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Crystals For Nightmares

Nobody likes nightmares, that’s a well known fact. But just like dreams they can have a lot of meaning behind them. Whether your looking for clarity, protection, or a release of energy here’s some crystals that all help!

Crystals for protection against nightmares


Amethyst is perhaps, one of the best crystals for nightmares. Often used for protection, this beautiful purple gem is a high vibrational stone that protects the wearer from any type of harm, including nightmares and night terrors. It’s a natural tranquilizer and its energy resonates with the dream stage of sleep, helping to relieve insomnia.


Selenite is a calming stone that’s excellent for preventing bad dreams. This beautiful crystal instills deep peace while absorbing negative energies. Unresolved emotional wounds can cause blockages in our energy body, and therefore, trigger nightmares. With its high vibration, Selenite is the perfect crystal for removing these blockages, while promoting a refreshing sleep.


Hematite is also a protection stone that creates a shield against negative energies. This allows you to relieve stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings that might be the cause of your traumatizing dreams. It’s an amazing crystal that makes you feel safe and secure by grounding you into Earth’s energy.

Black Tourmaline

Just like Hematite, Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone. It is often used for protection against negativity or EMFs and can be useful for dispelling bad dreams. This crystal helps reduce fear, anxiety, and stress, which are often the cause of poor sleep. By grounding your energies to the earth, Black Tourmaline allows you to become more self-confident and connected to those around you.

Kambaba Jasper

This gemstone offers a sense of emotional protection and provides comfort before sleep by inviting us to leave our worries at bay. Kambaba Jasper is very useful for children who suffer from night terrors, especially if they are caused by emotional distress. It’s a stone that brings deep peace and tranquility to the wearer.

Crystals for clarity on nightmares


Prehnite is a wonderful stone for understanding what causes your nightmares and can also be beneficial for dreaming and remembering. Also, regular meditation with Prehnite will help you develop your intuition and quieten your mind. This means you’ll be more relaxed and less likely to have nightmares.


Angelite is an amazing stone for strengthening contact with sprit guides, angel guardians, and ancestors. You can use this connection to get answers regarding the meaning behind your nightmares. Angelite also has a calming and nurturing energy, use this when you need a reminder that your dreams are not happening in reality.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is a dark blue stone connected to your throat chakra, harness this energy by speaking about your nightmares. Whether that’s to a family member, a friend, or maybe a therapist. Talking about your nightmares can help your mind recognize that it isn’t real, therefor easier to let go of that fear. Lapis also connects to the third eye chakra, use this for strengthening your intuition. This comes in handy when your deciphering the meanings behind it and when your trying to remember each part of your nightmare.


Labradorite is a stone for the root, third eye, and crown chakra. In terms of clarity, your third eye and crown come in very handy for intuitive understanding and promoting psychic abilities. It can also help connect you to your spirit guides when looking for answers. Regarding the connection to the Root Chakra, this energy will keep you grounded while still grasping the full meaning behind your dream.


Howlite is a soft gentle white stone, resembling marble. It is a mothering stone, constantly reducing anxiety and stress. It also resonates with the crown chakra, so after this stone calms our restless thoughts you have an opportunity to dive deeper and focus on what your nightmare was trying to tell you.

Crystals for releasing negative energy before bed

Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite has a tender and soothing energy that will bring you calm and serenity. With its soft pink color, Pink Calcite is a calming stone that can help you release trauma and stress. It enhances the flow of energies between your chakras, helping you let go of emotional beliefs that no longer serve you, so you can sleep peacefully.


Lepidolite is one of my favorite crystals for recurrent nightmares, as it reduces stress and depression. This promotes peaceful dreams and reduces the chances of having scary dreams. This beautiful crystal dissipates negativity and brings deep emotional healing. Additionally, it helps you release old behavioral and psychological patterns that could cause your nightmares.

Smoky Quartz

With its grounding vibration, Smoky Quartz neutralizes negative energies, releases fears, and promotes positive thoughts. It is a very calming crystal that brings serenity to the wearer. If you’re overworked or anxious, Smoky Quartz is definitely a stone you should consider using for relieving your nightmares. It will bring you deep emotional calmness but also release stress, and anxiety.


Moonstone is a very useful stone when it comes to the dream state, it's a crystal directly relating to the moon and the power she holds. Use moonstone to calm and heal your body while releasing all of the anxiety that a nightmare can cause. Moonstone creates emotional balance and stability while your in a dream state and when you wake up.


People with PTSD are more likely to suffer from recurring nightmares where they relive traumatic events. If this is your case, you can use Chrysoprase to promote emotional balance and stability. This will help you feel more relaxed and promote restful sleep.


Aquamarine is a fantastic crystal to reduce stress and calm an overactive mind. With its calming energies, Aquamarine provides support through difficult times, while soothing fear and worry. Vivid dreams and nightmares are common during pregnancy. They are usually triggered by your fear or anxiety about labor and delivery. Aquamarine is a protective crystal that is especially useful during pregnancy. It shields the aura to protect both mother and baby from harm. You can place it under your pillow to ward off bad dreams.

How to use crystals for nightmares

All the crystals mentioned in this post will definitely help you dispel nightmares if you use them the right way. Here are some of the best ways you can use them:

Place them under your pillow

Most crystals can be placed under your pillow. This is probably the most obvious way you can use your crystals for nightmares.

You can also place them beneath the mattress. Don’t put too many crystals together, otherwise, you could be disturbed by their powerful vibrations at night. I recommend using only one or two crystals.

Place your crystals beside your bed

If you don’t want to keep your crystals under your pillow or too close to your head, you can place them beside your bed on a bedside table for example.

You can also keep them in a drawer near your bed. This should help you get a restful night’s sleep!

Meditate with your crystals

Meditating is always a good idea, especially if you suffer from stress and anxiety. To relieve your nightmares, meditate before bedtime so that you can relax before sleep.

Choose a quiet space, hold a crystal for nightmares in your hand, and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Try to focus on something positive while meditating.

After you have a nightmare, I highly recommend grounding yourself. Get out of your head and focus on what’s around you, how you feel, and what your 5 senses pick up. It’s okay to try and find meaning behind your nightmares, especially if they are sending a warning but don’t overwhelm your body and mind with trying to analyze it. Give yourself time to be fully in your physical body. Grounding outside is a great practice for those who have trouble getting out of their heads, if you want to learn more about this practice you can find it here.


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