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Strawberry Quartz


The benefits of using this crystal are mainly spiritual in nature, although it also has many physical applications to encourage good health and well-being. This crystal can amplify your intentions of love, appreciation, and generosity. It can also radiate these energies outward and influence your environment and the people around you. Strawberry Quartz will bring your subtle energy body, your emotions, and your psyche into balance. This is especially helpful when you want to start anew or get back on your spiritual path.

Strawberry Quartz will balance and strengthen the connection between your physical body and your aura. It will also bring issues and problematic situations to the surface so that you can find its underlying causes. This crystal can reduce the restrictions that you put on yourself. It will help you eliminate your outdated beliefs and unnecessary emotions. Strawberry Quartz will also help you when you’re learning about astral travel and past lives. It will assist you in gathering information regarding these endeavors. It will also give you an expanded consciousness that will infuse you with wisdom and understanding.

Science and origin

Strawberry Quartz is a rare variety of Quartz with Hematite and Mica inclusions and crystallizes in mass formations. The color depends on the amount of Iron within the Quartz. Some pieces may appear reflective due to a large number of mica flakes. Strawberry Quartz can be found in large deposits in China and Brazil.

This crystal’s pinkish-red hue mirrors a strawberry in a lush garden. It was discovered in the 1970s and is believed to have originated through a combination of natural forces that create a fusion with mineral elements. To crystal enthusiasts and collectors, this stone is highly sought after. Its unique aesthetic, combined with its metaphysical attributes, make it a cherished addition to any collection.

Healing Properties

Strawberry quartz comes with many special unique healing properties. It's known to help release negative thoughts and emotions so that you can learn how to think positively instead. It's a great crystal to have on your desk or around the house so that you can be surrounded by its healing vibrations.

Strawberry Quartz is a powerful stone for self-love and self-confidence. It's a wonderful gemstone to have when you're going through a period of low self-esteem or feelings of unworthiness. Just holding strawberry quartz in your hands can be a very grounding experience, and over time it can help to heal your spirit. If you've been feeling insecure in any way--you should definitely look into getting yourself some strawberry quartz!

Strawberry quartz is also known for its ability to attract abundance into your life. Whether that's in the form of money or love or happiness, strawberry quartz has the ability to help you transform your life and make it what you want. It might even draw new love into your life--couples who've been having difficulty in their relationships often find that they're able to work through those problems with the help of strawberry quartz.

Physical Healing Properties

Strawberry Quartz is said to help alleviate aches and pains in the lower back and abdomen when treating the physical body. It also helps to strengthen the chest and heart muscles, encourages the elimination of waste from the bloodstream, and supports the immune system’s healthy function. It also has a soothing energy that regulates blood circulation. It prevents blood constriction and heart disorders.

Conditions of the female reproductive system also benefit from the energies of strawberry quartz. It is believed by some to promote fertility and revitalize a sluggish libido in both partners

Strawberry quartz crystal has an iron oxide mineral-bearing that energizes the physical body and enlivens everyday life. As well as being able to repel the negative energies of harmful chemicals from the physical body.

Emotional Healing Properties

Many strawberry quartz properties are associated with love. This isn't surprising since many crystals have their own magical qualities associated with them, but, when it comes to strawberry quartz, love is all-encompassing. It can help to heal any feelings of inadequacy you have in your life and work towards self-love--which is absolutely necessary for a healthy mind. It's also great for helping to heal any emotions that are associated with feeling insecure. Strawberry quartz crystal removes self-defeating and self-sabotaging behaviors. This crystal helps repair and modify damaging thought patterns. Recognizing the unhealthy and destructive behavioral pattern is the first step in making a significant shift. It also helps with warding off misfortune and failure. It aids in helping the person acknowledge the attitude of releasing the control over things that we have and want to have. Strawberry quartz assist in recognizing the things about the inner self, thus revealing the authentic version of the person. This crystal helps reveal the person’s negative nature and helps acknowledge the parts of the self with a more heart-centered awareness.

Strawberry quartz is also known for its grounding powers--a vital stone to have when you're having trouble connecting with your body or the world around you. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like everything is spiraling out of control, this crystal can bring you back down to earth quickly. It has a calming influence and helps to restore your inner balance. Strawberry quartz promotes yin-yang energy balance within the body. It helps with stabilizing thoughts and feelings.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Strawberry Quartz is a powerful crystal with potent metaphysical properties that facilitates self-discovery, spiritual path discovery, spiritual awakening, and physical abundance.

Strawberry quartz is associated with the root chakra, but it can work in conjunction with all of your other chakras. It helps to open up your energy centers and help you grow spiritually. As you might guess from its name, the root chakra is responsible for helping you feel "rooted" down--this means that strawberry quartz will help you feel secure, content, and happy in your life. Not only that but Strawberry Quartz is also known for promoting healing on the physical level. Because of its association with love, strawberry quartz may be able to release any blockages within your body that are impeding the flow of your chi.

Spiritually, strawberry quartz helps you communicate with angels and higher beings. While strawberry quartz is often used to communicate with angels, it's also a stone that comes in handy for channeling and automatic writing. This crystal is fantastic for those who struggle with communication as it can help you calm your mind and open yourself up to receiving messages from higher powers or even those on the other side.

Strawberry Quartz removes auric blockages and seal the field. They prevent leakage. It is also a spiritual support stone. It directs in the right path toward soul missions and divine purpose. This crystal bears a high vibrational energy that assists in exploring the divine realm and higher dimensions. Strawberry quartz reveals the truths about the inner self. It aids in garnering more positive energies and wisdom for spiritual expansion. This is one of the perfect stones in searching spiritual paths for spiritual meaning. Strawberry quartz reveals and helps in following your bliss. This is one of the popular stones that bring energies of luck and success in any endeavor. This quartz aids in connecting with the physical world. Its positive energies help manifest desires, wealth, and prosperity. Strawberry quartz attracts abundance in all shapes and forms. Strawberry crystal bears a high vibrational energy that dispels negative energies. This shields the person away from negative entities and psychic attacks. This strawberry quartz helps in connecting with the earth’s energies. It holds positive energy that accentuates centering and being in the present.

Strawberry Quartz Chakras

Strawberry Quartz stone can heal, balance, and connects all other chakras. This crystal resonates with these chakras.

  • Heart Chakra - This crystal resonates and links to the heart chakra. It fosters self-love and understanding.

  • Higher Heart Chakra - Strawberry quartz balances the higher heart chakra. This crystal enhances universal love and language.

  • Crown Chakra - This crystal connects and balances the crown chakra. It strengthens the connection between the mind and spirit, thus allowing for acquiring higher knowledge and wisdom.

  • Root Chakra - This chakra aligns and connects to the root chakra. It boosts confidence and trusts in self and abilities.

Using Strawberry Quartz

Wear Strawberry Quartz Jewelry:

Strawberry Quartz makes for beautiful jewelry, and it's a great way to keep the crystal close to your body. You can wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or even earrings.

Carry It With You:

If you want to take Strawberry Quartz with you on the go, carry it in your purse or pocket. This way, you'll always have it nearby when needed.

Meditate with Strawberry Quartz:

Strawberry Quartz is a great crystal to use in meditation. It can help to still your mind and open yourself up to receiving messages from the angels or higher beings. If you've been struggling with communication, meditating with Strawberry Quartz can help open you up to receive guidance on how to improve in that area.

Strawberry Quartz for Fertility:

If you're trying to conceive, Strawberry Quartz can be a great crystal to use. It's known for its ability to help with fertility and can be placed on your stomach during meditation during pregnancy or even kept in your pocket throughout the day.

All feminine stones, such as Strawberry Quartz, are considered to be good for fertility. Strawberry Quartz is considered especially powerful for fertility because of its connection to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is associated with love and compassion, which are essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Strawberry Quartz For Love:

If you're trying to attract love - look no further than Strawberry Quartz. This crystal is known for opening up the heart chakra and bringing in more love. Strawberry Quartz can be your cupid's arrow if you're looking for self-love or love from others.

Strawberry Quartz In Your Home & Feng Shui:

In feng shui, Strawberry Quartz is used to create a loving and nurturing environment. It's often placed in the relationship or family area of the home. You can also place it in the center of your home to bring balance and harmony.

The relationship or family area of the home is the northeast sector. Strawberry Quartz can be placed in this area to attract more love into your life.

The center of the home is the most important area in feng shui. Placing Strawberry Quartz here can bring balance and harmony to your entire home.

Strawberry Quartz For Protection:

As we mentioned before, Strawberry Quartz is a great stone for protection. If you're feeling negative energy around you, carrying Strawberry Quartz can help to deflect it. You can also place the crystal in your home in any area that you feel needs extra protection.

Cleansing and Charging

Strawberry Quartz needs recharging like any other crystal and stone. These are the things to retain its powers and enhance its metaphysical properties. Put the strawberry quartz near the crystal chargers like Selenite or Amethyst to replenish its energy. Cleansed this crystal by putting it in running water. Recharged this crystal by burning some palo santo leaves and white sage. Let the smoke surrounds the stone and purify its energy. Place the crystal under the moonlight during a full moon. Bury the crystal under the ground and leave it overnight for a few days. 

Crystal Charger: There are many tools that can help charge your crystals. Whether you use a pyramid, large selenite plates or bowls, or grids, you can enhance the powers of your stones as you charge them. As with other methods, you should set an intention when placing your stones on a crystal charger.

Running Water:Holding a stone in running water for about a minute each can both cleanse and charge many hard stones. Access to a natural spring is always best, but faucets also work as long as the stone can be completely submerged. You can also place them in a fountain to allow the water to run over the stones. Dry with a soft cloth when you remove the stone from the water.

Smudging: Smudging your stones will immediately remove negative energies, so it is important to open a window for them to leave if you are cleansing your crystals indoors. Simply light either used bundled or loose sage with a match then blow out the flame to produce smoke. Wave the stone through the smoke for 30 to 60 seconds to clear bad vibrations. Ensure you use a fire-safe bowl or plate for safety.

Full Moon: Cleansing your stones with the full moon is an excellent way to remove negativity. At twilight, place your crystals on a windowsill or a place where they will be able to absorb the light of the moon (and its vibrations). Remove the stone the following morning before the sun gets too high into the sky. You can also place several stones on a grid to charge with a specific intention.

Ground: Returning your crystals to the earth can refill them with energy, renewing them. Dig a hole in the earth and place a plate in the soil. Cover the plate slightly, then place the stones on top. Bury the stones and mark the place on the surface where you know where to dig. A week later, carefully remove the topsoil and remove the stones. If you reach the plate, you know you have gone too far and you may have dug up the stone.


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