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Pyromorphite is a protective stone that can be used to shield oneself from negative energies. It's also believed to bring wealth and prosperity to its caretaker, as well as promote positivity and healing in one's environment.

In the world of crystals, Pyromorphite is believed to bring abundance and success to its caretaker. Known as the “Victory Stone”, many people have attested to the crystal’s energies and metaphysical benefits. Pyromorphite has uplifting energies that can help you become motivated to work for your goal and manifest your dreams.

Not only that, but it also helps attract wealth. Know that pyromorphite doesn’t magically bring money to your home, but its supportive energies can help amplify your income and stabilize your finances. It’s been said that pyromorphite magnifies an individual’s personal energy, so they will have the confidence and courage to take risks and go after their ambitions. It gives you the push to go forward and helps you release all those limiting beliefs that once held you back.

Pyromorphite is also believed to stimulate creativity. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, you can meditate with this stone to draw inspiration from your muses.

Without a doubt, pyromorphite is a very powerful crystal with high vibrations. In fact, those who are new to crystal healing are advised to be careful in handling them. Besides that, pyromorphite can also be dangerous if mishandled. It can pose health risks if ingested or inhaled, so never use it in your elixirs.

Other than that, pyromorphite is safe. It can be used for meditation, grids, and grounding. It can even be worn or put on your house for its healing benefits.

History and Geological Properties

Pyromorphite, a captivating crystal, is known for its vibrant hues that captivate the eye. Its physical color ranges from radiant green to yellow-green, sometimes even displaying shades of brown. These beautiful colors make Pyromorphite a delightful addition to any crystal collection. It consists of lead, chlorine, phosphorus, and oxygen, creating a distinctive crystalline structure. This crystal is prismatic or barrel-shaped, translucent, and glossy. Pyromorphite has a fascinating history dating back centuries. Due to its hexagonal, elongated crystals, its name comes from the Greek words “pyr,” meaning fire, and “morphe,” indicating shape. Since its discovery in the 19th century, crystal enthusiasts and collectors worldwide have sought this material.

Pyromorphite, also historically called Traubenblei, is a rare lead chlorophosphate mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, fibers, botryoidal, tabular crystals, and hexagonal prisms. Its rarest form is seeing it in its prismatic crystal structure. Pyromorphite is a member of the Apatite family and forms in heavy oxidized veins of lead ore. Pyromorphite was first discussed in 1784 by M.H. Klaproth, but wasn’t named until 1813 by J.F.L. Hausman. This name was chosen due to the form Pyromorphite takes once its melted down and cooled. Pyromorphite can be found in the USA, Australia, Germany, the UK, China, and Argentina.

Healing Properties of Pyromorphite:

Pyromorphite is a versatile crystal with many uses. Its healing energies have a subtle effect on the corporeal body and the spirit. It can also balance your emotions, especially if you’re experiencing an internal upheaval. This crystal is also useful in healing a weakening relationship and might even help you in connecting with people whom you have stopped talking to some time ago.

Physical Healing Properties

While you should always prioritize consulting licensed medical professionals first over a physical ailment you’re currently experiencing, using healing crystals such as pyromorphite may help. Some people have testified about the healing properties of pyromorphite to their bodies. Among the benefits you can get from this crystal are:

  • Tissue - It can help treat ailments related to the tissues in our body, particularly gum disease. It supports the body’s ability to heal. It also aids in Vitamin B absorption, which is necessary for maintaining healthy tissues.

  • Recovery - If you have chills, colds, or fever, pyromorphite crystals can alleviate the symptoms and cure these illnesses.

  • Digestive System - The stone is also reputed to have healing powers over the digestive system. It also helps the liver, spleen, and pancreas, as well as treats stomach issues.

  • Metabolism - This crystal can help rebalance your metabolism. Moreover, it helps suppress your hunger to avoid binge eating and promotes a healthy diet.

  • Eye Health - This stone can also help ease eyestrain. It can also relieve headaches due to long hours of looking at your desktop or smartphone, which is quite a common problem for all of us.

  • Circulatory System - Pyromorphite can help regulate blood circulation. It also aids in controlling high blood pressure.

  • Nervous System - Pyromorphite balances and energizes the brain. If you feel stressed out physically due to a lot of work, pyromorphite can help your brain take it easy so you feel refreshed.

Emotional Healing Properties

Pyromorphite can also serve as a support stone. It’s an incredibly useful crystal that can help ease out one’s fears, worries, and stress. It’s also known to emit positive and bright energy that can uplift a person, even when they are down. It also balances the moods and promotes kindness. Here are what you may get from using this crystal:

  • Enthusiasm - It promotes joy and enthusiasm around you as well as within you. It helps you in socializing more with other people. It also gives you the drive to do the hobbies you love and explore new places and things.

  • Stress - It eases feelings of stress and anxiety. Also, if you feel pressure on your job or even experience burnout, this stone can recharge and replenish you. It also dispels negative emotions and energy in your surroundings.

  • Bravery - Pyromorphite can give you the courage to take risks and embrace uncertainties. Only by accepting that there are risks involved in the pursuit of our goals can we take a step to achieve them. Being brave enough to do this can be difficult, so pyromorphite is there to give you the push you need.

  • Awareness - With a clearer mind, this crystal can help bring awareness to oneself. You will be more mindful of your surroundings as well as your inner world.

  • Kindness - This crystal promotes empathy and kindness to others as well as to yourself. If you have struggled with forgiving yourself or letting go of past mistakes, this stone can heal you.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Pyromorphite is believed to bring victory. You can tap the energies of this uplifting and motivating stone of this stone to work your way towards success. Besides that, this crystal is also helpful in connecting with spirits. It can also protect you from harmful energy. Here are the benefits of having pyromorphite:

  • Wealth - Pyromorphite is thought to bring prosperity. It also encourages you to only do things that can bring you material and spiritual abundance. This stone attracts money and good fortune. It can boost your financial life.

  • Insight - This crystal can help us realize our life’s purpose and goals. If you’ve been trying to achieve financial freedom and stability, pyromorphite can give you the wisdom to know what steps you need to take to attain your goals.

  • Relationships - Pyromorphite can also help if you have relationship issues. It can help you reconnect with people whom you’ve lost contact with. It may also help rekindle a lost love.

  • Mental Clarity - Pyromorphite helps the mind get rid of obstructive thoughts that keep you distracted and stressed. It promotes clear thinking, which is necessary to make plans and decisions. It inspires you to come up with creative solutions to your problems.

  • Spirits - Pyromorphite may facilitate a connection between you and the spirits. This can include but is not limited to ethereal beings, nature spirits, and fairies.

  • Balance - Pyromorphite promotes balance between the mind, heart, and soul.

  • Energy - If you feel that the energy surrounding you is chaotic, pyromorphite is a great crystal to have. It restores the calm and order in your environment, as well as in your inner world. It clears out disruptive energy that can block out your spiritual growth. Pyromorphite can quell down disturbances caused by negative attachments and emotions.

  • Protection - Pyromorphite is also known as a protective stone. It helps deflect negative energies and replaces them with positive feelings.

Pyromorphite Chakras:

Pyromorphite comes in many colors, and each of those can resonate more with a particular chakra in the body. However, this stone generally works well with the heart and solar plexus, no matter its color. Here are what you may experience with this crystal:

Heart Chakra - The Heart Chakra is the home of our ability to love, feel compassion, and receive love in return. It also makes us become more accepting of ourselves and others. With this chakra opened, we become more connected to others and feel emotionally balanced.

Solar Plexus Chakra -

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the powerhouse of our energy and willpower. If this chakra is activated, we become aware of what makes us unique as an individual. It boosts our self-esteem and confidence. We also become more willing and determined to accomplish anything we want. It helps us believe in our own abilities and makes us realize that what’s stopping us is actually just ourselves.

Using Pyromorphite:

Rub your Pyromorphite crystal in the area where you’re feeling pain or experiencing discomforts. Massage the affected area with the crystal.

Focus on the energies of the crystal and allow its healing powers to alleviate your pain.

Place the crystals in your bedroom near you so that they will stimulate nice dreams and lucid dreaming.

Put them in the area where you feel stressed, like your office desk or your car. The presence of this crystal will help relieve your stress. Because this crystal works well to alleviate stress, it is an excellent one to keep in your workplace. Place a piece on your desk at work, or keep one in your pocket as you go about your workday.

Placing pyromorphite near your bed can help you have pleasant dreams. You can also place this beautiful and unique stone anywhere in your environment to experience its benefits on a daily basis.

Wear them on your body as jewelry so that their healing energies will benefit you all throughout the day.

Meditate with your Pyromorphite crystals. Rub them between your fingers when you’re experiencing fear, stress, or anxiety. Pyromorphite is a high vibrational stone that promotes positivity and nurturing energy around. Besides being an excellent emotional support stone and having many benefits to the physical body, this crystal can also assist in grounding. Because it helps clear the mind and aura, you will be able to attain meditative state more easily. It also blocks disruptive energy, so you can be focused on your inner world instead of being constantly distracted and stressed. To meditate with your pyromorphite, find a serene spot in your home or wherever you are. Settle into a comfortable position. Take deep breaths. Because this crystal resonates with the heart chakra, you may put it near your chest.

Cleansing and Charging Pyromorphite:

Pyromorphite clears and cleanses the energy around you. Therefore, it follows that it may be shielding you from a lot of negative energy. It needs to be purified regularly to dispel the negative energy. You also need to recharge it to use it to its maximum potential.

Here are some good methods for cleansing your pyromorphite:

  • Visualization - Visualization is a safe and powerful way of charging any of your crystals. Take time to center your energy and ground yourself, then pick up the sone in your hands. Focus on filling your hands with a radiant light through visualization for a minute or two. Focus on removing the negativity from the stone, allowing it to be cleansed and recharged with purpose. You should be able to feel the energy within the stone shift into positivity.

  • Smudging - Smudging your stones will immediately remove negative energies, so it is important to open a window for them to leave if you are cleansing your crystals indoors. Simply light either used bundled or loose sage with a match then blow out the flame to produce smoke. Wave the stone through the smoke for 30 to 60 seconds to clear bad vibrations. Ensure you use a fire-safe bowl or plate for safety.

  • Running Water - Holding a stone in running water for about a minute each can both cleanse and charge many hard stones. Access to a natural spring is always best, but faucets also work as long as the stone can be completely submerged. You can also place them in a fountain to allow the water to run over the stones. Dry with a soft cloth when you remove the stone from the water.

  • Mantras - Hold your Pyromorphite crystal and say, “I release all negative energies,” or “I invite healing and positivity.” Visualize a bright light surrounding the crystal, purifying it and filling it with vibrant energy.

  • Selenite Wand - Pass a Selenite wand over your Pyromorphite crystal to release sluggish energy. Selenite’s cleansing properties will help restore your Pyromorphite’s natural vitality and clarity.


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