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Tigers Eye

Tigers eye has a variety of colors and layers. There’s golden, red, blue, and multi colored tigers eye. The most popular version is golden or yellow tigers eye. Tigers eye is a variety of quartz and is apart of the chalcedony mineral class, formed by altering crocidolite. The golden essence comes from iron oxide. It also contains limonite and riebeckite. It’s mostly found in South Africa, Western Australia, and India.


Tigers eye dates back to the 16th century, it was so rare and considered to be a stone so precious that it was worth much more than gold. The story behind this beautiful gem is that the Egyptians fell for its iridescent rays. They believed it contained divine vision and they’d use the stone to represent the eyes when creating deities. It was also used as a protective amulet for Roman soldiers in battle. The name was no accident in comparison to the animal, with their shared qualities of strength, courage, and bravery. It serves as a reminder to accept all parts of yourself, from playfulness to predator and protector.

Healing Properties and Benefits

  • Embracing inner strength

  • Protection

  • Wards off negative energy

  • Opens root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras

  • Improves confidence

  • Brings prosperity and good luck

  • Balances physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Releases self sabotaging tendencies

  • Enhances psychic abilities

  • Balances the endocrine system

  • Helps with seasonal affective disorder

Physical Healing

Shining with vitality, Tigers eye is an amazing stone for blood circulation and balancing out the endocrine system. For those who tend to feel sluggish and lethargic, tigers eye can use its fierce golden-brown color to awaken thyself and bring motivation to the surface. It can bring higher energy and hormones into alignment. For those who struggle with seasonal depression, this warm-blooded stone can bring a sunny energy to help release the weight of dark and stormy days.

Emotional Healing

Release negative energy, connect to your lower chakras, and let your self confidence soar with tigers eye. When life feels too loud and chaotic, tigers eye steps in and helps the user stay strong, centered, and connected to their core. When you feel blocked or disconnected, use this stone to shift your perspective and bring in a more active approach to life. It helps build a safe and stable foundation. Tigers eye helps push aside toxic energies and raises confidence, therefor bringing dreams into reach.

Golden Tigers Eye

Found in South Africa, Australia, and India

- Improves levels of peace

- Harnesses the energy of the earth and the sun

- Strengthens intuition

- Releases fear

- Opens and heals the solar plexus chakra

Red Tigers Eye

Found in South Africa and Western Australia

- Strengthens your body force

- Improves energy levels

- Improves grounding

- Opens and heals the root chakra

- Balances

- Helps keep you in the present moment

Blue Tigers Eye

Found in Brazil, India, Canada, and Namibia

- Improves clarity

- Helps with shifting perspective

- Strengthens courage

- Releases social anxiety

- Improves decision making skills


Tigers eye resonates with the lower three chakras, root, sacral, and solar plexus. Most crystals you can easily differentiate depending on color. But some like tigers eye come in different colors so it can be a bit more tricky. The solar plexus is your trauma body, its your sense of strength and courage. As we learned, tigers eye directly works with your self-worth and bravery. It will open up your chakra and reteach you how to harness the strength that’s already within reach. The sacral chakra is your sense of creativity and passion. When it’s blocked off you may feel unproductive or have a tendency to isolate. Tigers eye encourages motivation to do what your avoiding and to step out of your comfort zone. Lastly, the root chakra is your sense of safety, connection to earth, and its your foundation of everything you embody. If this is blocked off you may feel dissociative, lost, or unstable. Tigers eye, specifically red tigers eye, can help release all those pent up emotions therefor creating a better flow of energy.

Cleansing and Charging

Since tigers eye is a protective stone, it tends to absorb an abundance of energy, which means it needs to be cleansed pretty often, whether that’s with salt, selenite, incense or sage smoke, burying in earth, or sunlight. As far as charging goes, selenite is your best bet. Selenite is one of the purest crystals with its abundance of pure healing energy. It can charge and cleanse any stone, place your tigers eye on a slab of selenite, leave it for a few hours and your crystal will be good as new!


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