shock sustained through injury is dissolved on a cellular level and it therefore helps staunch bleeding and accelerate the healing of wounds. Obsidian improves the circulation, even in extreme cases such as hardening of the arteries in the legs caused by smoking and also ensures warming of the extremities, for example chronically cold hands and feet.


Obsidian helps you to understand who you truly are and not who you think you are, it will help to integrate these two perceptions into a whole. This stone helps you identify behavioural patterns that are outdated and assists in clearing them. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas, bringing a depth and clarity to the emotions. It promotes compassion and strength. Obsidian dissolves shock and fear. It has an enlivening effect and brings hidden inner images to light. Obsidian bestows an unimagined depth, on your emotional nature and helps with any type of obsession. It purifies the atmosphere of negative spiritual influences and serves as a protection against psychic attacks. ​Obsidian is a strongly protective stone, forming a shield against emotional negativity. It grounds you to the earth through the base chakra and strengthens you in times of need. It is helpful to highly sensitive people​. It blocks psychic attack and removes negative spiritual influences. ​Place obsidian by your bed or under the pillow to draw out mental stress and tension, it may have a calming effect but it will also highlight the cause of the stress. The cause must be redressed before peace can return, this will resolve the problem permanently rather than just having a palliative effect.


Obsidian expands the consciousness and helps change restricted beliefs, communication and behavioural patterns. It sharpens the senses and helps the intellect penetrate mysterious phenomena, experiences and accounts. Obsidian brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion and restricted belief systems. It may do this by making it absolutely clear to you what lies behind the mental distress or disease. Once the confusion and belief systems have been cleared obsidian expands your consciousness and helps you enter the realm of the unknown with confidence and ease. ​​A large piece of obsidian can be extremely efficient at blocking geopathic stress or soaking up environmental pollution, but its tendency to expose the truth has to be taken into account. It is helpful for therapists and counsellors as it not only helps to get to the core of a problem, but it also clears the negative energies that are released. ​Obsidian is a stone without boundaries or limitations. It works extremely fast and with great power. Its truth enhancing, reflective qualities are merciless in exposing flaws, weaknesses and blockages. Nothing can be hidden from obsidian. It points out how to relieve all destructive conditions. Obsidian urges you to grow and lend solid support to others while you work toward a goal. It can bring unpleasant truths to the surface which will then enable you to examine them and then bring in love and acceptance. ​Obsidian provides deep soul healing. It can facilitate going back into the past and heal festering emotions or trauma that is still there in the present.


Obsidian helps you achieve integrity through helping you to see the shadow side in your true nature, so you can once more become whole. This stone shows how to achieve freedom and spiritual invulnerability. it will show you capabilities and strengths that have been forgotten, so that they can be retrieved and refined to the point of clairvoyance. Obsidian vitalises the purpose of the soul. It eliminates energy blocks and relieves tension. Obsidian anchors the spirit into the body. This stone stimulates growth on all levels. It urges you to explore the unknown there by opening up new horizons for you to explore.



Apache tears are native to Mexico and the Southwest of the USA. Their name is derived from a story about about an Apache Indian tribe who were pursued by the US Cavalry. It is said that the warriors were forced of a cliff to their deaths and the tears of grief of the Apache women left behind solidified into the droplet shaped stones. Apache tears give you general strength and stamina, help to visualise and purify the blood, stimulate hair and nail growth, and boost the immune system. Apache tears can help you with the physical ache that often comes with grief. The stress associated with sorrow can cause physical pains in your bones and muscles. Don't be afraid or too embarrassed to cry as physical tears are psychologically beneficial. If you are having a hard time letting yourself cry, regardless of whether or not it is grief associated, this stone can help you release your pent up emotions. Apache tears helps those who feel trapped in their bodies to find joy in physical activity. They are useful for gently pointing out the value of this life to those who may lean toward depression and depressive thought patterns. These stones can help you in finding more positive thoughts with which to create your own reality. Apache tears support you during periods of grief and mourning. Although there is an inconsolable aspect to missing someone close who as passed, this stone will remind you that you can turn to others for support while allowing your feelings of grief to take their normal course, which can seem to take forever and be rocky at times. Apache tears help to ground you and keep you focussed. Use this stone to keep your mind on the task at hand. It is beneficial for maintaining a positive outlook, keeping negative thoughts at bay. It is ideal for deflecting all negative energies. Apache tears help you understand the value of the physical plane of existence and the spiritual lessons it has to teach. They are useful for psychic protection and can help you open the realm of Nature Spirits. Apache tears support all types of grieving processes, but they are especially sympathetic when trying to cope with the grief associated with suicide. Turn to Apache tears to give you strength as you experience an array of emotions, from guilt, anger, blame, shame and confusion to relief, despair, betrayal, abandonment and acceptance. Apache tears can connect survivors with departed loved ones who chose to die as they gain the necessary spiritual understanding to cope with their decision.


Black obsidian assists with removing blockages in the meridian system. Its energy is useful in clearing reproductive problems based on past abuse or current self abuse issues. Black obsidian opens and clears the base and sacral chakras. Black obsidian helps you avoid ingesting toxins by keeping you focused on healthy eating. It realigns your energy so that you can make proper food choices. It also supports you during the process of breaking bad habits, such smoking, overeating, over drinking, using drugs or putting an end to habitual patterns that no longer serve your higher self. Black Obsidian is a powerful emotional teacher. It leads you to an understanding and acceptance of the darker side of your nature, so that aspect can be evolved and illuminated. It helps you in breaking negative emotionally based patterns such as self abuse, eating disorders, and addictions. When you are willing to take responsibility for your own healing. Black obsidian helps you dredge up emotions that are buried deep within yourself. This stone reminds you that negative emotions can play havoc on your life by broadcasting an unconscious program that perpetuates negative patterns. Black obsidian supports you while you search the darker recesses of your emotional body. Black obsidian helps you uncover unconscious thoughts and patterns that inhibit your spiritual growth. Thes patterns can contribute to addiction, abusive behaviour, negativity, scarcity and other undesirable traits. This stone will point out where you are holding these patterns and assists in clearing them from the auri field and cellular memory. Black obsidian is perfect for grounding and keeping you focused. If you have a tendency to be easily distracted or off centre, use this stone to keep your mind on the task at hand. It is also beneficial for maintaining a positive outlook by keeping negative thoughts at bay. Black obsidian helps you to recognise where you are holding negativity and helps to light up and cleanse negative emotional patterns from the aura. It can help you when you are sensitive to psychic noise or are emotionally sensitive to maintain the integrity of your own energy fields. Black obsidian draws you inward to the centre of yourself, to the place of truth. It is a stone for spiritual dreaming and creating.


Gold sheen obsidian can be helpful in digestive disorders, ,ulcers, reflux and similar issues of the stomach. It helps clear, energise and balance the solar plexus and sacral chakras. It can be helpful for men with issues of impotence due to stress. Gold sheen obsidian keeps the physical body prepared for energetic focus and reflection. With this stone in hand, accept the gift of health and release old memories that interfere with your ability to be healthy. Use this stone while going through a physical cleansing process. Gold sheen obsidian can help you feel more capable of creating and directing your life. It is ideal for enhancing your direction and clarity of purpose. This stone helps you in clearing issues if the Will. It is an excellent stone for perpetrators and victims of abuse who wish to clear all aspects of power abuse from their energetic systems. It is a powerful stone for exposing ego motivations and assisting you in realigning your power and actions with the Divine Will. Gold sheen obsidian assists in balancing and healing abuse from the past that is still being carried around in your emotional body. Concentrate on this stone and with a positive intention awaken your memories and think about how these memories are currently affecting your life. Acknowledge repetitive patterns, and make a clear decision to remove the obstacles that keep these patterns in motion. Use gold sheen obsidian to sharpen your mental aptitude so you can enter deeper meditative states and tap into the higher forces for the good of your community. With focus, you can also use this stone to deflect dark forces from interfering with the higher good. Many people have issues around reclaiming their personal power and using it for the Higher Good, Gold sheen obsidian helps you in this journey and allows you to become more conscious of the way in which you use or misuse power. It can help in aligning your will with Divine intent and connecting to the power of the Earth for healing purposes. Use this stone to achieve grounded interaction with the earth while connecting with the cosmic forces of the universe. Gold sheen obsidian will help keep you safe from unwanted psychic influences, removing the hooks of negativity from your energy field.


Mahogany obsidian strengthens the organs and tissues. It supports detoxification by increasing live and kidney function, enhancing the body's ability to discharge poisons. Mahogany obsidian helps you dissolve ancestral patterns of abuse, negativity, hatred or fear that are ingrained in the DNA and the emotional body. It is helpful in clearing birth trauma for mother and child, and can be a wonderful help in the rebirthing experience. Mahogany obsidian can remove negative psychic hooks that hold you back in other areas of your life. Once these hooks have been removed, this stone will assist you in removing the idea of being unworthy and encourage you to fulfil your potential in work, love and spiritual awakening. Wearing this stone will shield you from psychic attacks regardless of its source. Mahogany obsidian helps in opening and cleansing the grounding channel, which is critical of you want to embody a full spectrum of energetic frequencies.


A rainbow obsidian sphere appears to be plain black, but when a strong light is played over it, radiant and vivid rings of colour appear. Rainbow obsidian is useful for bruising, broken bones or other tissue trauma. It can be placed over the heart chakra to assist in stabilising the physical heart during stressful times. It is a good stone for drawing memory to consciousness from the cellular level, so repressed memories don't turn into physical disease. With this stone in hand, you will find a cure within your consciousness, traditional and non-traditional medical practices to help you reclaim your health and balance. It will assist you to reclaim your body on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Rainbow obsidian brings you hope, illumination and energy into the most blocked and stagnant areas of the emotional body. This helps you feel more optimistic and willing to engage with life. It is a wonderful stone to use for alleviating depression or mood swings. This stone is a tool for understanding how to use traumatic experiences of the past as lessons today to help you become a better person. It is never pleasant to re-experience the deep emotional wounds and trauma of the past, but the energy of this stone supports you in this endeavour, so the hooks keeping you attached to those memories can begin to disintegrate. When using this stone during meditation and stone layout sessions, you may find a moment of opportunity to choose to go another way. By choosing the new way you could bring your soul closer to conscious awareness. Rainbow obsidian can be used when you need to trigger your memory. Use it as a tool for focus while studying, doing rituals or engaging in any other activity requiring focus and memory from deep within the recesses of your mind. This stone helps you dispel your negative thoughtforms. Rainbow obsidian is a wonderful stone for grounding Light into the aura and the physical body. It helps cleanse and align all chakras, as it removes blockages and densities. Rainbow obsidian points you toward the rainbow body of your soul. It is a reminder that you are a luminescent being carrying the full spectrum of light. Use this stone as a tool for meditation and inward reflection.


Snowflake obsidian can help energetically to limit the spread of cancer cells through the body. It assists you in becoming more receptive to healing energy and a healing attitude. Snowflake obsidian eases the problems associated with the menstrual cycle. It is useful for balancing hormones through every stage of a woman's life. This is as stone for doulas, maternity nurses, pregnant mothers, nursing mothers, and new fathers. Snowflake obsidian helps you to overcome your 'poor me' attitude or feelings of victimisation. It enables you to find strength and willingness to shift your reality for a better one. Snowflake obsidian helps you find the benefits in emotional challenges. It is useful as a catalyst to uncover how your emotional upsets are simply predecessors to change. This stone is a reminder that challenges or upsets in your life are the precursors to a better way of life or an improved way of looking at life. Snowflake obsidian can helps you get in touch with the world of souls, enabling communication with lost loved ones. It also attunes you to forgotten events of the present life, focusing in both cases on the recall of events that relate to present difficulties. This stone is ideal for assisting you with accepting change and transformation in your life, This stone helps you note any unyielding thought patterns that need to be altered or crystallised ideas that must be shattered. Snowflake obsidian helps you recognise the guidance and assistance that is always available in the natural world. It is an excellent stone to use in tuning to animal totems. It can be used to help you become more sensitive to the subtle flow and movement of energy in your environment. Snowflake obsidian can open new pathways of spiritual thought and connection. The white flecks in this stone emphasise the enlightening nature it generates when the right intention is set. This stone demonstrates that within your consciousness is the opportunity for realisation. With focused intent on your spiritual pathway, this stone can increase the spiritual benefits.


If the earth star chakra is out of balance you may feel disconnected to the earth and the people around you. You might be suffering from hallucinations, anxiety from unknown origins or feel no connection with the Divine.

If the base chakra is out of balance you may be belligerent and aggressive toward others. With this stone in hand, you are able to relieve the symptoms of ADHD or ADD. It will reduce the desire to be overly possessive, craving continual excitement or manipulative. Use this stone to awaken your awareness of your past life talents and ease unwanted fears. It will balance the circulatory, reproductive system and increase the function of your lower limbs and pelvis.

If the sacral chakra is out of balance you may be emotionally high strung, arrogant or selfish. With this stone in hand, you will be able to overcome the mistrust you have in another's intentions toward you, or stop being constantly worrying that people are talking about you with ill intent. Use this stone to become more comfortable or less controlled by your sexuality, giving and receiving pleasure and understanding your desires. ​It will assist in healing any issues that you may have with your reproductive and muscular system. This stone will remove unwanted toxins from the physical body.

If the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, you may feel critical of others, be a bully and in need of constant change. You also may believe that you aren't recognised for your achievements or have difficulty learning new tasks. Use this stone on the solar plexus chakra to bring empathy into your life and enhance your psychic abilities. It will open your clairsentience abilities. It will assist in healing digestive, stomach, liver and gallbladder ailments. Use this stone when the true cause of a disease needs to be found.

If the throat chakra is out of balance, you may be hyperactive, domineering or fanatical about your political or religious views. You might also resist change of any kind and slow to respond to tasks and reasonable demands on your time. With this stone in hand, you will enhance your clairaudience abilities and manifest abundance. When used on the throat chakra this stone encourages and directs your creative abilities. It will help you speak and live your truth. This stone will assist in improving and maintaining the health of your throat, esophagus, mouth, teeth and the respiratory system.

If the third eye chakra is out of balance you may be oversensitive to to others opinion of you and then you belittle the behaviour of others to make yourself feel better. You could be inpatient with others. You might also be envious of other people's success and unable to acknowledge your own. With this stone, you will be able to open and enhance your intuitive perceptions, creative imagination and visualisation abilities. This stone will assist in balancing the left and right hemispheres for the brain. It encourages the good health of your sinuses, eyes, ears and the face.

If your soul star chakra is out of balance you may feel confused about where you are going in life or your value to be in this physical plane. You also may not be able to accept the existence of the Divine Will and its role in your life.


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